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Axxe55 03-26-2014 05:28 AM

Trust, Integrity, and Credibility.
many of us here take these words very serious and to heart. this forum is like a second home to me in some ways. many members here i respect and trust their comments, because they have proven to me that i can trust what they say. they have integrity and crediblity in their posts. we owe that to those new to guns and looking for information. those people need as factual information as we can provide them so they can make informed decisions about such things. what they don't need is misinformation, myths and rumors, and information that has no bearing on the subject at hand.

too many times i see some people posting outright lies, or only half the story, or information they got from a friend of a friend or their brother in law! unless a person has first hand experiance with something, then how can they give an accurate report of how good or bad something is? simple, they can't.

another one that irks me is those who get upset, simply because you ask for some proof or facts to support or verify their comments. well, simple fact is, unless someone has supporting evidence that backs up their statements, those statements are nothing more than an opinion, not fact by a long shot. if a person doesn't want their statements to be challenged, then simply say it's your opinion and nothing more, or post some links or sources that substantiate your statements. andif being challenged on your comments upsets you, maybe you need to grow up and act like an adult.

i take the posts i put on this forum seriously on serious subjects and try and to be as factual and as accurate as i can. just because in many ways this forum is still anonymous in nature, and that most of us will never see one another in real life is no excuse, or reason to not be truthful, credible and trustworthy in our posts.

rant off for the night!:D

danf_fl 03-26-2014 09:35 AM

I don't know the source of your rant, or what ticked you off, but I like it.

FrontierTCB 03-26-2014 12:44 PM

I must say I agree. As we see on a daily basis too many people rely on knowledge they gained by watching movies or as said, heard from a friend of a friend.

People tend to believe whatever concept it is they heard FIRST, most don't want to admit they were wrong or taught wrong.

It's like most people's knowledge of criminal law. They would rather believe "shoot em outside and drag em inside" because that's what Uncle Dave said. When in reality Uncle Dave was a jackass.

Some people these days when faced with overwhelming evidence would rather be offended and leave the site than admit they are wrong. Good riddance.

Others take information or offered criticism as an attempt to learn and become more knowledgeable themselves. Isn't that why we are here anyway?

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dango 03-26-2014 08:03 PM

Let me be the first to fess up ! I,m really not the most handsome man on the forum , I really can,t shoot a fly fart at 150 ft. , I may have fibbed a little about the worth of my neck , (I really don,t know what titanium is worth per pound .

Also , I do have many hobbies that are ....peculiar to some , I claimed I have know fear , I do hate needles though , one thing I did not lie about though , I am truly the nut ball of my little neighborhood !

A new lease on life today , I,ll not fib any more , I owe it to you all . I really did buy that used cross bow and plan to use it today . Just need a really big target though , it only came with seven bolts .:D

On the seriousness of this thread , when it comes to weapons , any weapon , if you don,t know , shut up and learn like the rest of us . I have learn more than I can put a price on by reading what these people here have to say to all of you , my very deepest trust and respect ! I,m sixty one and still have so much too learn and this is the place my brothers and sisters . :)

winds-of-change 03-26-2014 08:14 PM

I like asking questions. I don't care if they sound stupid or not. :p And I always have LOTS of questions when I'm learning. How else is one supposed to learn. When I first joined this forum I was so 'green' to shooting I didn't even know enough to ask any questions. I didn't know where to even BEGIN. I would read the posts then ask for clarification of what they were talking about. Sometimes it was almost like a foreign language to me. That's why I started this thread........

That was so I wouldn't hijack threads asking a question but brought my questions to this thread. I rely on you guys to answer me and to answer me honestly and with facts.

manta 03-26-2014 08:28 PM

I would agree I see posts on this forum, from a pro gun point of view and some are automatically agreeing and supporting it without looking at it impartially and seeing if its correct. You see similar coming from the anti gun lobby saying things are facts but when you look at it its rubbish. It irritates me when the anti gun lobby do this , and also when the pro gun lobby do the same. There is a lot of ill informed rubbish and deliberate misinformation that comes from both sides and is put on forums and similar. A bit of objective and independent thinking is good and not just automatically agreeing with something because it supports your view. PS You can't get firearms in the UK is a classic , that I see in this forum all the time because it supports some peoples view of things. Why not do a quick internet search to see if its right or wrong.

Vincine 03-26-2014 09:35 PM

I agree with manta. We should think independently and all do exactly like he says.

manta 03-26-2014 09:52 PM


I agree with manta. We should think independently and all do exactly like he says.
Yes that's the sort of sensible thinking I am talking about. :)

orangello 03-26-2014 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by Vincine (Post 1540918)
I agree with manta. We should think independently and all do exactly like he says.

I LOL'd....................

Axxe55 03-26-2014 10:19 PM

this not only concerns guns and rights, but anything we post on the forum. what we post on this or any forum for that matter can speak volumes about our character, our crediblity and our integrity as a person.

forums are full of people who are posers and liars, this one included. people who want to bolster their image by being the best, or having done it better or more, simply because many times they feel they have anonymity on being on a forum and are nothing more than a faceless username. many times IMO, these people are either lacking of self confidence enough to allow people to accept them as they are, or are so envious of others, they feel they need to imbellish their life to make others accept them as equals. sorry, if you feel the need to lie to be equal to others, then you probably have some deeper seated issues that need to be worked on.

myself, i am just a poor working stiff who enjoys guns, is very passionate about our gun rights in specific and all of our rights in general. i have more than some, and less than others, but am blessed to have wonderful wife who is the best part of my life, get to get up andgo to work doing something i am good at doing and for the most part still enjoy. i amnot rich, nor am i poor, but content with what God has given me, and am still willing to work for getting more if the good Lord sees fit for me to have it. i act and talk the same in person as i do on this forum andtry to be as honest as can possibly be at all times. i am human anddo still make mistakes, do jump to conclusions on occasion, but am still humble enough to admit when i am wrong. sometimes i can be sarcastic and even abrasive or blunt on occasion, but i am the same way in person, so please take no offence when i am. i tend to call things as i see them based on what i see. sometimes i even will change my viewpoint or opinion if facts prove things to be different than my first impression. want to be my friend or gain my respect for you? be honest, upfront and straightforward is about all it takes. i don't base acceptance of being friends with someone based on what they have, or don't have.

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