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dirtysouth 07-22-2008 08:36 PM

tired of over charging gun shops
ok boys and girls here is one for you GUN SHOPS THAT OVER CHARGE. I am a avid reader of gun buyer guides and when i go to a gun shop to hunt for a new weapon im hoping to at least come close the the price in the book but i have been finding that there not only bumpping up the prices they are making them so darn high people just look and keep on going in my area we have about 7 or 8 gun shops and the most expinsive shop is the one with the most guns i was looking at one shop Williams for a gun and they had 4 used 7mm model 70 all about the same shape they wanted about 500 dollars used for these guns give or take 50 bucks went to another gun shop they had 3 same make and model they wanted 600 bucks. i guess you get what you pay for but its starting to hurt the pocket book so i got an ak instead its what i wanted but to look around and see the prices keep going up and people not making as much money is making me sick but glad to tell everybody THERE WILL BE A NEW RANGE OPENING IN FLINT SOME TIME IN AUGUST im so excited im tickled pink thats all for now if you have any comments i want to hear them

Dillinger 07-22-2008 08:39 PM

Since your in Michigan, I suggest getting in touch with George from M.I. Gunslingers.

He is a good man, and he sells guns for a fair price.


supergus 07-22-2008 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by Dillinger (Post 32968)
Since your in Michigan, I suggest getting in touch with George from M.I. Gunslingers.

He is a good man, and he sells guns for a fair price.


I do know what you're talking about, however, some of the small town gun shops CAN be competitive. I bought a new SIG Revolution Compact Stainless from Mike's Gun Shop in Tazewell, TN. MSRP was $1,050 and he sold it for $983. It doesn't seem like a big deal but anytime a gun shop sell a gun for less than MSRP I'm happy. As a matter of fact he sold me my SIG and my wife's S&W 642 J-Frame for about $1,400 (out the door). My local gun shop in NC is a little higher but they're real good people who struggle to make a living so I don't mind. By the time I drive to Raleigh or Greensboro the gas I use would equal out.

BigO01 07-23-2008 12:49 AM

dirtysouth I think you need to take the whole situation into account before passing judgment on a shop .

We have a few shops that seem to fit what you're describing but those are also the ones with people who have the most knowledge , best selection of goods and or perhaps more services available .

I heard a guy complaining about a place once when their prices may average ten to twenty five bucks higher on a gun and I had to explain to him that they also offer gun smithing services something that only one or two other places have , not only that but that the guys that worked on 1911's do a great job as I had mine worked on and it had since never had a misfire/jam .

While we would all like to get Walmart pricing do we really only want or need Walmarts style ignorant employees everywhere ? Half of the guys at discount stores know next to nothing .

Thank God the chain "Mart" stores don't sell reloading equipment can you imagine how many reloading accidents there would be if they did ?

Now when I find a place has useless workers or ones with the attitude they are doing me a favor plus higher than average prices I rarely if ever go back .

Some of those places need those higher prices to keep excellent workers and offer customers a variety of quality services , after all a damn good car mechanic will in the long run save you money by fixing the problem the first time despite a high hourly rate and so will a good gunsmith or knowledgeable gun salesman who will often because of his experience sell you a gun you'll be happy with for many years .

Righteous 07-23-2008 02:26 AM

Mark up on guns is actually very little, if there used guns then yea they can charge whatever they want to beacuse they ptolly gave very little for them

dirtysouth 07-23-2008 04:09 AM

big you are right the one gun shop that i did bash williams is the one i go to most have been since i was a kid they have the best staff and the best services if they dont know something they will find out or tell you how to find out. this store wont sell certain guns because they dont meet there standards such as jennings hi points and larkins etc Williams is actually one of the better gun shops in the area you are very right about the wal mart kind of stores you go into purchase a gun from them you have to educate the sells clerk just so they can find the right kind of ammo well ttl folks

cpttango30 07-23-2008 01:32 PM

I would personally rather pay for for stuff and be able to be in a friendly environment with knowledgeable people. As far as not selling some guns because they are not good enough. Go and ask a gun store what the biggest seller is it ain't going to be the les Bear or Wilson Combat 1911 it is going to be that Hi point 9mm why more people can afford it.

I have a few gun stores I go to in my area.

Store #1 High priced, snobby, cater to the "Tactical crowd and not a big selection.
Store #2 Slightly better priced (Sell right around MSRP) on most of their stuff Great people knowledgeable good selection of stuff. Nice reloading section (The highest prices in area) One of my favorite shops. Can go in and browse around and shoot the bull for hours and then buy 1 box of 22lr ammo and they are happy.
Store #3 is a Mega Sporting mart every time I go in there it is someone new working the gun counter. The knowledge is so lacking I got told that Remington didn't make a model 700 short action in 308 win. The people behind the counter try to steer you away from what you want to look at to the $1000+ pistols (Kimber all of them, many sigs) You can walk in there and say I would like to look at the Glock and they will try to sell you a Kimber that drives me nuts. Prices can be good when they are having a sell most of the time the reloading section is a forgotten wast land of dust and cobwebs. Bullets are sky high on crack, pot, and heroin. I am talking a box of 52gr 224 SMK for something like $37 don't even look at nosler bullets they are $45 a box of 50 for 50gr bt.

I bought 2 guns from them and will never buy from them again. They way over charge people for just about anything they can. Seen an old beat up Winchester 94 in 30-30 It looked as if it fell out of the scabbed on the house and was drug from Virginia to Florida and back. They had it marked at $1700 yup right after Winchester said it was closing I was in there a week before and it was $400.

If you only base your perception of a gun store on price you are ignoring the facts like Big 001 said you have to look at what all they offer.

dirtysouth 07-23-2008 11:36 PM

like i said before i know what the stores are selling and what there offering in my area and i know why prices are high in some of these stores but some stores that we have it just dont make since for them to be selling something at a 1000 bucks when its only worth 400 no matter what other things they offer or how nice to they are

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