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Where are the sex offen.... erm I mean gun permit holders in your neighborhood?

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Luckily I live in a free state where activity such as this is illegal.
Shooter ready....
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Originally Posted by willfully armed View Post
Luckily I live in a free state where activity such as this is illegal.
Don't rub it in.

Because you are in a free state, and do not have to fight these battles at home, maybe shoot an email to someone in those counties that made this info public domain.

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I just sent emails with links to both the NRA and GOA advising a alert to their members in these locations the may have just been targeted.
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Originally Posted by willfully armed View Post
Luckily I live in a free state where activity such as this is illegal.
Mine too. I remember reading in the state statutes that the CCW database is not allowed to be used for anything but to warehouse CCW holders information. Its not allowed to be sold or give/shared to any other government agency. I was looking for it again the other day but wasn't able to find it before my ADD kicked in and I started reading another article.
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Unfortunately, this is perfectly legal in NY. There is a master list, which is a matter of public record, in Albany. The representatives in my area are trying to fight this, but NYC has the majority of representatives in Albany. Hopefully, when the new batch takes office they will have a better chance of ending this crap.

The list, which is available online, is acutally a benefit on my road. There is only one person on the street who does not have a pistol permit, and I just mailed in her reference letter this morning. So did the 2 retired NY State Troopers, and the town judge who live up the road from her. The only place where a gun does not live on my street is the hospital down the street. As far as that goes, we have one hell of a neighborhood watch. The police rarely have to show up here, and the residents take care of each other.
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Yes, there are several threads on this already. Legal depends on the law where YOU are- and it does vary. NOT legal here in VA.

In return some folks that disapprove of this have posted the name, address, phone number, Google Earth maps and photos of the homes of the NEWSPAPER STAFF that wrote this crap.

THEY do not seem to like THAT a lot. Works for me.
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Its insane to "out" legal gun owners like felons. They are trying to start a damn war and the sheep following those leading the charge against legal weapons ownership don't have the same protections as those they are outing or them they follow that have police forces hired to protect them! BHO's kids get 11 armed guards at their school but yours gets none! Try to enter Coumos workplace or home with or without a weapon uninvited and see how far you get! They give us 911 as the universal answer to distress when they are protected by much more effective and instantaneous number solutions like 9 MM, 357 Magnum, 45 ACP, 50 Cal and other less than phone a friend hopeless/ helpless requests for a Coroner and a body bag!

Just keep dialing 911 make sure you say help allot, that works. I myself reserve the right to "dial in" my shotgun on the gourd of anyone that puts me or my family at risk of bodily harm, I will dial 911 after the emergency passes (away)....
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Licenses are on the public record. It’s how you know someone is competent to practice medicine, fix your plumbing (In some cases the same thing), or any number of other trades and services. In this case it’s how the police and public know that a judge or somebody has signed off on you having a handgun because, in theory, a background check was done and you’re an okay guy. I don’t think it ever occurred to anyone to make this particular type of license confidential.

Now there is a law in NYS against making firearms licenses public, and access to their data for police and their agencies only. It was passed just this last February. See the link in ‘Forget about irresponsible, is this even legal?’ Post #36. I don’t think many counties are familiar with this exception to the license protocol. I bet they will be now though.
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Interesting take on the new awb. We will be registered like sex offenders.
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Originally Posted by Zombiegirl View Post
That's a map for home invasions if you ask me. Bad guy needs a gun, here's a free map to find where to break in to get one. There has to be some sort of law suit here.
Agreed! That's crazy.....
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