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JiroZero713 02-01-2009 03:35 AM

Taking Chance
I just saw the previews for this on HBO

I have to say I was driven to tears after I went and researched the story on the internet.

It's about an officer in the Marines taking home a fallen Marine who lost his life. He doesn't even know him but grows to be attached to a man he feels as if is alive now based on the spirit of the American people who he meets and mourns just this one fallen hero.

The song is just amazing to it....and I really hope this is a good HBO special. It premiered at Sundance but will be on in Feb.

Here's the trailer

And here is the song called Comes and Goes (In Waves) by Greg Laswell....never heard of him before. I'll be buying an Album now.

WDB 02-01-2009 06:15 AM

This lands close to home, I'm a ret LT USMC, my son recently finished three years active duty. More than a month ago my sister who lives out of state asked if my son and I would be part of an honor guard for a Marine. I started to explain that the USMC will provide the honor guard. She started to cry and told me it was her son.

This week my son and I where part of the honor guard that put my nephew to rest. My son was a guard and had to pop blanks in the air for his cusin. I was the officer that
gave the orders. Even more my son and another young Marine cousin folded the flag and handed it to me and I handed it to my sister with the words that seem so important in tradition but were so hard to express to my sister.

bgeddes 02-01-2009 07:32 AM


God Bless and Thanks for your family's service.

Benning Boy 02-01-2009 07:05 PM

Excellent post. Well done.

Benning Boy 03-15-2009 01:49 AM


Finally got to see this, I was eating lunch and getting ready for work. 20 minutes in, my lunch was cold and forgotten, and my "allergies" got the best of me.

This should be required viewing in every school. Not politics-heavy at all, just a story that really needs to be told.

My one gripe is that the Army Infantry soldier's uniform had gig written all over it, but when you get his story, waterworks ensue.

Do yourself a favor, see this.

WDB 03-15-2009 04:46 AM

I think ever american should see this movie as it makes the loss personal. As I expressed I lost a family member and did the honor guard from the time he landed on US soil until he was put to rest. I have to say often my nephew was handled like regular luggage and those working the baggage had little concern for the young man that gave his life in service. As much as I would like to say people on the plane or working in the industry have respect for a young man lost I can't. The plane captin never even sugested that there was a dead Marine aboard and at best appoligized for the delay while waiting for me to board after stowing my nephew. At one airport I wasn't allowed on the tarmac to be the honor guard, this marine, my nephew was treated like bagage. I expect many of you fly often, when have your heard the captin say they are bringing a fallen solder home? More than 4,000 KIA in Iraq and I expect none were given the respect or honor as seen in the movie. That is a shame.

It has little to do with my personal loss or my service to our country it is about respect for those that do the job so the rest of us can have the life we have. I flew from the east coast to Texas and due to USMC and public transport had four transfers. I was in uniform and never once had anyone say thank you or have a ground crew consider my being on that tarmac as more than a slow down to load the plane.

It should be like the movie but real life just isn't that way. It's not until that solders gets home before you see the respect and sarrow. If we want to fix whats wrong with our nation we should be reminded about those lost in honest terms. I know most don't want to see it as real but it is and if the world truly worked like this movie people would better understand the price of war and what those that fight it are doing for us.

I fly often and see a lot of military people at the airport and go out of my way to thank them for doing there job. Most are truly surprised and they shouldn't be. If you walk pass a person who is serving our country with out thanking them then shame on you.

Ubergopher 03-15-2009 10:37 AM

WDB, sorry to hear how your brother was treated. I know this is little consolation, but I promise you from the second the remains arrive at Bagram or Baghdad to the second they leave the Port Mortuary at Dover they are treated as the true heros that they are.

c3shooter 03-15-2009 11:04 AM

Well, it has been a while, but have been "Escort Officer for Human Remains". Yeah, that's how your orders are titled. No, have never had crew make announcement- not sure they are permitted to do so. Crew MUST know what you are doing, since you are first off, last on. Have never been denied attending loading/unloading on the tarmac.

Did have one with a 5 hr layover middle of night in Seattle- my flight crew took me to the crew rest area in aiport to catch a brief nap, shave, and had me escorted across runways to change aircraft. Have had airport police meet me at the aircraft cargo bay- 4 officers lined up, presenting arms during loading.

Have never had duty for a family member, but have had friends that we had mutual agreements to see each other home. The term is- "I'd do it for you."

cpttango30 03-15-2009 12:53 PM

If you want to watch a man cry like a baby then make him watch this movie.

I agree that every american needs to see this movie. Kevin Bacon does the Marines very great justice. He plays the roll like true Marine. This movie is the best movie I have seen come off of HBO in a long darn time.

gorknoids 03-15-2009 01:33 PM

It is an exceptionally well done movie, but it would be nothing without the story behind it.

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