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What Beer do you drink?

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I quit drinking 16 years ago but being this close to Milwaukee it was PBR. I also enjoyed Becks, ST. Pauly Girl, and when in Canada, Brador. The problem was I enjoyed beer too much. Now I spend the extra money I save on hunting related items, ie guns.
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I like dark and bitter beers. Apparently my fellow countrymen have different tastes and they are almost imposible to find in Argentina, I have to depend on microbreweries to get anything worth drinking.

I find lagers quite boring, I'll drink it if there's nothing else and my blood alcohol level is dangerously low, but I'm not too fond of them.

I also like Trappist beers quite a lot, especially the "triple" varieties, like Chimay Blanche.
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For a micro deal, I like Great Lakes Brewery and the Dortmunder Gold. That right there is a good beer. Got some in my pantry waiting for the right time to chill and grill.

I am not much of a mass market beer guy. I do like the BL with lime. These will never hae the flavor or attitude of microbrews. My favorite microbrew is Sierra Nevada grew up driving past the Brew house all the time. when ever I go home My dad and I go to the Brew house and have a pint and some good food.

Don't get me wrong what the mass brewers have done is amazing. They have taking brewing to a whole other level. You don't realize just how hard it is to keep all the breweries producing the same exact beer all the time with varying ingredients and all that.
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Thats cool that a lot of ya'll brew ya'lls own beer, I've always wanted to get into that but never had the time or money to commit.

I mostly drink zeigenbock or shiner, but will every now and again down a room temp heineken. Red stripe is pretty good also, whenever they have that at the quick-e-mart I get that.
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Yingling Black and Tan
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I drink mostly Cali IPAs. Heavy hops, heavy malt and high ABV count quench my thirst.
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What Beer do you drink? - The Club House

Polar Beer, hands down... Polar Pilsener or Polar Solera....
For people living in Florida, Polar Beer can be found on almost any Publix...

What Beer do you drink? - The Club House

When I go to U.S I try diferent brands of beer... I like the Miller Genuine Draft (that with black label...)

What Beer do you drink? - The Club House
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im wierd, i get used to a beer and i stick to it, for the longest time it was Rolling Rock, i still like it and can drink it, but just dont get it much. Then i was on to MGD, stuck to that a loooong time. Me and a friend would go out every night, that got too expensive so we would split a 30 pack of Icehouse, kinda strong and a dollar cheaper then a case of Bud or MGD. Now im used to Miller Lite, and onsale alot at my local grocery store, and it gets me drunk.

If im someplace that has exotic stuff, i do enjoy Sapporo. It's a Japanese beer, verry light and tasty, i do recommend it to anyone.
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There are very few beers that I will say no to.

But my regular favorites are Dogfish head 60 & 90 minutes IPAs, Stone Brewing Co's beers are always good, Bluegrass brewing Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, Williamsburg Ale Works Washington Porter, PBR, Busch, and Rolling Rock.

I could go on and on but those beers all have the highest likelihood of ravaging my liver.
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smithwicks (or smiddicks)
red stripe
magic hat #9
and red oak
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