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cpttango30 04-05-2011 01:07 PM

Something the students at my school did.
Just thought I would Post this up.

DVIDS - Images - Hearts around Arena [Image 6 of 6]

dnthmn2004 04-05-2011 01:26 PM

Thats awesome! I'm sure the soldiers really appreciated that! :)

Car54 04-05-2011 01:33 PM

How cool. I'll bet they feel quite proud of themselves, which they should.

winds-of-change 04-05-2011 02:02 PM

How wonderful!!

CA357 04-05-2011 03:14 PM

This is great stuff. It's really nice to see kids doing something like this rather than being indoctrinated in socialism.

Troy Michalik 04-05-2011 03:32 PM

Tango, That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

That right there does a heart good.

cpttango30 04-05-2011 03:39 PM

You know I am going to say 75 to 85% of the teachers in my school are conservatives. It is the younger ones that don't have families yet or have not really lived outside of their bubble that are more liberal....

7point62 04-05-2011 03:48 PM

Very cool. I commend you and your students. Most people have no idea how much stuff like this is appreciated and the boost it gives. Because--like those of you who've BTDT know--you can start feeling pretty damned unappreciated when you see how freaking low you & the bros rate on a priority list topped by Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.

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