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dirtysouth 08-17-2008 01:32 AM

some times it just seems they dont understand
I think for us that buy and use firearms loves what we do. But some time it just seems either our spouses or people around us just dont understand why. Take my wife for instance, shes always asking me why do i like guns and have to go shooting all the time? Why i sputter why well i tell her.

I tell her that the reason i like guns is because they go bang and i look good doin it. She rolls her eyes. I have tired the tactic well if God forbids somebody ever attacks us that i want to be able to protecet us and our family.

My son doesnt feel this way he hides in the van everytime i go shooting so he can go to. I have tried to get my wife to go shooting with us told her how fun it is. Nope she says i dont want to go is a waste of time. I tell her what happens if im gone and something happens and you have to use a gun to protect yourself or even protect me if i go down. She tells me i have a knife and i have seen you load those things before. My wife scares me.

When i have come home with new guns she gets this look on her face like i just killed the cat. The one that make you feel like you a very tasty turkey leg and shes about to eat me. I have tired to tell her its for her. That doesnt work.

Now i know what my parents felt when i used to say they just dont understand. My wife just doesnt understand.

junho806 08-17-2008 02:51 AM

i feel ya man
for me, my parents have all those stereotypes about guns like only pyscho messed up people have guns
its just a hobby is it not?
ok so its a bit more expensive but everyone has a hobby that they just love and enjoy right?
what makes us so different from the guy who collects stamps or baseball cards...
we face alot of misunderstanding and stereotypes out there
but i guess at the same time we should be inspired to break those stereotypes
and just because people misunderstand our hobby doesn't mean we should stop doing what we like to do and are passionate about
someday maybe your wife will see that guns aren't such a bad thing after all

dango 08-17-2008 04:05 AM

Under-stand This !
My wife has 27 purses,42 pairs of shoes,22 nicky nacky due-dads,4 complete sets of plates and assorted sets of siver-ware.She also has control of 95% of all living and storeage space in the our home.Do I understand ? I am quite familiar with that ( hungry boa chock the life out of you look),but it really dose`nt carry a whole lot of weight.I have my garage,my tools,my three glocks,and an occasional schotch on yte rocks.NO ARGUMENTS.Life is goood!:D

chorst294 08-17-2008 07:48 AM

I'll have to admit, I've got it pretty good regarding new gun purchases. Recently, I've been getting those subtle hints about new furniture. I could've lived with the smelly, worn out furniture we had and enjoyed a new Springfield MIA Socom :D, but responsiblity took over and I'm expecting the furniture delivered soon. O'well, she won this time.

BigO01 08-17-2008 11:05 AM

Well dirtysouth you put yourself in that position by marrying her .

I never took the chance , by the third or 4th date it was time for a range trip and if a girl had a problem with it I quit calling her just that simple . I would never have had a women and then children with her if she wasn't mature enough to understand that life is dangerous filled with sick sadistic people who may harm you and yours and she needs to have at least the very basic skills to defend my children .

Simply not liking guns and thinking it is all a waste of time is a tad better than being horribly antigun but not by much .

The news is full of all kinds of true stories of serial and thrill killers that target even some of the nicest neighborhoods and people all on a pure chance basis .

If she refuses to learn to use a gun I wonder what other things she might refuse to do to stay safe , does she carelessly open the door to strangers even at night without so much as looking out first ? Does she keep the doors locked and garage door closed ? Allow you to own a good sized dog for home protection ? Dose she have friends who she blabs to when you buy new guns or when you're going on vacation ?

Me I would be looking for a good attorney and planning for a future without her and I would make sure to tell her why .

Like I've told a few liberal lady's at work who have gone out of their way to share their opinion on the subject of gun ownership "I appreciate your candor and I now know that I shouldn't waste my time trying to help you if some guy jumps you on the parking lot to rape , kidnap and or kill you because you're a waste of oxygen in my eyes because if you don't value your life enough to try to protect yourself neither do I" .

Life is too short to waste time with people who don't live in the real world .

fapprez 08-17-2008 11:55 AM

I totally know what you mean.

I had an old motorcycle in my shed for the longest time. I had "plans" to fix it up and make it new again. Never happened. ANyway, one day she waltzes in and tells me it's time to get rid of it. So I traded it for a shotgun. You would have thought I sold her car. "Why do you need another gun?" I simply replied, "Hey, the bike's gone!"

opaww 08-17-2008 01:07 PM

How do I love the? Let me count the ways. 1 bullet, 2 bullets, 3 bullets, 4…….5 bullets, 6 bullets there are a lot more. If you buy me a box of bullets I will love you long time…2 boxes I’ll love you even more.

That attempt at poetry was lame I know. That being said, I was lucky I had a wife that liked guns somewhat, but she could do without them if she did not have one. One year I was hard pressed to find something for our soon upcoming anniversary, milling around in the mall I found myself in a sporting goods store and low and behold there was my answer. A brand new Mossberg 12 gage pump shotgun.

So I bought her the new shotgun and a few boxes of shells. Had them wrap it up and all that good stuff. I brought it home and presented it to my wife, her eyes were 3 times as big with excitement at something I got her for our anniversary. When she unwrapped it I just knew I had got the right thing and she would be happy. Her eyes did change in appearance thought and as I saw her opening the boxes of shells and loading them into the weapon. I had this feeling I may have forgot something and the better thing for me to do would be sleep in the dog house with the dog until I could remember just what I forgot.

cpttango30 08-17-2008 01:45 PM

I feel you dirtysouth. My wife doesn't like guns too much. She has been shooting once with me and that was it.

My parents on the other hand were very supportive of me having guns. Even my anti-gun stepmom who just said I don't like them but if you like them good for you.

I always get asked by people who don't own guns why I have so many? I just say because they each do something different.

ScottG 08-17-2008 05:09 PM

They don't understand because we feel safer than we really are. The police on tv are supermen and women who will arrive just in time to thwart the bad guys. We have 911. We have alarm systems that will make the most determined burglar run away when he/she hears that alarm and sees that Brinks sign.

We don't have wild animals intruding into our space that threaten us. The streets are generally quiet. We're cocooned in our cars and our houses. We stay out of the "bad part" of town. We're conditioned to accept different people. We are told not to profile. We are told we're paranoid. We are told we're bitter and clingy.

Unless you are actually faced with a criminal. we feel there aren't any around. We are oblivious to everything around us. The magical unicorn will protect us from evil. Increasing the power of the state will keep us from harm.

All these things contribute to why some, or in fact probably most, people don't understand why we buy guns. Once they face danger, then they may begin to understand. Sadly for many, that one time they face personal danger is at the end of their lives. Then it's too late.

dragunovsks 08-17-2008 07:56 PM

My wife is the same way, about every other week she comes home and says she gonna buy a new pair of shoes or another purse. Meanwhile if I go buy a box of .223 rounds at $6.25 a box, she gets pissed off. She just rolls her eyes when I say that a man can never have too much ammo. I took her out into the yard one day and told her that I have guns and since she is around them that she should learn how to use them. While I've dischargesd hundreds of thousands of rounds in my 24 years, she's well under 100 in her 22 years.

She always says we never do anything fun together, but when I suggest we go do some target practice, she gets pissed and says no. When she says this I tell her never to ask me to waste anymore countless hours in Wal-Mart or Kohl's or any other shopping center.

I'm going into the army soon, so I told her that since I'll be gone for basic and AIT that she was gonna learn to shoot to protect herself. The rural area we live in is known by the Indiana State Police to be meth lab country. I let her shoot a .22 revolver that I borrow from her dad and she actually liked shooting it. She refused to shoot my pump 12 gauge though.

She once asked me why I refuse to buy a new truck and park my old 88' F-150. I told her that she has her 05' Escape and I have my AR. I'd rather spend my hard earned money on guns than on vehicles that depreciate like crazy.

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