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ScottG 12-21-2008 11:43 PM

Twenty Years Ago Today...
Terrorists murdered the passengers and crew of Pan Am flight 103.

I happened to be acquainted with one of the victims....

Jedi Knight 12-22-2008 12:54 AM

Thanks for posting this. I believe I remember hearing about this at the time, although I was just a kid then.

btw: Interesting that the Scottish memorial was paid for entirely through private donations. You'd never see that degree of national and cultural unity in the US, imo. Even post-9/11. (What one sees instead is a confused and hypersensitive melting pot of ambivalence.)

Dillinger 12-22-2008 02:54 AM

Scott - I am sorry for your loss. Many condolences my friend. :mad:

It's important that we bring this back to life in the interest of answering the common question "Why are we doing this?" or "Why are we here?"

Between the Beiruit Bombing, the taking of the hostages in Iran, the downing of flight 103, the attack on the USS Cole, both world Trade Center attacks, it should be apparent to the most simple of people that we are under attack from "Extremist Islam".

Desperate Time call for Desperate Measures....Put all advanced weapons and tactics units on ready alert and green light their insertions. The only thing that our "enemies" understand is force. It's time we ram that down their throats.


jeepcreep927 12-22-2008 05:07 AM

Well JD, in a perfect world, that would be the way it's handled. I remember the Libya issue vaguely since I was a kid when that was happening. I recall every normal socially functional and morally aware American champing at the bit to kill Momar Quadaffi.

Then after half hearted failed attempts, his dispicability sort of waned and was washed away by time until we now have diplomatic relations with Libya.

I wonder now, with Osama so elusive, how long it will take before time heals all wounds with the al qaeda and Osama and Obama will be playing frikkin basketball together at the White House.

The last few presidencies have typified America to the extent that less than a decade after thousands of Americans were murdered on US soil, people have the nerve to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am not saying the entire philosphy and reasoning for Iraq's invasion is perfectly sound, but maybe, just maybe, CNN, NBC, CBS and Newsweek don't know exactly the minute details national intelligence networks knew or know. Maybe, just maybe, there is a guy or woman somewhere, who has a little better take on threats to the US than some weinie journalist who got his $160,000 journalism degree so he could film US soldiers getting shot in combat rather than pick up a rifle to help them. Trading honor and pride for notariaty and a spot on the nightly news.

How does a 20 year old liberal arts major in Berkly know that the war is wrong? By sitting around smoking weed and discussing it with other 20 year old pot head liberal arts majors? I would say that the 20 year old PFC that spent 12 months down range probably knows a little better than them. Unfortunately, the 20 year old PFC with a combat infantryman's badge and a purple heart doesn't mature to be the next senetor or congressman or president. He doesn't aspire to lead people with his rhetorical speeches and whit and charm, he aspires to lead people with his sincerity, honesty and knowledge which apparently have no place in US politics anymore.

How did the leaders of this country digress from the likes of George Washinton, Ulysses S. Grant, FDR and Eisenhower, to "men" like Clinton and Obama?

What happened to the sense of pride and honor and commitment to duty that had scores of men, some lying about their age, lining up to VOLUNTARILY enlist during WW2? That demographic is sitting around smoking pot talking trash about the ones who do step up and realize that the time for taking is at an end and it's time to give back. To some people, stepping up is a mindset. They don't do it for any reason other than patriotism and because it's a call to duty, it's what should be done. Unfortunately that caliber of of people is now the minority. It ironically reminds me of a Country Joe McDonald song called The Man From Athabaska.

No one wants to take the fight to the enemy. They want to sit back and pretend it won't happen again. Or talk about it reasonably. These are not the people that end up on Al Jezeera getting their heads hacked off with a machete. Yeah, we can reason with them though.

So, while the ungrateful and ungiving that run the country sit proudly, fat and happy, watch the up and coming ungrateful and ungiving, avoid making any commitment to anything because it might be unpopular or offend someone, somehow, sometime and harm their careers, the true Americans do their duty, remembering events like Pm Am 103 and September 11th, and watch the pussification of America continue.

Dillinger 12-22-2008 04:29 PM

Really well written Jeep - I could not agree any more with what you wrote.

The thing that bothers me the most, outside of the pussification that you talk about, is the complete disrespect for the safety and lives of our troops. Spitting on them when they come back home, protesting them and their efforts. :mad:

Whether you agree with the war effort or not, even if you are a complete pacificist, don't look down upon someone who has volunteered to take up arms in defense of the country that you are calling home.

There is no question that the only language our current enemies speak is one of violence. Trying to sit down and negotiate some sort of "terms" is only going to be seen as weakness, and since Islam's goal is the total eradication of those who do not support Islam, the position of weakness is going to be akin to the position of "bend over and grab your ankles".


ScottG 12-22-2008 08:40 PM

Thanks D, but we really didn't know each other well, we only met in our last year at SU. We talked a couple of times, but nothing developed.

She was going for a masters in social work. Could have done something for society, but now, can't......

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