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Starting my new job next week

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Congrats. Hope you enjoy your new job doing body and that the word stress doesn't cross your mind.
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Congrats Spit,
It's great when your able to do something you enjoy and makie a living at it.
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Originally Posted by Benning Boy View Post
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Originally Posted by spittinfire View Post
.... My wife was HOT!!! ...
Starting my new job next week - The Club House


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You are a luck man, Spitty!! Have fun and post some pics! (of the Broncos)
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Sorry about the hassle, but it sounds like it's going to work out way better. Congrats.
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Started yesterday and actually had fun at work for once. I'd much rather spend my days working with sheet metal and learning fabrication skills then behind a computer. The down side is that I won't be here as much. Probably a few minutes in the morning and little bit in the evenings. Have fun guys. Anything comes up that I need to address, send me a PM.
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Good deal and congrats! Now does this mean we all get discounts on major restoration work, kinda like "OverHaulin'" ?
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Glad your enjoying you job sir. Makes the day go faster.
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Congrats! It's sounds like fun... I wish I could get a job over there.
The most important part is that you enjoy what you do and that your family supports you. Kudos to you.
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I'm new here and don't know you guys but nevertheless, good er....job.....on finding a new job so soon after telling the old boss to go shove it. I was a master motorcycle mechanic for over 23 years. About 14-15 years ago I had a chance to go work for no pay on a 3 day short movie shoot, to see if I liked it and to try out in different trades. This led to an offer to do a paid music video. The pay was $650 for 10hrs, double time after 10.

But it was during the week.

I went to ask the general manager at the Honda dealership I worked at, if I could have two days off to do it....this during winter when we were all standing around with our fingers up our behinds anyway.....hardly any work and we were all commission only.

But he said no. So I said "Okay...well guess what Bill, FU I quit!!!"

Damn that felt so good. I made more money for a days work on that video shoot than I made in two weeks at the shop, and I did not stop getting calls for work. I never looked back. Just reading your story made me smile and remember that feeling of making the leap of faith out of a dead end gig. Maybe the missus is happy because she senses in you that you are so happy to be outta that job and are plain excited about the future.

Even if working as a fabricator and mechanic doesn't end up being what you want long term, it will serve as a great stepping stone for you and help keep the family fed, housed and happy. Way to go!

Congrats and all the best for the future.
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