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hiwall 08-29-2012 01:48 PM

Under-paid LEO's
Here's an article on Illinois pensions. Most of the top-paid 100(state employee) pensioners are LEO's!!

“In the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS), 84 of the top 100 are retired State Troopers, including 28 troopers who retired at age 50 and are getting over $100,000 a year.”

gollygee 08-29-2012 06:47 PM

I really don't have a problem with that as I figure they earned every penny of it. The ones I complain about are the bimbos at the top that have sat in their ivory towers for their entire career, making the laws that those troopers have to enforce. :)

Sentry18 08-29-2012 07:16 PM

I think of high ranking LEO brass like pro football players, they make a lot because they tend to have short careers. Especially in today's ever changing political climate and high demand for scapegoats. Of course that is not universally true.

texaswoodworker 08-29-2012 08:31 PM

I don't have a problem with that. LEO's often have to deal with waaaaaay more BS than anyone should, and they make a career out of it. I'd rather them make that kind of money than some politician.

hiwall 08-29-2012 11:49 PM

The point was not who gets the pension but the age and amounts. No entity can afford to pay those pension amounts. If you retire at around 50, you could be receiving the pension for 40 years(longer than you worked). It would not take long after your workers started to retire to be paying for double or triple your actual work force. Pensions are the biggest pyramid scheme there is around. It can not work. Thats why most pensions are so under-funded.

tri70 08-30-2012 11:02 AM

LEO is extremely high stress and most don't make it to retire before they quit or get injured. My brother was a local LEO and the city has a good pension plan but few make it.

WebleyFosbery38 08-30-2012 11:36 AM

Long story, skip it if your not ready to really think for a second after reading it!

I respect LEO's service and commitment, they deserve descent pay commensurate with the Risk, Training and Prerequisites for getting the job. Here comes the "But" compare them with another group that has 10X more Death, Suicide, Life Disruption, Divorce, TBI, Mental Illness and has about the same career span. The US Service Member.

rank <2 >2 >3 <4 <6
E-7 2725 2974 3088 3239 3357
E-6 2357 2594 2708 2819 2935
E-5 2159 2304 2416 2530 2707
E-4 1980 2081 2194 2305 2403
E-3 1787 1900 2015 2015 2015
E-2 1700 1700 1700 1700 1700
E-1 1516 1516 1516 1516 1516

$1516 a month to start, try to take care of your wife and 2 kids on that Private Snuffy! If I hadnt retired years ago, I would now be making a Base pay of a whopping $3357 a month! Lets see here, a little quick math- I would be making 40K a year at my Max as an E-7, Anti Armor Platoon Sergeant at 21 years! My job description-

The heavy anti--armor weapons infantrymman leads or serves as a member of a crew-served weapon squad, section, or platoon employing heavy anti--armor crew-served weapons in offensive and defensive combat operations. Duties for MOS 11H at each level of skill are:

(1) Skill Level 1. Assaults and destroys enemy tanks and armor vehicles, emplacements, weapons, and personnel with heavy anti- armor weapons. Employs, fires, and recovers antipersonnel and anti tank mines. Locates and neutralizes mines. Operates, mounts/dismounts, zeroes and engages targets with night vision sight. Performs self extraction from a mine field. Orients a map. Operates and maintains communications equipment and enter a radio net. Operates in an NBC contaminated area. Constructs and camouflages individual/crew served weapons firing positions. Recognizes friendly and threat armored vehicles. Constructs and camouflages dismounted fighting positions.

(2) Skill Level 2. Performs duties shown in preceding level of skill. Leads a heavy anti-armor weapons squad in combat opera tions. Provides tactical and technical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both subordinates and superiors in the accomplishment of their duties. Leads, supervises and trains subordinate personnel. Calls for adjusting indirect fire. Evaluates terrain and selects weapon emplacement. Installs and recovers electrical and non-electrical demolition charges. Records operational information on maps. Indicates location, strength, tactical deployment, and emplacement of enemy and friendly units. Receives and implements a combat order; directs deployment of personnel on offensive, de fensive, and retrograde operations. Conducts battle damage assessment and repair. Knows threat formations and tactics thru battalion sise elements. Prepares, operates, and maintains secure communications equipment.

(3) Skill Level 3. Performs duties shown in preceding level of skill. Leads a heavy anti-armor weapons section in combat opera tions. Provides tactical and technical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both subordinates and superiors in the accomplishment of their duties. Receives and issues orders. Supervises the tactical deployment of the TOW section during offensive, defensive, and retrograde operations. Ensures collection and proper repor ting of intelligence data to the unit. Prepares an anti-armor section sketch.

(4) Skill Level 4. Performs duties shown in preceding level of skill. Supervises heavy anti-armor weapons platoon. Provides tacti cal and technical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both subordinates and superiors in the accomplishment of their duties. Supervises the occupation of an assembly area. Plans for, supervises preparation of, and conducts NBC operations. Develops a platoon training plan. Knows threat organization and tactics thru regiment level. Plans for, coordinates resources for, and sets up a multipurpose range complex for TOW qualifications exercises.
Army Pam 611-21

Skill Level one (Private Snuffy with 16 weeks Basic and AIT Minimum) is the equivalent of a fully qualified New York State Trooper' in duty and job performance. They earn-

$50,374 - Starting salary (during Academy training)
$61,525 - Upon graduation from the Academy
$65,358 - After one year
$77,218 - After five years

Before we worry about LEO's surviving on a $50K retirement after 20, maybe we ought to think about the sons and daughters that are being thrown at Terrorists with IED's like confetti everyday before the violins start playing for someone that gets paid overtime if they work a political event after hours! We pay GI's garbageman wages yet call them our Best, Bravest and Brightest, National hero's!!!


orangello 08-30-2012 04:22 PM

I saw some site that compared crime and corruption rates with LEO pay in various countries; it is better to have some well-compensated people enforcing the rules.

WebleyFosbery38 08-30-2012 08:42 PM

I am not saying LEO's shouldnt be taken care of but lets face it, if you ask any government employee, they will all say much the same. More money! Its also a bad idea to pay Public Servants more as an incentive not to break the law, if they cant do the job without illegal income, they shouldnt be doing it and when we find one breaking the rules, they need to be publicly excoriated and kicked to the curb.

A custodian in The white house is making 50K, an Infantry Platoon Sergent in Afghanistan is making less and their retirement is much less.

I looked at the White House Staff salaries a couple months ago, you should see the numbers, it would make you sick.

robocop10mm 08-30-2012 09:24 PM

OK, I looked (repeatedly) at the list. All but 5 are retired university and school district employees. Where are the Troopers? I do not see a single person that shows as being retired from the ISP. This is a story with ZERO facts to back it up. Please show some sort of evidence to support the conclusion that LEO's are somehow the beneficiaries of golden parachutes.

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