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I never owned a gun until an adult. Had an ATM business in mid 90's and loaded my own inventory (cash). Glock 30 in '96 started it all and before the tragic boat sinking event, had amassed a nice variety of firearms....shouldn't have sold my scuba gear to perpetuate that accumulation!


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Originally Posted by vincent
I moved from Marxachusetts to Dixie...(NC) 20 years ago...that's all she wrote...

Hell, when you come to the South, you're ISSUED a shotgun, a pickup truck and a free plate of barbecue...
I grew up in the south and that pretty much says it all. Guns are just part of life here and we dont want it any other way. My dad was an avid hunter and still is. He bought me an Ithaca 22. When I was 7 years old and taught me how to shoot. More than that he taught me the value of a human life and gun safety so my brother and I was able to grow up in a home with loaded guns and survive. By todays standards we are supposed to be dead. It has been a life long love affair and I wouldn't change for the world.
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My uncle. Sam.

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Born into it, grew up around them, always was interested I guess, hell I don`t know what to tell ya.................


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Originally Posted by Ruger22lr View Post
Well what did? For me my family has a big military history so I guess you could say it was destined to happen. Whenever I was 8 I started playing shooter games like Grand Theft Auto Vice City then I got into Halo and Call of Duty. I was a really big gamer back then I still do play shooter games just not as much anymore same with other games. Then the whole zombie apocalypse thing sucked me up and in October 2011 I decided that the next time my Grandpa went to the range I wanted to go. Let me tell you the first time I shot a gun I was shaking once I touched it, but after shooting for an hour or 2 I started liking it. I then decided I wanted a gun for Christmas so in December my Grandpa took me to a gun store and I got my first 10/22 then in February I got my 20 gauge and that is all how it began.
Guns got me into guns. I have always been fascinated with the history and what I see as a perfect blend of form and function. They are like works of art.
I see a great beauty that if not respected properly can be painful or worse. Don't respect a rose and you will end up with a thorn where you don't want it. Guns are not much different really. Many things in this world are similar. Things of great beauty and wonder that if not treated properly can prove to be our undoing.

Look at many of the older guns in particular. You can see all the work that went into them. I guess that is why I lean to older guns, mostly long guns as this is easier to see. No one can look at a 1911 and deny it's wonder. A pistol that was designed to not really need a tool to take down completely. You could start wit ha 45ACP case and get the grips off. There are other parts inside that can assist with the rest.

So yeah, it was guns that got me into guns. I did have a father that taught me to shoot safely when I was young. I also had to clean what I shot so I learned responsibility early too. Learnign how they went together was some of the best fun I had learning anything.

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My first shots were as a teenager with other members of a martial arts group. The first guns I shot were a Colt AR-15 and a Colt 1911. My parents refused to have any guns in their home, so I never had a gun of my own until I joined the military. Uncle Sam will let you have any gun you want, just sign on the dotted line.

I've always thought of guns as tools, but necessary tools - like cars. I thought my parents were ill-advised to not have firearms available for their use but that was their choice to make, not mine.

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My old man had a few guns. He didn't know anything about them, or shooting in general. Never understood why he even had them.He bought me a Berreta 9mm when I was 13. Of course it was in his name , but my gun. That's when I fell in love! Then joined the Marines, the weapon became a tool. Got the same Berreta issued to me as a side arm. Kind of funny. Also got an M16A2. Again fell in love. Being in the Marines and young never had discipline to save money to buy my own. Had to wait until I got out and finished collage to start my own collection. Now I'm addicted to building AR's.


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My father, and I still have the Fox Sterlingworth that he gave to me on my 12th birthday Oct 22nd 1949. In 1953 the US Army allowed me to start using their guns in peace and war and I did so until 1977.


US Army 1953-1977

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The Rifleman tv show, more than anything.

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My dad was an outfitter in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Got my first rifle for my 4th birthday (Marlin model 15yn) actually the first rifle I refinished and blued in Gunsmithing school.

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