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Trez 09-04-2011 04:20 PM

Vintage Projects
I came across this and thought you guys might find it interesting...
Its a site with a bunch of old plans for making projects outta "junk", like making a lathe/mill, welders, bows/crossbows, various vehicles, even how to make a tractor outta old parts!!

Vintage Projects and Building Plans

If anybody does make something, you should post it up!

00possum 09-05-2011 04:03 AM

dude this is sweet

unclebear 09-05-2011 04:18 AM

I actually have a old flat bow made about 20 plus years ago, still shoots great. This web sight is pretty awesome!

Trez 09-05-2011 03:22 PM

I liked it..
I want to make a bunch of the stuff from the site...

Sloth88 09-05-2011 11:01 PM

Wish I had a bunch of spare time I would try a few of those

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