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beastmode986 02-12-2013 10:12 PM

What branch?
I know I have posted a similar thread before regarding the military. However, iI have been thinking about it alot lately and I really am not sure what branch I like best. I know certain branches fit certain people better than others so right now here are my thoughts
airforce- Nope, dont like flying
Navy- Nope, dont want to spend a long time on a ship. Seems like it would be boring and you wont seem much action.
Marines- Marines are awesome however its hard to decide if I want to join this or the army but I know for a fact I want to do special forces no matter what and it seems like the army has more options than the marines.
Army- as I said, the army has more special forces options than the marines. But if I were to not do special forces I would definitely join the marines.

I read that delta force will accept people from every branch is this true?
Since the marines are a part of the navy can a marine become a seal?

What branch do you guys think would fit me best?
I like hard work and I want to see action and do some fighting. I dont really like flying if its me doing the flying so I dont want to join the airforce. I like swimming and seeing how long I can hold my breath but from some of the training I read about for the seals seems intense!

Wiseman3 02-12-2013 10:38 PM

You don't like flying but realize spec ops get everywhere by flying, at least at first. If you like being shot at then don't go navy unless you want SEAL because its the only way in.

DFlynt 02-12-2013 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by Wiseman3 (Post 1134988)
You don't like flying but realize spec ops get everywhere by flying, at least at first. If you like being shot at then don't go navy unless you want SEAL because its the only way in.

GO NAVY! and become a member of SWCC.

TheDesertFox 02-13-2013 12:14 AM

ARMY 11Bravo Hooah

Tackleberry1 02-13-2013 12:26 AM

My service was Army Light Infantry but I respect them all.

Service is service... to me it does not matter if your wielding a spoon in a mess tent or humping the Pig and AG Gear because your assistant gunner went down with a busted ankle...

Any Army MOS can volunteer for selection and reclassify into SF if you survive the gut check.

I believe Marines can also try out for Buds and join the Seals... If I'm wrong some former squid will be along shortly to correct me.

I do not believe anyone can join SOCOM off the street. None of these guys are interested in training a civilian... You've got to prove youself first.

My choice of Army Infantry over Marines was simple... I was married and the Army's pay scale was higher.

Honestly, you'll do more flying as a grunt in either branch that you'd see in 80% of Air Force MOS's so get over it.

My suggestion, based on my experience would be to enlist Army on an Unassigned Ranger Contract. This should guarantee jump school and RIP "Ranger Indoctrination Program".

If you can't hang through RIP, I doubt you make it through SF selection.

Either way, you'll wind ip in either a Ranger Battalion or a Line Infantry Unit once you done at Ft. Benning.

Either location is where you'll actually learn the skills involved in soldiering. Paying attention and striving to exceed the standard while your here is was separated the "future" SF guys from the short timers.

Good Luck and God Speed!


JonM 02-13-2013 12:44 AM

my best advice with hindsight being 20 freekin 20 is pick an mos (military occupation specialty) that will translate directly into a high paying civilian job. no one hires ex-delta force (if all you did was play bullet catcher) for much besides greaters at walmart or fryalator jockies. once you got your good mos down you can always try for specialty schools. the key is building a good resume'

getting shot at isnt fun and i do not recomend it as a career end goal.

bobski 02-13-2013 12:45 AM

army: rule number one... you dont get the elite right off the bat. you must earn you way into the cool jobs. until then, youre a stinkin rotten leg.
usmc: same as above but your ego is a little higher as you go screeming into a stinkin rotten grunt.
air force: you wear slippers to bed in your air conditioned barrack.
navy: your barracks move around the world so you wont go stir crazy on one base for 4 years. (btw, 2 thirds of the navy doesnt float)
coast guard: guys get sea sick and nervous anything beyond 20 miles out to sea and must deal with scraping barnacles off bouys. oh and deal with drug runners at gun point.

i did 22 years navy. navy has something called collateral duty. i/e: if you go into the air force as a bus driver tech, thats all you do, drive a bus.
in the navy, you learn your trade AND do other things and get qualified in hoards of things. what takes the air force 5 guys to do, 1 navy guy can do it all. that equates to a better job market when you get out.

usmc and army...remember this, you are a SOLDIER FIRST, and whatever your mos is is second. that means you must pass basic INFANTRY first, then go on to your school, like say a radio operator. so when you get to the report to your MSGT and he looks at you and, youre a grunt and sends you to INFANTRY. you go to school to learn tanks. you get to the warzone and report to the MSGT and he says no youre too stupid, you wash gp medium tents and then you go to INFANTRY.

are you getting the message?

i went to school to learn parachutes. i reported to a squadron and packed parachutes. when i was on a ship i learned all about shipboard drills and fire fighting. it was a collateral duty. i got wings for air warfare training. i transfered to SHORE DUTY for 4 years and packed parachutes and learned more cool stuff. i went to college on my off time.

after i padded my service record, i was sent to SEAL TEAMS as an air operations officer dept. head. not only did i pack chutes but i jumped them. i loaded planes, air dropped cargo, you name it. i shot my butt off. rifles pistols, shotguns all of it. but remember this, I PAID MY DUES FIRST.

ignore the glamor if you plan on going in. you go thru the mud first and learn to like it, then pray to get a break.

army - groundpounders
usmc - grunts with an attitude
air force - bed wetters
coast guard - mud ducks
navy - adventurous drunks who have 3 hots and a cott, and a different woman in every port.(hint..sailors get drunk and chase women because they have time to.)

good luck.
go navy.

BillM 02-13-2013 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by JonM (Post 1135109)
my best advice with hindsight being 20 freekin 20 is pick an mos (military occupation specialty) that will translate directly into a high paying civilian job.

No kidding. My son is 5 shy of 20 in the Airforce. Tech Sgt. "Power Pro".
Pretty much translates as commercial electrician with heavy gen-set
experience. He's already getting feelers from civilian companies wanting
to hire hime when he retires.

trip286 02-13-2013 01:00 AM

Beastie, realistically, your chances at special forces are not that great.

Here's an approximation of how the process works, and it will vary with each branch. This is very, VERY, condensed and simplified.

You join. Boot camp. Specialty training. Maybe advanced specialty training if your job calls for it. Oh, I didn't mention, you don't sign up for special forces. Like with any other highly specialized profession, first you learn, then you do your time in the trenches, then you have to apply. You don't go from community college to the operating room.

Speaking of which, college will help. Yes, the Navy SEALs, green berets, delta... They look at that.

Be in tip top shape. Anything less than perfect is not good enough. Many times, even perfect isn't good enough.

Then, tryouts. You'll go through a selection process that can take months. Then, if your selected, you may have to wait for a new training cycle to start.

In the meantime, you'll be kept busy. Very busy.

Not many people who try, are ever selected. Not all who are selected even get to start training, depending on circumstances. Very few who start training, finish.

The funny thing is, especially in the case of SEALs, once you finish training, you get even MORE training before ever gong to the teams.

For SEALs, start to finish, can sometimes take upwards of four years after selection, until you get to the teams. That's after you usually do at least 8 years, or are in your second four year term, before they'll even consider you.

You don't even know if you'll even like the military for sure. But, your gonna have a minimum of 4 years to find out.

I applaud your decision to join. I know your mind is made up in that regard. I did it at 17.

Best thing to do? Keep on the straight and narrow. Keep your chin up. Never forget your ultimate goal. Constantly work towards that goal. Maybe one day you'll get there.

robertb6112 02-13-2013 01:04 AM

Coast guard can join seals. But I'm not sure about marines. I can try to find out. Coast guard is cool people always talk **** but they can do a lot of boarding ships and small boats and usually have good duty stations. You will be surprised how many navy personal see combat.

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