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Teenage jobs

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In High School I worked as a busboy in a Mexican restaurant in Colorado. One day the manager asked me to cleanup the womens bathroom. A gal on her period had backed up the toilet, and it was all over the floor. I quit rather clean it up. (so did 2 other people)

One summer while in college I worked on a construction crew building a foundation for a bank. I was trying to level out a trench for a support beam, When I jumped in I found it was overrun by scorpions. I cleared the 4 foot deep trench in a single bound, Superman style...

Lot lizard in a used car lot. Keep the cars clean and running. It is was in 1976, and there were a ton of true muscle cars being traded in due to the gas crisis. I had to drive them to "blow the carbon out". Too many funny stories to count. Beware of buying a car at a lot, you REALLY don't know how it has been abused by the staff....

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First job as a teenager, printing T-shirts at a local shirt printing shop - pretty good job for the time, it was only a mile drive to work.

Next was a military supply store - that sucked, the boss was a d!*k, the pay sucked, and it was a 35 mile drive.

Then there was construction - still quite a ride to work, but the pay was a little better and I was very happy to be gaining skills on all kinds of heavy machinery.

After 3 or 4 construction companies, and a few odd jobs here and there, at present, at age 24 I'm assistant managing a small gun store.
The work is easy, but I'm always worried about getting robbed because most of the time I'm there by myself (boss is to cheap to have 2 full time workers), and the pay sucks and the checks are almost never on time.

I've got my fingers crossed, A buddy of mine is a home inspector and he's willing to pay me to assist him and do some of the driving... if he decides for sure that he wants me, I'll be more than happy to leave the FFL job.
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Well, when I turn 16 I'll have my license and hopefully find a job pretty easily. It doesn't really matter as long as I'm not flippin burgers or takin orders from a drive through window askin everyone if they want ketchup or not.
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My least would be working at Cowan Lake State Park painting out houses that ugly ass park brown. The smell made me a hard worker for sure. Get it done quick and I could head up wind and sit for the rest of the day.

Best... Bailing hay for the old man down the road. The farmer gave us beer at the end of the day and I hung out with the farmers daughter in the evenings.
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Worst Job: Car salesman at a Hyundai dealership. I spent most of my days there (all 15 of them) drunk and on my last day punched my boss in the face, threw my keys on his unconsious form and walked out (to this day I don't know how I never got in trouble for that one)

Best job: Working EMS. I've only been working for a couple of weeks, but I love it, always something new. The pay is pretty good too.
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Worst: Washing dishes in a Greek restaurant. The dang stemmed glasses had a habit of exploding when you took them out of the racks when they where hot. A lot to deal with when 16. THat or setting up business networks for dope head lawyers in a small town I lived in a while. THat money was great but trying to explain things that a stoned lawyer really doesn't want to know but asks about while you are trying to put things together is a major PITA.

Best: I worked as a kitchen manager for a restaurant. The money was not the greatest but my boss was an exceptional man that taught me many things about life that I don't know if I would have learned myself. I left shortly after he died. The company closed shortly after. THe world could use a few more like that old guy.
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I never had a real job as a teenager, though one summer I went to Chicago and worked with my Uncle on a Movie Starring Fred Williamson, Maud Adams, and Bo Svenson.
The Kill Reflex (1989)
It was pretty cool and I made some good money. That is the only job I had while a teenager.
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Worst... dishwasher at a Japanese Restaurant. But I did get a free meal every night and the boss sold me Magnums of sake at cost. I was fifteen.

Best... a clerk at a 7-11 in the seventies. I was 17 and could buy beer and wine. Made me real popular with the young ladies.

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I worked at Hardee's for one shift, hated that.

I worked at Food Lion for about a year, not too bad.

I worked at Pizza Hut making pizzas for a pretty good while, I liked that right much. Lots of hot girls worked there so that's probably why.
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Worst: Cleaning manure out of a shed used to hold calves in -5 weather.

Favorite (as a teenager): Working at a gas station as an attendant and general garage help. (and it was not a "quick stop" gas station).
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