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Benning Boy 09-16-2009 05:10 PM

Where Are They Now, 2019 FTF Edition
Where do you see individual members 10 years into the future?

Ineff- Host of Masterpiece Theater

JDP- Host of The Tonite Show

J.D.- Chained to a stainless steel table in the base of a volcano, but freeing himself with an acetylene torch concealed in an Omega Omnicron, while henchwoman Plenty O'Gash mixes mojitos.

Tango- In an advanced weapons lab, having Adamantium fused to his skeleton to become "Whistle Pig".

Spittinfire- The first militant televangelist

Goju- Host of UFC 837

IGETEVEN- Owner of a "soldier for hire" hangout bar, named something like "The Mortar Pit". If you knock over a beer, the whole place assumes the front leaning rest position.

What do your cards say, Sister Cleo?:rolleyes:

Jo da Plumbr 09-16-2009 05:16 PM

Can I count on you as my head writer?

canebrake 09-16-2009 05:23 PM

Are you being kind?

Do I need to worry???

10 years.....hum.....

NGIB 09-16-2009 05:31 PM

Not sure about anyone else but I hope I'm still vertical as I'll be 64...

skullcrusher 09-16-2009 05:40 PM

Benning - successful director of the biggest Zombie movie series in history

Cane - the dirty old man at the assisted living center who chases nurses with his walker

Ineff - Host of Meet the Press

bkt - Senator BKT

JDP - Comedy Central circuit

Bear - President of Stalkingbear Armory

RL357 - Founder of the first hunting/politics show in history

IGET - Commander of the rebel forces that ousted Chavez

Amsel - Canadian and proud of it

Dillinger 09-16-2009 05:41 PM

Another interesting topic. I am forced to ask "Where does he come up with all these amazing toys??"

bkt - holding court in a survivalist camp, somewhere along the border, his rag tag group is well known in the resistance communitt for strong leadership and not saying a whole hell of a lot. Thier actions speak louder than their words.

stalkingbear is fixing bikes, and building guns, all the while complaining that they don't make them like they used too anymore. Is eyesight is shot, and his killer grip strength is down to that of a mere mortal, so the people who frequent his shop still fawn over him like in the old days. Then Bear has them all sit around the burnt out neon Harley-Davidson sign and tells them stories about his travels with the Hell's Angels Wrecking Crew back before the war.

Cane and Asmel are running an underground version of the Canebrake Hilton. They have a whole "Harriet Tubman" thing going in reverse. They are the last stop for people trying to escape the brutal cold of the NE and want to immigrate closer to the sun. Cane's days are spent shuffling from one sitting location to another, frequently immitating strange emoticons while he spins yarns about the "old days" which was last week for him. Asmel works like a dog and is the reason the place is successful. He has learned the true profit of American Free Enterprise and routinely sells local commodities to the newly transplated for 6 times their going rate. He makes it up to them, and his conscious, by always providing quality food and beverages for his B&B guests - but the fact is he is rolling in dough and has amassed an amazing collection of early 20th and 21st century hardware. Some of it that used to belong to Cane, but he doesn't remember.

Franciscomv finally got free from his oppressive dictators and opened the first post Zombie age "It Club" where well to do gangsters and badlanders can come, get their knives sharpened, have a top notch glass of hootch, learn the proper terms for all things clissical, refined and debonaire, not to mention spend some time and bottlecaps on the bevvy of beautiful lovelies that frequent the place.

NGIB is holding down the fort in Georgia. Made his name as a bit of dueling expert post Zombie Day. His bowling pin shoots made dumping Zombies for profit in the middle of town a natural transition. Tried to run for mayor of the local tribes, but was pretty much run roughshod over when the locals found out he had "real schulin and sucx" on his resume'.

Benning Boy caught a runner. He had a dream the month before Zombie Day. Went out and sold his sperm & bone marrow to raise some quick cash, sold his vehicles and hit to 7-11's. Then scooped up all the ammo, knives and tac clothing he could find in a 50 mile radius. Had a HUGE surplus and used his prior military training to take over a local Home Depot after the first wave of the Zombies advanced. Set up his own little brand of "Not so Free" Commerce. Can be seen at the front of the store, scanning the horizon for customers and zombies alike with his trusty lever action .44-40 and .454 Casul on his hip, ready to make some trades. Usually ends up getting the best of his customers because they are too busy laughing at his stories to realize they just paid $137 New World Dollars for a roll of duct tape. Pretty much the richest SOB in his part of the world. Has his own harem, frequently spends the night with 3 or 4 of them, back to back. Gets up early and does his morning PT prior to opening the store and starting the signal fires with his trusty Zippo.

DrGonzo will have finally achieved the Apocolypse he planned and prepared for. Spent the first weeks after Zombie Day raiding every gun store he could. Packed more weapons and ammo into the back of a stolen dump truck than anyone. Made his way as far as B.B's Arms Depot before the last of his stolen diesel fuel ran out. Ended up staying for a few weeks and trading away most of his arms for quality time in the Harem Room. Now he makes his way through the plains as a guide, picking up bands of the poor huddled masses and leading them to slaughter....

Benning Boy 09-16-2009 05:42 PM

Cane- Filling in at an Eagles Reunion

NGIB- Senate Majority Leader

BKT- Oval Office, calling Kanye a jack@$$

Robo- Texas Department of Safety, refusing to travel by vehicle, opting for a horse.

Benning Boy 09-16-2009 05:57 PM

J.D. has always been smart, but where did the eloquence and imagination come from? Brilliant.

Stephen King dies, clearing his conscience by illuminating the world to the fact that his real name is Skullcrusher.

Falseharmonix tours in an orchestra performing alongside the Scorpions in Europe.

Benning starts a "Who's hotter, Ginger or Maryanne" thread, which bombs, becomes distraught, and takes his own life with a Cold Steel Lightsaber.

skullcrusher 09-16-2009 06:00 PM

JD saved every penny and now owns thousands of acres in the PNW. He started his own "tactical training camp" where he recruits misguided youths to build his army. He runs the camp like a special forces training officer. Everyone in his army is proficient with handguns, long guns, full autos, knife fighting and MMA. The US gubmit labels his band of miscreants as 'domestic terrorists', but that was his goal. He eventually ammasses enough land and local support to delcare his land as a soverign country only to be taken out by a freak long range shot that only Tango could make.

Benning Boy 09-16-2009 06:03 PM

In the eyes of a Robo

Quit acting like a homo

Or else he'll put his boot in your behind

Cuz the foot of the Robo's in your booty,

You might think that foot is kinda mean,

You don't know just how bad it will get though

Because Robo wears a size 18

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