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"unexplained events" stories.......

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Originally Posted by clearsights View Post
Two days ago my wife and I were at the grocery store and she was looking at birthday cards. I came around and down her aisle and was looking at some magazines.
Suddenly I hear my wife call my name and asked if I just hugged her twice. She thought I had came behide her then walked past her.
I didn't know what she was talking about at first but could tell by her look and her frozen stance that she had just figured out it wasn't me.
Sorry, I could have sworn that was my wife.

But she did feel good, you lucky b*****d.
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Originally Posted by texaswoodworker View Post
I've got two.

1. I have never had the privilege of meeting my great grandfather. From the stories I have heard though, he was one hell of a man.
Anyways, he smoked a pipe, and if you have ever smelled pipe smoke, you know it is different from regular cigars, and cigarettes. My Grandma told me one day the he occasionally check up on her and Grandpa (also, their house is built directly on top of where my great grandparent's house used to be). She could tell that it was him because she would smell pipe smoke, even know nobody within a few MILES of her house even smoked. Well one night while I was at my grandparent's house, he visited me too. Sure enough, I smelled pipe smoke. I always thought that was awesome.
My favorite uncle, my mother's brother, smoked
Lucky Strike cigarettes. When I was little he was the only one I knew who smoked, and he was at our house almost every week-end. My house is built on the old home place, ½ mile from any other houses, yet about every six months or so, while just reading the paper or watching TV, I can smell the smoke from his cigarettes. It's just like he walked into the room.
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My great grandmother had always worn very strong perfume. Growing up her and I were very close until she passed.

About a month after she passed, there was a night after her "funeral" (she wasn't one for funerals much so hers was very small & quick), that I was in my home watching television and thinking about her. About ten mins. later all I could smell was her perfume.

My imagination? Maybe. But I don't think so.
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Originally Posted by boatme98 View Post
Not unexplained, just odd - back in the early '70s, I was driving on a 2 lane highway in upper rural Maryland. My wife in the front, another couple in the back. Wifey was turned around in the seat talking, so she couldn't see.
We hit a good long straight section through some pastureland. I noticed a bright light off to the left in the field ahead. As I kept lookingback and forth between the the road and the light, it appeared that the light was coming towards the road!
I was pretty flabbergasted at this point and kept watching the light, too stunned to say anything to the others.
As I was moving along, I realized that the light was rolling along a barbed wire fence that was perpendicular to the road, and that I was going to meet it when I got to the fence/highway junction.
Well, the fence ended about ten feet from the road, and as I got nearer (I never slowed down, I was just to entranced) I thought "We're going to hit!", but the ball got to the end of the fence line, and just went "poof". It was gone.
I realized that I had just seen ball lightning.
Absolutly freaked out, I finally spoke out, "Did you guys see that?", of course no one else did.
It's the ghost lights!!!!!!!!!!
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I already described my strange / unexplained event in the UFO section. I almost forgot about it again, until i seen this thread, just dont know if i could go thru that a second time.
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I woke up to the sound of laughter/ someone crying aloud. I lived alone at the time. My house was built near two native American burial mounds, and the previous occupants lost a child during birth.

This is a milder of one of my weird stories.
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Our doorbell rings for no reason, even after we had it replaced, I have pictures from a game camera of kids in the house, but no children have been in the house since we moved in as well as a picture of a man we have never had over (all the pics were taken while we were in the house). The latch on the basement comes undone, the latch that holds the door to the attic opens all the time, and often times you can hear someone, or something running up and down the stairs at night.
"unexplained events" stories....... - The Club House

"unexplained events" stories....... - The Club House
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Originally Posted by boatme98 View Post
Not unexplained, just odd - back in the early '70s, I was driving on a 2 lane highway in upper rural Maryland. . . . . . . . Absolutly freaked out, I finally spoke out, "Did you guys see that?", of course no one else did.
When I was very young, I woke from sleep one night and was drawn to the light coming in sister’s window. We shared a bedroom. Just a couple of feet floating outside her window was a very bright ball about as big as a beach ball. It had lots of bright wiggly ‘hair’ emanating from it.

I looked at it and it ‘looked’ at me too. I felt we ‘stared’ at each other for some time. I don’t remember any desire to wake my older sister so she could see it. It didn’t go ‘poof’. After a while I felt ‘we’ were ‘finished’ and I went back to bed.

I didn’t think about it for years. When I did, I decided it was an ET and/or an ET device. Years after that I heard about ball lighting, which is exactly what it looked like, a little ball of lightning. When I looked up ball lightning, I learned it doesn’t stay still. It ‘runs’ along the ground in open fields. It certainly doesn’t hang just outside a second story window of a semi attached brick house in Ozone Park, Queens, ‘looking’ at small children for 30 or so minutes.

I don’t know what it was. I never saw anything like it again. This is only the third time I’ve told anybody about it.
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I woke up early one morning about a month after my maternal grandmother passed away. I could hear my son talking and sniffing like he'd been crying. This was real early, like 4 o'clock.

He started giggling at one point, then I heard him say good bye. I waited a minute and went to check on him. He talks in his sleep quite often, and I figured that's all it was.

He was wide awake and playing with Lego's in the floor. I asked him who he was talking to. He told me that he woke up crying because he missed Mamaw, but it was okay, because Papaw came and told him that she was fine, and he "was the one who came to get her and take her home, because he loved her"

Then my son proceeded to tell me a funny story about my paternal and maternal grandfathers, he said that Papaw told him about it to make him laugh. They both were pranksters for sure, but this was a stunt I'd never heard about.

I asked my grandmother on my mom's side if those two ever dared each other to go to church dressed as women (as told to me by my son). She started laughing hysterically, and told me about my Papaw getting his heels hung in the dress and falling off the bus, and then my granddaddy falling on top of him. She said their wigs got knocked crooked and they started laughing so hard they cried, making their mascara run.

My son had only met Papaw a few times, and was 3 when he passed away, almost a year before Mamaw.
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My grandmother raised me all of my life and she was technically my mom. She passed in 2007 on her birthday and i miss her dearly. She was an AVID coffee drinker, its pretty much the only thing that she drank. I still live in the house where i was raised and where she passed. One morning about a month ago i made my pot of coffee like i always do "a 10 cup pot exactly". I poured one cup and set down to watch tv. After about 35 minutes had went by i got up to get another cup. Right when i went to grab to pot i noticed something "there was only 6 cups left", so just to make sure it wasnt my coffee mug i poured another cup which only used 1 cup exactly. 3 cups of coffee had disappeared within that 35 minutes that i had been watching tv. I took it as grandma was checking up on me and she knew that i would notice the missing coffee, it really made my day.
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