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Chester 03-16-2008 06:21 PM

Sexiest female singer
Here's mine

scoutman 03-16-2008 08:05 PM

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Sarah Evans gets it done for me

teknoid 03-16-2008 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by Chester (Post 19286)

Stevie Nicks is actually pretty nice, or was anyway. I had a short conversation with her and Christine McVie during the Rumours tour. I had front row tickets on the side of the stage in Louisville. Before they went on, they talked to me for about five minutes. Cool ladies, and just as attractive in person.

I was able to monopolize their attention. The people I was with were too stunned to talk. Kinda funny, actually. Sheesh, that was what... 1977? Great concert, by the way.

hillbilly68 03-16-2008 09:22 PM


Originally Posted by scoutman (Post 19293)
Sarah Evans gets it done for me

+1 :cool:

Chester 03-16-2008 10:22 PM

Sara Evans and Jay Barker (EX- Crimson Tide Quarterback are quite a number right now.)

gnoll 03-16-2008 11:01 PM

Gwen Steanny

Samhain 03-17-2008 03:32 AM

Miranda Lambert & she owns guns too!!!

Sare evens is up on the list as well.

jeepcreep927 03-17-2008 05:00 AM
Yeah, I know, the hair... But her voice is incredible.

gnoll 03-17-2008 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by jeepcreep927 (Post 19337)

Yeah, I know, the hair... But her voice is incredible.

tha hare dam she is hot can i change my vote this chic is real not like most other clebs but let her brag she has the right

Chance_P 03-17-2008 05:49 AM

definately going to have to go with Shania Twain. not a fan of her music really but thats not the question being asked.

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