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texaswoodworker 08-25-2013 02:56 AM

What is your favorite soda?

glocknloaded 08-25-2013 03:02 AM

RC Cola! I don't drink much soda but that's my favorite :D

phideaux 08-25-2013 03:07 AM

Im a pepper man


genesaika 08-25-2013 03:13 AM

Vanilla coke for me, I try to brink mostly tea but can cokes are so much easier....

sputnik1988 08-25-2013 03:30 AM

In these parts it's all "Coke";) hmmmm.... Gives me an idea for a new thread.

Wiseman3 08-25-2013 03:32 AM

Arizona Southern Sweet Tea

readygirl 08-25-2013 03:42 AM

Ginger ale, and sometimes a Coke. But 99% of the time im either drinking coffee, or iced tea.

DFlynt 08-25-2013 03:43 AM

Sodawise I like Pepsi otherwise I drink iced tea

lightning 08-25-2013 04:03 AM

If I'm not working, I'd pick a Coke. Goes good with Jack...

QueenGlamis 08-25-2013 04:10 AM

Fresh brewed iced tea or diet coke/diet dr. pepper, mostly water though, I drink 4-6 52OZ cups of good ol h2o every day.

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