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dirtysouth 07-26-2008 04:30 AM

what does everybody think of the sigma s&w
i have a sigma S&W and love it looks like a glock feels like a glock crap s&w has to pay glock just want everybodys opinion

Righteous 07-26-2008 11:47 AM

I dont mind the guns its those dam crappy triggers in them I hate, if S&W would shorten and lighten them up a tad or at least make it where you can adjust it

dirtysouth 07-26-2008 10:09 PM

yeah your right about the trigger being bit on the heavy side it would be nice for a lighter trigger

G21.45 07-27-2008 02:02 AM

:) Hey, as long as it goes, 'BANG!' when you pull the trigger.

Personally, I'd rather have a Glock; but, I'm starting to suspect that you would too. ;)

dirtysouth 07-27-2008 03:00 AM

nope already have a glock i just like the sigma almost everything from the glock fits on them and there cheap

DogRanger 07-28-2008 12:07 AM

I already had my Glock 19 and got a Sigma. It went bang when I pulled the trigger and the trigger pull was crappy. I cain't say anything really bad about it. I just would'nt reach for it first, the Glock 19 is a better gun and fit for me.So I traded it with some cash and got a XDc45 in D.E. Much happier...:D

fxstchewy 07-29-2008 12:28 AM

I have a Sigma in .40 S&W, good gun but it does have a stiff trigger. so far no problems though.

pioneer461 07-29-2008 09:24 PM

I'm issued a Sigma 40VE by my employer and it is a good gun. Once you get used to the trigger, it's not a bad shooter. It shoots as well as I do. I wouldn't mind owning one, but my primary off duty carry gun is something else.

calibaker420 03-27-2009 06:16 AM

the conversions dont fit though that i thougt would be really nice because my friend has one and it almost fits a little too short. but i think the sigma was a good buy and once you get used to it it kinda grows on you i have it as my home defense weapon behind my 870 express

GatorDude 03-30-2009 07:46 PM

I like the SW9VE a lot. It's simple, straightforward, inexpensive, and reliable. I feel that the heavy trigger is a safety feature that I can easily adapt to. As a civilian, if I ever have to point it at someone, I don't want to worry about buttons, switches, or nervous twitches in one of the most intense moments of my life. I have no problem getting solid hits with an SW9VE at typical home and personal defense ranges. Plus at $360 or less (with rebates, extra magazines, etc.), the SW9VE is a great buy for a modern, name brand, American-made, firearm. To me, it's one of the last remaining bargains in the shooting world.

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