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Tougher Gun Legislation Required?

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Originally Posted by McNabb11b View Post
What is a "Government Mandated Lethal Weapon"? That sounds scary.
I liked that movie?
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this guy is a wanker! He has no facts and he is completely wrong because of it... he's drinking koolaid

Here are the facts:
According to the CIA (US Central Intelligence Agency)
The population of britain is 60,943,912 (July 2008 est.)
The population of the USA is 303,824,640 (July 2008 est.)

Violent crime rate of UK in 05/06: 1,220,198 <(taken sept'05 to sept'06...)
that is a conservative estimate because the UK does not list anything about children under 16 anytime before '04.
Cite: click here

Violent Crime rate of USA in 05: 1,390,645 Jan'05 to Dec'05
Violent Crime rate of USA in 06: 1,418,043 Jan'06 to Dec'06
This is also a conservative estimate because the US does everything different from the UK, such as: we do our stats from the start of the year to the end of it while, the UK starts in September and ends in September. I gave both '05 and '06 of the US to show comparison and to stay accurate.
Cite: Click here

Now lets stop for a second... He is right in that the violent crime rate is higher, however the US has %500 more people in it than the UK: for every UK citizen there is 4.99 (or essentially 5) more US citizens, i.e. there are 5 times as many US citizens as UK citizens. Given this information we can easily see that per citizen the crime rate in the UK is much much higher than in the US!!

More statistics:
The FBI does some calculations and notes that per 100,000 citizens the crime rate in '05 is: 469.2
Cite: Click here
The BCS as of 2003 says the violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants is: ~4,000
Cite: Click here

That makes it look like UK has a VIOLENT crime rate that is 10 times higher than that of the US!!

Now given all of this information, the Homicide rate in the UK is much less and the amount of people killed with guns is much less (A lot less!) in the UK (which is not hard to deduce given the homicide rate is less and they have a ban on guns).
And to be fair the statistical analyses in the US and UK do not exactly adhere to the same yard stick (or meter stick if you're a brit) in that their classifications of certain crimes are much different. These are rough numbers gathered from statistics that each country thinks is relevant to itself. For example the UK includes assault without injury as a violent crime while the US does not, and that specific category comprises ~%30 of violent crime in the UK. But no matter what the gov't enacts, the bad guys will always have guns! And with the giant population difference between the US and the UK its almost like comparing apples to oranges. This guy writes that most of the gun related violence is because of gangs, well we could argue the same thing except the gangs in the the US are much more prevalent partly due to illegal immigration issues, drug trafficking, and gun running which the UK doesn't have as much of because the UK is so small in comparison to the US and its a damn island!

In my honest opinion I believe the UK should continue to tighten gun control and all its governmental regulations and I'll watch and see what happens when they are invaded by some military and the sillynannies and soggy crumpets drinking their ale will he utterly helpless in their own homes because they couldn't lawfully own a proven mechanism of defense known as a gun.
Texas is where it's at!

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Man, that is a bitch when you get slapped across the face with those little things called FACTS.

Nice beatdown angry..... I quite enjoyed that...

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Default Facts vs fear-mongering....what a bitch

Originally Posted by Dillinger View Post
Man, that is a bitch when you get slapped across the face with those little things called FACTS.

Nice beatdown angry..... I quite enjoyed that...

That's the thing about facts. The gun-grabbers and anti-gunners hate them because facts shine the light of reality on the fear-mongering they try to spread. I live in Las Vegas where we are allowed open-carry (there are no "can carry" laws, just none against it) and getting a CCW is relatively easy. I open carry most times, except in those posted against it (and obviously not in state or federal buildings), and there is no "uproar" about it. The occasional tourist sometimes notices the .40 cal Sig Sauer at my hip but a majority of Las Vegans don't notice (or don't give a damn). I have never been in a situation involving gun violence and maybe, just maybe, me being armed has prevented some perp from trying something. I seriously doubt that but if the situation arises, I am prepared.
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Dear sir: My lady is (with regrets) a countrywoman of yours. My father-in-law served as a 155mm Artillery Section Chief during WW II. He carried a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver. That revolver was loaned to His Majesty's government by a private American citizen. The loan was needed because of the inability of your country to arm members of the military adequately.

Your country is now being targeted for violence by every petty thug that you have welcomed within your borders. While merchants are subject to robbery, assault, and murder, you are debating having the citizens of the US follow the same failed path YOUR politicians have placed you on- while they advocate outlawing the possession of pointed kitchen knives. We breathlessly await the confiscation of all pointy sticks and rocks.

Please do check your facts- law abiding gun owners in the US have been found to be involved in criminal acts at rates GREATLY lower than the general population, the streets are NOT running with blood from gunbattles at every traffic accident, and the pubs are not the scene of daily shoot-outs.

One DOES wonder, however- if there will always be an England.

Oh- by the way- the majority of ALL of the rifles, shotguns, and pistols that were LOANED to His Majesty's government in 1940 (by private citizens of the US) were never returned. If you have quite finished, could you please return them?
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