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The ‘War on Work’.

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Originally Posted by fmj View Post
Well spoken! Something i have always found true. i NEVER look down my nose at what another person does for an HONEST living. Even that guy flipping the burgers at Burger King is performing a needed task.
Both of you have it exactly right. I have more respect for the Spatula Commando than I do the professional college student who spends life going to school.
The blue collar is the backbone of the country. We just seem to have forgotten our spine.
Anyone that puts in an honest days work for a days pay I have the utmost respect for. And that includes, especially in this economy, those that are actively seeking a job to get back at it.
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Great post!
The video was well worth watching!
I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.
-Ayn Rand
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Originally Posted by Gordo323 View Post
Great post!
The video was well worth watching!
Anybody else actually watch it? Gordo's the only one to admit it.

I’m just now reminded of a joke:
An art director gets a bill from a plumber for fixing his sink.
The art director says, “I can’t afford this and I'M an ART DIRECTOR!"
The plumber responds, “Yeah, when I was an art director, I couldn’t afford it either.”

(Disclosure, I was a commercial artist in a previous life.)

Except for the production of wealth for wealth’s sake, I. e. wealth that has by passed the exchange of value, a community needs the productive contributions of everybody, whatever their talents and abilities may be.

I liked the way Rowe made the point about those who actually do, vs. those who think they can. I thought you guys would too.
"Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it's boring and I go back to being me."
"You might as well be yourself, people won’t like you anyway."
"Tres verbo dictom"

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It is a great video, Vinne..
Ive grown up on a ranch and dont consider most of what he mentioned as "work", its just what you do (we have larger livestock, and we dont use rubber bands, but I never seen them "bitten off")

Its all about finding your "niche".. My favorite job ive had was being a sawsmith.. Pay wasnt great, but decent. But I loved the job and had a great boss. I wish I could work there again... I learned many great skills and that I love working with metal. Im always welding something around the ol' ranch, be it a broken horse corral or fabbing up a bracket for my scout....
...... I suffer from a very rare genetic defect that causes me to be sympathetic toward the International cause. There is no cure.
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I have nothing against hard work... I can sit and watch it all day!!!
An armed society is a polite society.
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I've never done anything but physical labor, excepting the time I spent with the Military Police and then as a civilian security officer.

Infantry is most definitely labor work, just of a different type.

I've done Concrete and Construction (residential and commercial), Pipeline, Steel Mill (making Pipeline fittings and flanges) furniture assembly and delivery, portajohn pumping (my favorite), automotive (tires and oil, and helping the REAL mechanics), and chicken processing.

I'm currently in school, majoring in Forestry, hoping to find work as a conservation officer/ game warden
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The Balota's
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When I was in high school, I worked as a housekeeper at the local hospital. People would be incredibly rude to me. Many of those people were the 'educated' people working at the hospital. I remember emptying a garbage can in the lab and the tech nonchalantly dropped a tissue on the floor right next to the garbage can as I was still standing there. I stood there for a moment trying to figure out this rudeness. Funny thing is, from what I observed in the lab, it inspired me to go to college and become a Med Tech. I've always loved science. The thing that rude tech didn't know was not only did I empty her garbage cans but I knew how to mix the chemicals to disinfect the floors and the rooms that had contagious patients in. I had to clean so many rooms in the course of my 8 hour day. I also had to hurry and clean the rooms of a discharged patient so a new patient could be put into that room, which included wiping down the total bed frame, windowsills, etc. Part of my job was as I went into each patient's room, I was to check to be sure the patient's side rails were up so there would be no falls. I really wasn't just a stupid garbage pick up person. Even the guy flipping those burgers has to be aware of hygiene, temp of the food, etc. Jobs aren't always what they appear to the person who doesn't know that job.

One of my current co-workers once said, "Why is the housekeeper so stressed. All she has to do is empty garbage cans." I assured her that was not the case.
Honor Student: School of Hard Knocks
To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
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Wonderful video! Mike Rowe is extremely intelligent and always a pleasure to hear speak. Thanks for the link.
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Originally Posted by freefall View Post
I'm a plumber. Started college intending to be a lawyer. Then I watched what lawyers really do. Decided I couldn't lie for money, I'd rather be able to sleep at night.
ps. must say, I'm amazed at how few people can do absolutely NOTHING.
I am also a plumber. You are right, the law is a much dirtier profession. I can wash my hands and be good to go..................

The problem with vocational/apprenticeship programs, is that they only seem to attract those who did not care enough about education to finish high school. These folks are shocked when one of he first things they have to study is math.

I taught an plumbing apprenticeship program for one year, it was tougher than digging ditches.
"It is better to be too skeptical then too credulous"

Carl Sagan
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