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joseph engraver 11-26-2011 07:26 PM

serious problems
I live in Mexico and have for the last 12 years. I am a member but never posted on this forum-subject until now. I am 73 years old and have had more than my share of narrow adventures and I know how to survive.
The reason I am posting here is that I am facing the most serious problem that I have encountered in a long, long time. Two weeks ago, four clean cut adult Mexican men robbed a neighbor, a man my age, with a wife my wife’s age, at 3:00:A.M.
They took money, expensive electronics, cell phone, the man’s nearly new Dodge pickup, then left them unharmed...
They told him “you no problems we no problems” No weapons were exposed.
He gave up everything without resistance and they left them unharmed. This Thursday night the neighbor three houses to the south of me experienced a similar situation. His wife woke up to find two men in the second floor bedroom. This time one of the intruders had a very nervous pistol and was masked. They made him open a safe, took cash, valuables, his electronics, cell phone and his SUV. This Friday about 10PM one of the local fishermen was kidnapped and ransomed later in the night. I am told the ransom was equal to 100 dollars.
I have a nasty feeling that I could also be a target.
The room where my wife and I sleep is small; concrete built, and has solid doors and iron grill work on the window. It is a secure structure.
The major problem I have is no gun to defend myself.
I have a pit bull that has taken care of small problems over the years He is now old and not as sharp as he once was. I have him tied to a weak string in front of my bedroom at night. He can easily break lose, if under pressure.
I have put a spider wire trip cord in the back of the place; it is hooked to a piece of copper pipe that makes a loud noise when it hits the concrete floor of my garage. I hope the noise should at 2 AM scare the crap out of anyone sneaking up on us. My plan is, if the dog or the chimes go off, open the window. Yell as loud as I can “Get Lost *******s” in Spanish. Then shut the window and all lights and wait to see if they to attempt to break in. If they do then I guess I will try to negotiate. The odds of anything happening in the next few days are small... Monday I am going to try and buy a legal pistol for home protection. Meanwhile I want to make some sort of a bang stick out of pipe with the limited tool I have. I know that I can get 22 ammo, but I prefer a couple of 12 ga. shotgun shells. Any ideas on how to better defend my home during the time I am not armed?
My plan is not to roll over, but to defend my wife and me, and scare them off enough not to try again… Any advice you can give me will be seriously and gratefully appreciated.

jyo 11-28-2011 01:09 AM

Sounds like a poor situation with little hope of improvement---another dog or two might help or they may be the first target---you might try hiring a security outfit, but everything in Mexico is SO CORRUPT they might be to same ones doing the robberies. I don't believe owning a pistol (or any other gun) is legal in Mexico. Good luck with this, but I don't see much hope for improvement.

joseph engraver 11-28-2011 09:36 PM

Thank's, that really cheered me up. I spent the morning at the military base in Petalan. their advise is to either go through a pile of paper work,travel to Alcapulco,get more forms and then if! they are approved,go to Mexico City and pick out the gun I want to buy.The bright note is that the permit to posess is only $3.50.I also asked what happens if I shoot someone while breaking in.The answer is, I am not guilty of a crime but the weapon used cannot be of a caliber larger than 38 and if i use a shotgun it must have a barrel longer than 25 inches.Also I should shoot for either legs or arms.:D Looks like tomorrow I try and buy a flare gun.and try to buy something on the QT.

purehavoc 11-28-2011 09:52 PM

you need a shot gun do the paper work and get legal , to hell with the small caliber pistol especially if you have more than one visitor in this type of occourance, pump type 12 ga shotgun , remington 870, or mossberg 500 , unscrew the barrel nut and pull the limiting plug if its legal there and that will allow you 4-5 in the hole and one in the chamber , if you can get your hands on buck shot thats what you want , if not available in close range I would use BB size waterfowl loads, they will do plenty of damage to the perpetrators and cause them major damage or death . A box of $15 12 gauge BB shells would do more than needed ,

If you do have to shoot , let the police know you were the victim not the guy laying on the floor .

orangello 11-28-2011 09:53 PM

I assume moving is not an option?

What are the legal restrictions on owning a machete, wasp spray, glass bottles of gasoline, large fireworks (mortars), bows, or crossbows? What would be the legal downside of having a lot of broken bottles around the perimeter of your property (sound and pain and deterrent)?

If you can get some of the good wasp spray that shoots a 12-20 foot stream, get some & aim for their eyes if they get that close; the effect is similar to pepper spray but some say it is harder to wash out. If you can legally own a bow or crossbow, they could be very valuable at medium distances. The flare gun or the large mortar-style fireworks could be useful for sounding the alarm by setting the attackers on fire; glass bottles of gasoline thrown onto a hard surface near the attaker (while OUTSIDE the home) could make the flaming attacker a more visible signal to others that you may need help.

You might also consider some natural barrier plants for the perimeter of your home, acacia and briars might provide an entertaining warning when snagged on an attackers legs and hopefully scrotum.

My advice, leave that place behind.

jyo 11-29-2011 07:17 AM

A flare gun is useless for self-defense---I watched a guy shoot a cow with a flare gun at close range (30 years ago) and the flare just bounced off---the cow turned in our direction and said moooooooooo! (really). Flare guns only work for SD in the movies.

Dennis845 11-29-2011 02:37 PM

Mexico's climate and afford-ability makes it an excellent candidate for retirement or a vacation home no doubt. Living there you know better than I that ransom kidnappings, drugs and crime is common place and Mexico's best GDP next to tourism and oil production. As you have more or less said, Mexico's laws make no common sense for law abiding citizens, dual citizens and visitors. I have no idea why the laws are geared to protecting the offending criminal, it defies logic. Money talks, tourism is big source of income, Mexicans tend to protect their source of income with security. If possible, move to a tourist area. Based on programs I've seen on Mexican jails / prisons, I certainly would not want to break their laws and end up in one. Just as here living in a crime ridden neighborhood in the US, the best option is to move if you can afford it. Good luck.

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