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hunter Joe 03-11-2009 04:30 PM

Too Funny

iloveguns 03-11-2009 04:33 PM

thlk;lat waklj;s pretty funny. :D Sorry I can't type with your sexy avatar staring at me:)

Dillinger 03-11-2009 04:36 PM

+100 - That is one of the funniest You Tube videos I have ever seen. I have officially sent that around the office and it's playing in several cubes now with people laughing.

That was awesome!


matt g 03-11-2009 04:45 PM

Where did you find a picture of Miss Hewett in a corset and fishnets?

hunter Joe 03-11-2009 05:10 PM

I just type in her name on a goggle search and walla. Now stop drooling, your going to get the keyboard all wet.

matt g 03-11-2009 05:21 PM

Drooling isn't the problem, it's the callouses that are building up on...

Never mind.

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