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Default Earthquake Fx in NYC

Well, the WTC construction site and most other buildings in NYC were evacuated. The airports were closed and the towers evacuated. People in Manhattan gathered in whatever open spaces they could, Times Square, Central Park, etc., to get away from falling objects. . .

Trading on the NYSE was uninterrupted.

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Was in Mt Vernon VA when I felt it .


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Epicenter about 20 miles away. Impressive rocking and rolling for about 30 seconds- longest quake I have been in. No damage here. My lady thought the washer had become unbalanced, and was shaking the house.

Virginia Power has 2 nuke plants that were just about on top of that one today. Part of the reason I keep a geiger counter and sets of MOPP 4 gear.


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Many of the neighbors here in NC felt it...I was at the range shooting my .45 and didn't feel a thing

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In a related matter...all DC gov't offices closed for the day...Dow goes up 300 pts.

White House comms director J Carney reports there is nothing to worry about what you felt was just The President's ego collapsing under the weight of it's bullsh@t.


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felt it for about 15 seconds in NH, small motion but definitely noticeable


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They evacuated all buildings on the Navy Yard in DC. The building im in was shaking quite a lot. Everyone was doing fine and leaving the building in a quick but calm manner until the security guard came running through the halls yelling "Get out of the building immediately, Evacuate". Then a few people starting panicking and running and causing more problems. Did I mention we were only 20 feet from the exit at the time and were obviously heading towards it.

Then cell phone service was down for about 20 minutes while everyone tried to call their family. Then they wouldn't let us back into buildings or leave or even move across the base for another 30 minutes. Luckily people on military bases are usually considerate and respect authority, had this been a civilian work campus and 1 security guard tried to stop 500 people from walking past them on a 2 lane road with sidewalks on both sides, I'm sure you can imagine how well that would go.

No major damage or injuries from what I have heard(which is amazingly fantastic news), but after spending billions and billions this is a great drill for what would happen in a terrorist incident and we are not ready that was made obvious to me today.


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I didn't feel $hit in Iowa


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The composition of the ground on the East coast makes for faster, more defined transmission of the S and P waves of an earthquake. The large amount of bedrock transmits these waves like a funnel and actually amplifies their effect and how they're felt. Having lived in the Peoples' Яepublik of Kalifornia for many decades basically conditioned me to not feeling any quakes unless they were 6.6 on the Richter scale or higher. I went through some of the big ones. Sylmar quake in 1971 at 6.6. Whittier Narrows quake in 1987 at 5.9. Not that big (for the PЯK) but the area hit had a lot of the "trendy" buildings...those with brick façades. The Northridge quake in 1994 at 6.7. That one was the worst of the bunch, not because of its magnitude, but because of its duration of excessive ground motion. Still went out and played a round of golf that day. I lived in Orange county so there wasn't a lot of damage around the area.

Hopefully the New Madrid fault stays rather quiescent because in 1811 and 1812 it let loose with magnitude 7.7 or greater quakes - plural - (only estimated because no seismographs were around then) and did untold damage to the area, including changing the topography of the land drastically. If that same thing happened now, there would be hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars of damage...a disaster like nothing else seen by man on this planet. It would rival, and quite likely beat, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean area in 2004.

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Default the Midwest and the West....We get them all the time.....

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