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NymphoGnome 04-05-2010 03:45 AM

The Tea thread.
!!!NO T.E.A. Party talk!!!
Not sure if many people enjoy it here as I do, but if you do share..
I am from the South so I do enjoy Sweet tea, but I am becoming partial to unsweeten Earl grey, Green and chai.
Also totally unrelated to traditional tea, my new love bubble tea.
mmmmmm bubble tea

CA357 04-05-2010 06:02 AM

I'm a coffee guy and not much of a tea drinker. On a rare occasion, I'll make a cup of whatever is in the house. But it's usually just to have a change of pace.

orangello 04-05-2010 09:19 PM

Living in southern Mississippi, i drink more than my share of sweet tea/table wine of the South. I also enjoy hot tea at times, mostly Earl Grey, Chai, or similar English breakfast tea. I find it annoying that most grocers here don't have loose tea; it's mostly the bagged stuff.

By "bubble tea", do you mean the drink served by some Asian restaurants that has little tapioca balls in the mix? If so, i looooove that stuff but cannot find it around here.

Celestial Seasonings also makes a "sleepy time" extra or plus that is good for those nights when i have trouble winding down; it has some Valerian for that knockout punch.

mrm14 04-05-2010 10:12 PM

Unsweetened ice tea here. Why would anybody want to ruin good tasting tea with sugar.

Also I have alot of this Tieh Kwan Yin Tea left from my trip to China in 2007. This tea is pretty good on soothing my gut when I've acted like a pot licken' dog (the occasioal gluttony thing) at the dinner table.

zhuk 04-06-2010 02:34 AM

Being discarded refuse from the "Mother Country" :p aussies have traditionally been tea drinkers. Bushies (for example long distance sheep/cattle drovers etc) always carried black tea in their swags to be brewed over the open fire in a 'billy'; so deadly strong you can stand a spoon up in the cup lol, with sugar but never milk. However this has changed a lot since the Italian immigrant wave of the 50s-60s and we now have a strong espresso-European coffee culture here. We like our coffee the same as our beer - with a punch lol

I do have one of those stovetop coffee percolators, but large amounts of tea is my one remaining vice these days since I can't drink alcohol...brewed the way it should be in a teapot with milk & sugar. Can't beat a good cuppa :)

NymphoGnome 04-06-2010 03:30 AM


Originally Posted by orangello (Post 264755)
By "bubble tea", do you mean the drink served by some Asian restaurants that has little tapioca balls in the mix? If so, i looooove that stuff but cannot find it around here.

Yes I do, and I know now how it feels to crave it and not be able to find it... it's ridiculous. I was recently on spring break, so I spent the weekend in my girl friends off campus apartment. I had a craving for some, but wasn't about to travel 20 miles for it.

She informed me today they are building a place that specializes in bubble tea. :D:D:D

zhuk 04-06-2010 03:34 AM

Bubble tea is plentiful in central Sydney, not suprisingly due to our large Asian population.

I've never tried it, but been curious every time I've walked past a shop in the CBD. Maybe (on your recommendation!) I should give it a shot :D

NymphoGnome 04-06-2010 03:51 AM

Asian aussie..... that sounds like a hot mix.

zhuk 04-06-2010 04:14 AM

Very often, yes :p

cpttango30 04-06-2010 12:15 PM

I am just an Iced Tea drinker. in the summer I can pound down a gallon plus of tea.

There is one two kinds of tea I use to make my iced tea, Red Rose and Luzian. That is it. Lipton is like Lucky Logger Beer horrible at best gawdawful or worse most of the time.

Lipton tea is the walked on scraps that people pick up off the floor of a tea packaging factory.

I don't make my tea on a coffee maker as I have 1 pot that is for nothing but making tea no cooking no nothing in that pot just tea making.

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