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Gus556 05-19-2010 12:28 AM

Something new....I hate new!
Well.....I finally did it. I didnt wanna! But I did it.
Ya know when you have something for a long time, ya get kinda partial to it?
This wasnt just some thing. I mean.... we were together for 10 years.
I lost my dog, now this. I am truly reduced to a country song.
The problem is....I am gettin to be a real softie. Ya see, my daughter said she didnt like it any more. It was too loud and it was dirty. But it wasnt that way just a while ago. :(
My wife kept shaking her head in disaproval every time I went off to work. Thing is, it was MINE! Nobody elses.:D
Well, thanks to New Friggen York and their big brother link to your inspection...I had to go out and BUY A NEW F*%#ING TRUCK!!!!!!

Any of you have any idea what those DIRTY, ROTTEN, NO GOOD, SONS A B%#@*ES, WITH A LICENCE TO SCREW YOU OUT OF EVERY DOLLAR YOU MAKE FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS wants for a new truck? :mad:
And to top it off, I see the NYS DOT substation up the road 10 miles is stockpiling tons and tons of fresh SALT for next years coating ensuring you will need another new truck in 10 years.........bastards!

But the joy....ohhh the sweet joy on the girls' faces as we rode through the country in the smooth wistful motion and quiet ride of a new truck. :)

Shihan 05-19-2010 12:39 AM

Well, you gonna show us what ya got? One thing I like as much as Guns is Trucks. What did ya git?

ktmboyz 05-19-2010 01:11 AM

YA NO S** t what did you get ??

CA357 05-19-2010 01:14 AM

DrumJunkie 05-19-2010 01:19 AM

I drove an old Cherokee for abut 10 years. It finally died and I had to replace it. One of the saddest days I've had. I luckily found a not so old one though so it's just ugly enough to make me a little happier..I guess. No one but you should make you have to get rid of your truck...It's just not right!:mad:
Some people change cars every few years. Most truck people I know are not like that. They get attached.

Gus556 05-19-2010 01:20 AM

Now thats just funny!
A new version of what I had, a Ford F-150 4x4 4 door....gotta haul the kids and firewood.

Naw, I aint done pitchrs yet. By the time we got home it was dark.

Shihan 05-19-2010 01:22 AM

Could at least tell us.

cpttango30 05-19-2010 01:27 AM

I still miss both of my trucks.

First: 1984 Chevy S-10 long bed (BAD 2.8L carbed V-6 GUTLESS WONDER)

Second: 1972 Ford F-250 Camper Special 2 wd It had a big white tool box gun racks and white and primer gray paint. Didn't look like much but she ran good with her 351 w That burned a lot of oil till I changed the valve stem seals. Steering was a little lose but it was my truck free and clear. I had to sell it to move to TX EFFING ARMY. I will never forgive them for that. Since them I have owned a Ford Escort a Hyundia Accent Honda Pralude and a Saturn Ion. DAMIT I am buying a Ford F-150 4x4 4 door pick up next time.

Dillinger 05-19-2010 01:37 AM

Congrats on the new purchase Gus! :p

I have been looking, slowly and with restraint, at the new truck deals and have been thinking, a lot, about getting a new one before the bad weather hits again later this year. 0% is still free money in anyone's book and several truck companies are offering that now. :cool:

I would love to see what you got!


Rick1967 05-19-2010 02:20 AM

I am still driving my 1982 Blazer. It's one of the big ones with the removable top. I keep putting money into it. But I have assembled almost the entire truck myself. I don't know that I could ever part with it. It will probably have to be totalled in an accident for me to get rid of it.

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