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Samhain 03-12-2008 03:09 AM

what is wrong with kids today?
California police are on the scene of a shooting near a school in Long Beach that wounded a teenager.

The condition of the victim, identified by Long Beach police only as an 18-year-old, is unknown, but police say the injuries don't appear to be life-threatening.

The shooting occurred across the street from Star King Elementary School. Police cars have swarmed the streets around the school, live footage from KABC shows, and the school was locked down as a precaution.

Police say they don't have a suspect in custody or a suspect description yet.

airlink 03-12-2008 04:02 AM

I think kids today are brought up with no commen sense and everything they think is ok. After all, you don't want to hurt there feelings. Look at the schools, very PC and no whack with the big wood paddle from the School VP. I remember those days. If you got one you did not screw up again. Nobody wanted to go to the VP. Now days the kids can sue the school over anything if the child felt he was wronged or told what to do. No right or wrong. Too bad. Bring the Morals back.

bkt 03-12-2008 09:28 AM

The only difference between a modern-day kid and a barbarian kid of 3000 years ago is his upbringing. Many kids today are not getting any upbringing at all, except by other (barbarian) kids.

Righteous 03-12-2008 10:24 AM

its because there dam parents want to be there friend instead of being there dam parent

hillbilly68 03-12-2008 10:50 AM

An epidemic of parent apathy and nanny state. Agree that parents don't want to be parents, most want to be kids again themselves. I'm not talking about getting on the floor and playing or acting silly with them; I'm talking about not growing up and mentoring the child. Like our brother said above, they want to only be their friends. I think you can be both. I have a theory about the baby boomer generation (OK, don't start throwing the rotten fruit gents, I am at the tail end of the boomers even though I am an early GEN Xer). I think that a percentage of them (again, I am not throwing rocks at anyone gents, I believe that if you are a part of this forum you have the qualities that are opposed to my theory no matter what generation) have been handed a lot to them that our parents (the depression / WWII generation) never had. I believe to their detriment. They grew up under the inluences of parents that knew FDR and his "the state (eg someone else) will provide" producing a generation of non self reliance that is rooted in some of the baby boomers and is passed on to their children. The result is this generation of double children where parents aren't raising, they are bystanders. Sorry 'bout the term paper gents; just an opinion to generate discussion among us. Gotta love this forum.

GlenJohnson 03-12-2008 11:15 AM

I grew up when the teachers had he ability grab you by the nape of the neck when you were acting up, and told you to straighten up. Guess what, if a teacher touches a student now, the teacher is told to straighten up, (If the student doesn't try and take the teacher out.) Add that to the realistic games people are playing, (I won't say kids, I own a WII myself), and you've got a recipe for trouble.

NGIB 03-12-2008 10:48 PM

Parents no longer teach responsibility and society no longer forces kids to make the right choices. My oldest daughter was a National Merit Scholar and she scored a 1570 on the SATs. A year or two later, many were complaining the SATs were unfair to some (you guess) and they "recentered" the test to bring peoples scores up arbitrarily - which cheapened her hard work.

Kids used to have to work for grades, now it's pass/fail (light on the fail) so nobody has hurt feelings. We almost started teaching Ebonics for God's sake just to rationalize folks that can't communicate. Is it any wonder the kids of today expect everything handed to them with no effort on their part?

We're so worried about offending somebody or hurting somebody's feelings that we as a society have regressed terribly. All I can say is I raised 3 kids to be respectful, understand the value of hard work, and dammit - they like guns and shooting...

npbwbass 04-23-2008 07:58 PM

Maybe, stupid people should not breed..

gnoll 04-23-2008 11:12 PM

so no this one stirs me up i HAVE 5 kids Rayn (9 M), Camryn(8 F), Denzol(5 M), Larie(4 F), and Topanga(3 F)!!!!!
Ok my kids HAVE a father that cares HOW they act and how they do in school(grades and there actions in school) i have fought the school on many fronts about how other kids act!!!
There answer is there hands are tied so now lets blame the parents (thanx)
I am a father why do I get thrown into a group of lame self loathing F***s that dont care for there kids and just hope that a teacher messes with there kid so they can sue for there own gain!! my kids handle fire arms hunt love life and have great respect for I have dissiplen in my house and they know it!
So i would tend to agree that it is the lazy unfocused druggy hippy parents
and the schools fault for not standing up for the rights of the teachers!
well that is my rant (and if you have any negative comments on my kids names you just better keep it to your self or PM me DO NOT post it here i will be very very unhappy and probiby shoot my comp)

chorst294 04-24-2008 02:36 AM

My 2 cents
I see the lack of parenting everyday. I see parents trying to correct their lack of action when the child was younger. The parents finally mature enough to care about what their kids do and it's usually too late. The foundation is there. I also see the lack of fathers presence. Some dirtbag fathers will take off upon hearing of their girlfriends pregnancy. A lot of parents will instantly believe their child over their teachers or police, despite overwhelming evidence of their guilt. I believe good parents produce good children if given an opportunity with a relatively positive, caring environment. Sometimes they stray, but they seem to find their way back due to the solid foundation their parents built them.

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