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falseharmonix 08-03-2009 05:00 AM

we have a winner...
So, while my very humble collection of firearms (2) is very, very, very lonely and small, my girlfriend has wondered for a while:

'why do you keep going to that gun forum site', 'why do you keep looking at guns online', 'why do you want more guns' and 'when are you going to stop buying guns' ?

Well today I took her to the range. She's gone with me one other time, but it was extremely busy and loud. She only fired one round the other time with my 9mm, and called it quits immediately.

But today, ah sweet Sunday, the gun-gods were smiling upon me. Today, we went to the range. Only one couple next to us, so not nearly as crowded or noisy. We took turns shooting, me doing my best to coach her. Wouldn't you know it, once she got settled in, the girl started showing me up!

Took it home and was cleaning it, and she started asking all kinds of questions about my shotgun. 'how do I do this', 'how much does it kick', etc, etc...

so I ask her "you really wanna shoot it, dont you"...she smiles that evil smile and says 'maaaaaybe'

then tonight I was thinking out loud to her about the possibility of trading in my Glock for a Kimber I've had my sights on for some time. She said "wait, you mean you'd be getting rid of your small one?". I explained that I would use it to help pay for the new one.

"oh no, dont get rid of that one. I like it. Just buy the other and keep this one too!"

My friends, she's hooked :-)

Slawth 08-03-2009 05:13 AM


Originally Posted by falseharmonix (Post 138634)
"oh no, dont get rid of that one. I like it. Just buy the other and keep this one too!"

Marry her. Tomorrow.

Sounds like a successful trip to the range.;)

skullcrusher 08-03-2009 05:50 AM

That confirms one of my theories: Gun haters have never shot a gun. Once they do, they want one. :D

Mrs. Skullcrusher shot a gun for the first time about 5 years ago. It was my NEF .410 single shot. She shot it once and put it down. Within 5 minutes, she wanted to shoot it again. She did. She asked for her own pistol after she shot a .38, .45 and the .410 again. Last Valentine's day I bought her a .32.

If you read the post about her cousin and family visiting from Kali, I got her cousin (woman) to shoot a .22 rifle and a .45 pistol. She loved it. The empowerment of shooting makes everyone who does so feel god-like. The awesomeness of powder meeting bullet and target will transform the biggest passivist into Rambo within 3 shots. Tried and true, every time.

Great job, false. You will find that once the lady gets her hands on a firearm, you can't take it away. She is now part of the community, and a welcome member at that. :D

Gojubrian 08-03-2009 06:32 AM

That could have been my story with my fiance'.

Isn't life grand! :)

spittinfire 08-03-2009 12:26 PM

If I can justify it and I'm not spending the rent money, my wife doesn't care. Thats how I ended up with my SP101 and XDSC

masterPsmith 08-03-2009 02:08 PM

My first date with my current wife back in 1991 was a full day of shooting out in the desert. She (I found out) was anti gun at the time and the only gun she had ever fired was a .357 mag. I started her out on .22s and worked up from there. Ever since then she has been a shooter and hunting partner. The only problem that we have at times is, who gets to buy the next gun. Can't get much better than that...


orangello 08-03-2009 02:27 PM

Which anniversary is the "gun" anniversary? :D

masterPsmith 08-03-2009 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by orangello (Post 138750)
Which anniversary is the "gun" anniversary? :D

I would have to think about that one.

IGETEVEN 08-03-2009 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by orangello (Post 138750)
Which anniversary is the "gun" anniversary? :D

All of them, if you can afford it. Remember, shiny metal objects that shoot small shiny projectiles are a girl's best friend. ;)


Jo da Plumbr 08-03-2009 03:07 PM

I took my SO to the range a couple weeks ago. We’d been before and she likes to shoot, but this time I had a Buckmark 22 I was giving a test run to. She really liked the 22. I told her if she could put two out of the ten round mag in the ten ring she could have the gun. What she didn’t know is I had a MP 45 on order and this way I get both guns in my safe, but the 22 is technically hers.:D

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