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What are you doing for Memorial Day?

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Originally Posted by WDB View Post
I spent today with a group of people putting flags on the stones of military men, then came home to put out my own flag and a fresh yellow ribbon. My son is Iraq, his 4th tod in 3 1/2 years. He is to be home in August and will finish his service a few months latter. My son is 4th generation Marine. While the Marine in me understands why he is doing what he's doing, the farther in me just wants him home.

Memorial Day I'm attending the service at the Cemetery, my nephew is there, he was KIA in Iraq less than a year ago and then going home for some quite time.

Thanks Cane, I hope this reminds people it's more than a long weekend.
Thank you and yours for their service and know your son is in my thoughts and prayers. Tell him Cane says watch your 6 while downrange and thanks for doin' it X 4! What are you doing for Memorial Day? - The Club House

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

"...if doves shot back, there wouldn't be a need for a bag limit."
- orangello
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For My Dad, Sgt. Major James H Trantham 75th Rangers
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?
And I said, “Here am I. Send Me!”
Isaiah 6:8

A Ranger Passed Away

He was getting old and grouchy and his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around work telling stories of his past.

Of a war he had fought in and the deeds that he had done.
In his exploits with his buddies; they were heroes, everyone.

And ‘tho sometimes, to his neighbors, his tales became old hat,
All his buddies listened, for the knew whereof he spoke.

But we’ll hear his tales no longer, for ol’ T has passed away,
And the world’s a little poorer, for a Ranger passed away.

No, he won’t be mourned by many, just his children and his wife.
For he lived an ordinary, very quiet sort of life.

He held a job and raised a family, quietly going on his way;
And the world won’t note his passing; ‘tho a Ranger passed away.

When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state,
While thousands note their passing and proclaim that they were great.

Papers tell of their life stories, from the time that they were young,
But the passing of a Ranger goes unnoticed, and unsung.

Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land,
Some jerk who breaks his promise and cons his fellow man?

Or the ordinary fellow, who in times of war and strife,
Goes off to serve his Country and offer up his life?

The politician’s stipend and the style in which he lives,
And sometimes disproportionate, to the service he gives.

While the ordinary Ranger, who offered up his all,
Is paid off with a medal and perhaps a pension, small.

It’s so easy to forget them, for it is so long ago,
That our T’s and Lou’s and Johnny’s, went to battle, but we know.
It was not the politicians, with their compromise and ploys,
Who won for us the freedom, that our Country now enjoys.

Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand,
Would you really want some cop-out, with his every waffling stand?

Or would you want a Ranger, who has sworn to defend,
His home, his kin, and Country, and would fight until the end?

He was just a common Ranger and his ranks are growing thin,
But his presence should remind us, we may need his kind again.

For when countries are in conflict, then we find the Ranger part,
Is to clean up all the tousles, that the politicians start.

If we cannot do him honor, while he’s here to hear the praise,
Then at least let’s give him homage, at the ending of his days.

Perhaps just a simple headline, in the paper that might say:
"I Don't Know Half Of You Half As Well As I Should Like; And I Like Less Than Half Of You Half As Well As You Deserve"

Article II: A Well Regulated Militia, Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State, The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear Arms, Shall Not Be Infringed.

Article IV: The Right Of The People To Be Secure In There Persons, Houses, Papers, And Effects, Against Unreasonable Search And Seizures, Shall Not Be Violated, And No Warants Shall Issue, But Upon Probable Cause, Supported By Oath Or Affirmation, And Particulary Describing The Place To Be Searched, And The Persons Or Things To Be Seized.
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For my Dad (1919 - 1998)


This smile would soon change!

What are you doing for Memorial Day? - The Club House

Dad's Europe itinerary in his own hand. He circled the Bulge!


"Shot this down with my M1911A1." Right Dad!




This is the truck he drove ashore on Utah Beach. That Thompson was his truck gun


Just what it says, H-hour D-Day 6 June 1944.

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

"...if doves shot back, there wouldn't be a need for a bag limit."
- orangello
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I just want to give a big thank you to those serving, those who have served, and all of our fallen heros. It is because of what you did and do that allows schmucks like me to live my life in the greatest nation on God's green earth. Thank you!

“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.”

"Never underestimate the predictability of stupid"
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As far as I know I'm the only "combat" vet in my family. My grandpa served in the occupation of Japan, but missed combat ops. My dad is a Vietnam era vet, but missed that by a matter of weeks iirc.

However, I will be tipping one out for the following people who I've never met and sadly won't have a chance to. Here are a few of them.

Jason Cunningham:
Originally Posted by Air Force Cross Citation

On this date, during his helicopter insertion for a reconnaissance and time-sensitive targeting close-air support mission, Sgt. Chapman’s aircraft came under heavy machine gun fire and received a direct hit from a rocket-propelled grenade which caused a United States Navy sea-air-land team member to fall from the aircraft. Though heavily damaged, the aircraft egressed the area and made an emergency landing seven kilometers away. Once on the ground Sgt. Chapman established communication with an AC-130 gunship to insure the area was secure while providing close-air support coverage for the entire team. He then directed the gunship to begin the search for the missing team member.

He requested, coordinated and controlled the helicopter that extracted the stranded team and aircrew members. These actions limited the exposure of the aircrew and team to hostile fire. Without regard for his own life Sgt. Chapman volunteered to rescue his missing team member from an enemy stronghold. Shortly after insertion, the team made contact with the enemy. Sgt. Chapman engaged and killed two enemy personnel. He continued to advance, reaching the enemy position, then engaged a second enemy position, a dug-in machine gun nest. At this time the rescue team came under effective enemy fire from three directions.

From close range, Sgt. Chapman exchanged fire with the enemy from minimum personal cover until he succumbed to multiple wounds. His engagement and destruction of the first enemy position and advancement on the second enemy position enabled his team to move to cover and break enemy contact. In his own words, his Navy sea-air-land team leader credits Sgt. Chapman unequivocally with saving the lives of the entire rescue team. Through his extraordinary heroism, superb airmanship, aggressiveness in the face of the enemy, and the dedication to the service of his country, Sgt. Chapman reflects the highest credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.
Here is a video that describes how a few more heros out there spent their last minutes on earth.

and last but not least, here are some pictures of time I've spent with some heros. The first one is on a convoy I was part of and our TC happened to snap this cool picture I thought.
What are you doing for Memorial Day? - The Club House

Here is some of the Brigade staff that I was part of, one of the battalions that we were responsible for and some of our NATO brothers on 9-11.

What are you doing for Memorial Day? - The Club House

Never forget, never forgive.
"This is not about land or money...but the one thing that no man should never be able to take from another man: the freedom to make his own choices about his life, where he'll live, how he'll live, how he'll raise his family. "

William Travis, The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory
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My son and his team, the picture is almost two months old. My son is on knee left. 2nd Bat, 4th Reg, 1st Div, Expeditionary Force. A good bunch of young men, doing a tough job.

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I will be spending the day with my parents. My Father served in the Marine Corps for 30 years. He went through the Pacific Campaign during WWII. He served with "Chesty" Puller in Korea. He spent 2 tours of duty in Vietnam. Now, at 88, he's starting with dementia (Alzheimer's) and has had a few minor strokes which has affected his speech and muscle control. I honor this man, my Father, who spent his life defending the principles of this country. I honor all the men who have served and given their lives to allow us the freedoms we hold so dear. My own paltry military service pales in comparison to those who have made the supreme sacrifice for these United States.
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Bless all who have served and will serve this great nation in the future and thank you all who are presently serving in harms way. We should all live our lives in a way that would honer those men and women who gave all for our freedom, liberty and the pursute of happiness.
Thank you canebreak for starting this outstanding thread!
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In memory of a classmate- Mark was inducted (posthumously) into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame a couple of years back. He and I were the youngest members of our OCS company, and were both 19 when commissioned. Mark Joseph Toschik* 2002
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I was reading through your forum earlier today, and this thread convinced me to join.

Thanks to all who've served and sacrificed, and to their families.
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