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doctherock 11-05-2011 03:18 AM

School Shooting Nearly Hits Home
This jack ass wanted to top the kills made at Columbine and tried to recruit his friend. The friend did the right thing and tragedy was averted. Never thought this would happen in my town. They need to set an example with this guy.

Astoria teen:

Prosecutor: Astoria youth threatened to top Columbine | Statesman Journal |

BenLuby 11-05-2011 03:24 AM

You'd think they'd find another way to become 'famous'. Fortunately, he couldn't act on his own and the other young man did the right thing.

doctherock 11-05-2011 03:28 AM

That other boy is a hero of sorts, he saved alot of life through his actions.

CA357 11-05-2011 03:41 AM

That kids life is ruined and other kids are safe. But it's just sad for everyone.

doctherock 11-05-2011 03:45 AM

Its sad that they do this sort of thing to be famous because they know the news will run their name and give them what they want. Ever since Columbine and all the media attention kids want to be the next big name.

kfox75 11-05-2011 04:11 AM

The kid's friend has restored a little of my hope for todays youth.
As for the kid himself...

Bring back PUBLIC FLOGGING!!!:eek:

Hey, he'd get to make the news and he'd be famous.:D

winds-of-change 11-05-2011 04:11 AM

After Columbine, I was afraid to let my kids go to school for fear there would be a copy cat event. I'm so glad my kids are grown now. Columbine was a terrible tragedy that I will never forget. Kids jumping out of windows, etc. The stories some kids told who were in the cafeteria and survived. Terrible.

Marlinman 11-05-2011 04:40 AM

Can we make a road trip? I hace a bucket of tar and a bunch of worthless pillows in my building;)

doctherock 11-05-2011 04:45 AM

The bot needs a lesson that noone will forget, all kids in this country would have to witness what happens.

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