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Students in school are told not to fight back

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I've always told my kids to defend themselves and not to be a punching bag... I'm lucky that I've raised good kids, who haven't been involved in any alterations...

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Unfortunately that is the way of schools today... Both get equal suspention,both are considered poor citizens for participating etc.etc.etc.

Father of 6 here. 2 College grad, 1 in college, 2 in high school, and 1 in elementary. 2 boys 4 daughters.

As fathers it is our duty to fill our kids tool boxes with strategies, techniques, and how to's, too carry them through life.

Defending ones self is critical to growth and self-esteem. Understanding, being aware, and how to keep themselves out of situations, and being able to handle a physical altercation must be taught and learned

Fathers tend to give permission, or say "punch them here" but that's as far as it normally goes. But that's not going to fill their tool box. They need to be taught how to handle the stressors, involved and how to apply force compliance to seek resolution and return peace to themselves, and it's not that simple.

Fathers will "rough house" with the boys but tend to treat their daughters as princess's which is disadvantageous to the girls. Combative skills are a major part of our family. For my girls (GOD forbid) it's critical for them to be able to handle a male attacker as best they can, and that means causing enough damage to have them seek treatment. It helps in finding them..

Now does this translate into my 3rd grader doing this to a fellow third grade bully? NO, but she has enough understanding in small circle technique to break away from holds, apply simple joint locks, and to cast away.

Now is any of this perfect absolutely not, but as dads we need to be more pro-active in preparation of our children and have high hopes that our kids not experience bully situations.

I've rambled enough...

Good Karma to all
'Steel cuts flesh / steel cuts bone / steel does not cut steel.'

Become steel or get cut.
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Believe it or not, my county school system has recently banned hugs, and it's been all over the National news for the past month. This is from the same state that suspended a kid for eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun..
Yet there are fights every day and blood is literally spilled every day and the kids get a warning. I've heard nothing of being encouraged to not fight back. Sometimes it's interesting to see the differing priorities of different school systems
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Originally Posted by mtnbadger

The punishment? He had OSS for 5 days
Ohhhh. I feel so stupid haha I understand now I'm sorry
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The Teachers Unions follow a socialist agenda. Teachers colleges are the last Bastion of educated failures. The taxpayers have allowed these dropouts to guide their children.
There was a time when educators were prized for the knowledge they brought to the class room. The Teachers of today must engage in societal engineering. They simply lack practical education themselves.
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first of all, i do not advocate violence in any shape, fashion or form. but i am a realist, and realize that there are times, when it's needed as a last resort. some people will bring to your doorstep and you have two choices, either cower in fear or stand up for yourself. i believe in peaceful resolution if it's possible, but realize with some people that it isn't.

no one ever has the right to ever put their hands on another person either in anger or uninvited. when a person crosses that line, then you have the right to defend yourself.

i was taught how to fight from my father at an early age, but not allowed to fight. it was forbidden. my entire time in school, i only ever got into two fights. the worst one was in high school and i was suspended from school. he was a bully and pushed for a confrontation for which i obliged him. i got sent home with a call to my stepmother and he went to the hospital with a broken jaw. i was terrified as to what was going to happen when my father got home. i told my father exactly everything that happened and what i did. suprisingly, i wasn't punished, but the next day, my father took off from work and took me to school the next day. within an hour or so i was back in class. for several weeks i had already told my father of the problems with the bully and how he pushed around me and many others. the part afterwards in someways for me was worse. because people gave me a somewhat of a reputation as a badazz. people calling me new nicknames, acting like i was some sort of hero, people who weren't my friends before wanting to be. i hated it, and all i wanted was to be left alone and go to school. i only did what i felt i had to do when pushed into a situation i didn't want to be in. i never go looking for trouble, but if it comes to my door, i will not cower, and i will do what is needed to defend myself. i will deal with the consquences afterwards.
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I was taught how to fight at young age as well. I grew up involved in martial arts, and wrestling. I cannot say that I avoided violence by any means, but I never started but one fight in 27yrs. That fight was I started was acceptable in my opinion. Guy put his hands on my younger sister.

They're trying to pussify America. No guns, no self defense, what's next? Ban contact sports and weight training? The common alpha male is already a rarity these days. It's beyond ridiculous...
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I used to get a bit of a rough time at school and then 1 day one bloke thought he'd start pushing me and that was it I'd had enough so I pushed back and he threw a punch so I threw 1 back.
It shocked him and and he said after school behind the school was a lane so that was it.
I was scared sh&*less and when the bell rang at 3pm everyman and his dog turned up. I had no choice and it was on. He beat me but I left a few receipts on his face and that was that he left me alone after that but I did get a few of his mates try their luck and I did manage to win a few which basically meant that I was left alone by that lot after that.
I 've taught my son that if your going to throw 1 the point of the nose is the best mark an don't stop and change your point of attack to include rib and kidney shots.

He got bullied quite a few years ago by a bigger kid in junior school and it affected him badly but now he's a bit older the 3 things I've told him is to defend his mother and sister, defend the family name and defend your friends and don't get caught up in silly fights and don't start them.
The ability to think and speak doesn't necessarily guarantee intelligence
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It's sad. I've seen it all over tv, especially NBC, those public service announcements. What to do if you are bullied? Tell a teacher or an adult. Yeah right, if you want to keep being abused.

I was taught to keep my hands to myself. My father told me if someone else doesn't, hit hard and fast and DON'T stop until they hit the ground and are physically unable to fight anymore. Make sure they will remember not to ever cross you again. I know, it sounds violent and unreasonable, but it's the only way to get the job done IMHO.

I'd rather get in a fight once and be done, than it take a couple or more goes with diff people to get the message across that I fight with NO mercy. Real fights don't get broken up and you could be seriously wounded, like losing an eye, teeth, movement in a limb, etc.

These kids that are taught these unAmerican values are simply being groomed to be the next generation of victims. Sure I've been beat in the ground requiring the ER, but I've got a LOT more wins than losses and never had to endure bullies like we hear about on the news.

Man up and be a citizen, not a subject(whoever it is that controls you makes no diff).
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I will try to keep this short and sweet. My step-daughter got sent to the office last year for fighting. Apparently, she and a friend kicked the everlovin' sh!t out of 3 other girls who ganged up on my S-Der's friend (close as sisters, and she might as well be my own). The reason, one of the other 3's boyfriend forcibly raped the intended victim, and she pressed charges. My wife got called to the office, (she works in the caffeterea) and I was called by both her and my kid. The principal was talking suspension until I turned on my phone, and put a close friend of mine on speaker. That friend just happens to be the same lawyer who represented me, pro bono, during my divorce. Needless to say, he wound up giving a warning to my kid, and her friend, and the other 3, got 5 days worth of in school suspension in addition to a promise that if it ever happens again, expulsion will be a considered option. Yes she did the wrong thing, but I don't fault her because she did it for the right reason. i am proud of her for doing what I feel was the right thing. Cowering, and going and telling the teacher never stops attackers from doing what they will. Fighting back does.

And yes, the boyfriend is sitting in jail now, and he will be there for a long time. Does it make me a bad person that I am thinking about making a few new pen pals?
Guns don't kill people. Blood loss and organ failure do.

I may live in the North, but I still uphold the Southern Values I was raised with.

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