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What Got You Interested in Guns?

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I guess my first exposure was when I was probably 5 or 6. My brother and I got cowboy/cowgirl outfits, complete with cap guns and gun belts, for Christmas. We wore them to church and got bored, as kids will do. We then started "Target Practice" at the items on the altar. It didn't go over too well.

I also remember going to a sand pit for shooting with the whole family and also up to the "deer camp" before deer season actually started to check things out. We lived in Maine at the time. My mom was a good shot, and would go deer hunting with my dad. I never did get to go deer hunting back there, I was supposed to go in the fall of 1979, but we moved out here in the summer of '79. I've done dove, quail, and duck hunting, but that's it.

I'm the only LEO in the my family and until about the last 15 years or so, I pretty much looked at hand guns as tools. DZscubie's interest in guns and shooting has rejuvenated my interest in them outside of work.

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What got me first interested in guns? It is hard to tell. One of my earliest memories of being a very small boy (at about 4 years old) is of playing Cowboys and Indians and I had a double pistol rig with peacemaker cap guns. The atttached photo (taken in 1958 or 59) is actually my brother, but I had an identical rig

Being born in 1954, the earliest TV shows were full of gun related action, and I suppose that had a lot to do with it. Most of my toys from that era were cap guns of different sorts. Later in the early 60’s the TV show “Combat” was my favorite and I would sit in front of the TV with my plastic Tommy gun and blast the Krauts while in my PJ’s.

I received my first pellet rifle (and then a pellet pistol) when I was 8 years old. When I was 10, I went to a summer camp and they had riflery as an activity. I would spend all four activity sessions every single day at the rifle range shooting .22’s at the NRA 50 foot range. I earned all of the NRA medals available in that sport and was on the camp rifle team and competed against other summer camp’s teams. After that summer, my parents gave me my first .22, an Ithaca .22 single shot lever action. I must have run 10,000 rounds thorough that little rifle. When I was 12 I purchased a used .22 Savage (I think) clip fed bolt action .22. Unfortunately both of those .22 rifles were lost in a burglary when I was 15.

I was without guns for a bit in high school and college (other priorities), but bought an old Stevens 311 12 gauge side x side for $80 when I was a junior in college, and my first major purchase after I graduated and got a real job was a Marlin 336 in .30-30, followed shortly thereafter by a Dan Wesson .357 mag. The rest, as they say is history,
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I had a red ryder BB gun by age 3.
By age 5 I had a Remington single shot bolt action .22. My mom was not happy but my father only said, "the boy needs to be armed".
By age 10 I had a Winchester model 1400.
By age 13 I had a Winchester Model 70 chambered in .270.
Same year I got the Model 70, I shot 4 deer. A button buck, a doe, a small 4 point, and a real nice 6 point. My father was so proud, his chest entered the room before he did for a month!
As a teen I was not exactly a poster child for son of the year and dad was a miserable SOB so to say we fought would be an understatement.
Once a week we went to the range. No matter what was going on in our lives, range day was just two guys out having fun. We ALWAYS had that and continue to to this day. Without range day, dad and I would surely have ended up far apart.
Shooting is as much of a way in my family's life as Sunday dinner and going to work. It is what we do.
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My granddad probably, my parents growing up sheltered me from firearms and edged granddad however had a pistol and rifle he had through WWII and taught me knives from an early age when I stayed at their place. Growing up me and school friends would go into the woods with makeshift toy guns and pretend we were in a war, later into my teens i got into american western history and became very fond of single action revolvers and went on from there.

To be honest though I have been more a knife guy, growing up in a country that hates firearms it was easier to get into edged weaponry.
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I was never exposed to guns growing up even though my Father was a lifer Marine. I didn't really get into owning any guns until I started working at Disneyland in 1970. There were a bunch of my fellow employees that used to go out into the hills or desert and shoot. I bought two 22 rifles during those 4 years of employment there. Then there wasn't basically nothing until I got married and joined the Army. After my divorce I bought one handgun, a Sterling Mark II .380. It wasn't until Obozo got elected that I really got serious about guns. Since his election, I've picked up 5 rifles and 3 semi-automatic handguns...and I'm still looking to buy more. Now that Clark County has opened their shooting range, I'm more able to go to an "organized" facility to sight in the scopes on my long rifles and practice with them, at ranges that I feel would be advantageous if a SHTF scenario ever comes up. Being lucky enough to still be employed at a well-paying job, I can afford to purchase the weapons and ammunition to support them.
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Nice thread!

cap guns, bbguns, firecrackers, M80's and then my uncle handed me a little pump action winchester 22 at about age 14.

Marine Corps made me fall in love with .223

Then after lots of college, and living 150 miles from the nearest range i let go for 15 - 20 years.

Then I found a nice range near my current home and started a little shooting club at work. now we have nice groups of people shooting regularly and I'm starting to get in the groove.

Now we have more guns and ammo than I would have ever expected...
In the end I just love to shoot and always have.

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