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Bigcountry02 07-20-2013 05:36 AM

The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer
Found the Walking Dead Season 4 from Comic-Con trailer. It looks good! :D

Forgot to add the date: Sunday, October 13 at 2100 hours (9:00 p.m.)

Fathead00 07-20-2013 06:07 AM

That looks AWESOME!!!!

Steel_Talon 07-20-2013 06:31 AM

Looking forward to season 4....:cool:

sputnik1988 07-20-2013 06:55 AM

It's going to take a lot more doing and a lot less talking about it for 5 episodes to keep me watching.

zaitsev44 07-20-2013 02:13 PM

I can't wait. Hopefully it won't be as boring as last season.

JeeperSC 07-20-2013 03:07 PM

It should be better with Andrea killed off. To me it seemed that they spent a huge chunk of the first three seasons revolving around Andrea trying to prove 'girl power'.

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