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sarge_257 12-09-2010 08:05 PM

Sarge, three girls and a white slip
It might be thought that Sarge was an average teenager. That would be wrong. In the years I have known Sarge I don't think he has ever been average.
This is something that happened to him as a young man.
Sarge was always interested in the Armed Services and was a ROTC cadet at high school.
But when a friend invited him to a local Civil Air Patrol meeting and Sarge found it to be full of female cadets, Sarge immediately signed up.
Because of his rank in the ROTC he was immediately elevated to the Cadet Lt. rank. Which meant the young girls looked up to him and maybe even had a crush on him.
This Sarge took in stride as something that happens all the time but it also meant he, as a Lt., had responsibilities that he could not mix with fraternizing.
But after the CAP meeting was over that was a different story.
As the story unfolds Sarge has just called his Squad to attention and dismissed them.
"Lt. Sarge," little Marcy asks. "I told my folks I would get a ride home because they are at the movies. Could you give me a ride home?"
Of course Sarge will give his young pretty trooper a ride home. "Meet me in the parking lot, I have to put the flags away." replied Sarge.
No sooner than Marcy leaves and Diane comes up to Sarge. She too needs a ride, her brother was suppose to take her home and he left with his girl friend. Well how can Sarge refuse Diane with the long black hair and beautiful dimples and the fabulous figure. Especially since Sarge has been trying to think of someway to put the move on Diane for months now.
So the room is secured and everything put away Sarge and Diane head for his car. As they leave the building Sarge see's someone waiting at his Dad's car. "OH NO!" Sarge thinks, "I told Marcy I would take her home too."
"Hi Marcy what are you waiting for?" asks Diane. "Lt. Sarge said he would take me home." replied Marcy.
"Ohhhh" Diane looks at Sarge.
"Of course I offered Marcy a lift, I always take care of my cadets." Sarge offered. "I couldn't leave her here in the parking lot could I?" Sarge tried his best to sound like a real nice guy.
Just then from behind them another femmine voice spoke up. "Good I am glad to hear that, because I forgot to tell my folks when we were getting out and I was going to have to sit in this cold parking lot for another hour." spoke up Sharon, one of the other girls in Sarge's Squad. So here we have Sarge and three girls in his Dad's car and Sarge finds out that each girl lives in a different direction. One lives 17 miles out to the east on a farm, and the other over near Kansas City. Diane lives south in Raytown. All together it looks like it will take two hours to get everyone home which means no time for Sarge to put the move on Diane. "RATS!" thinks Sarge. "That is what I get for being such a nice guy."
But off we go and Marcy the farm girl is the first one to take home. And everyone is having fun. In the ususal teenage exuberance all are laughing and talking and hanging out the windows of the folk's Chevrolet.
"Suddenly out of the night comes two blazing headlights right in Sarge's lane of traffic!" Sarge reacts instantly and hits the shoulder of the road trying to miss the truck that is in the wrong lane. It is a narrow squeek but the truck thunders by, blowing the Chevy off the shoulder and into the ditch. Sarge wrestles with the steering wheel desperately trying to keep from rolling the car. "BLAM!" goes one of the tires as it hits a culvert and blows out. Pumping the brakes and steering with the curve of the ditch Sarge manages to slow and then stop the car.
A collective breath is let out by every occupant in the car. "Is everyone OK?" asks Sarge. "Yes," the girls answer. Sarge restarts the car and tries to get it out of the ditch. But the wheels just spin. Getting out in the dark he looks as best he can to see what is holding them up. It is so dark that he can hardly see the wheels, so he feels each wheel and finds that the right front tire is flat.
"It is OK, we have a flat tire. I will change it and we will get home as quick as we can. Taking the spare out and the jack, Sarge attempts to get the car jacked up. "I need some light, will you pull the light switch on?" he calls to the girls. The headlights come on but they are lost in the darkness, shining to the front not where he needs them. "I still can't see and the jack keeps sinking in the mud." Sarge tells the girls. "We need something to put under the jack." Every one gets out and begins to search for a rock or board. Nothing is found.
"Would this help?" asks Marcy. She is holding Sarges Algebra book. Sarge never did like Algebra and it just might keep the jack up long enough to get the tires changed. "I still need some light, will someone stand in front of the head light and maybe it will reflect some light back where I can see what I am doing."asks Sarge
Nope, all the girls are wearing CAP uniform dresses and they are dark blue. Diane gets an idea. She lifts her dress and her white slip is a wonderful reflector. Sarge stares at Diane's slip as the light turns it transparent. A few minutes later Diane remarks "Are you done inspecting me or are you going to change the tire?" "TIRE, TIRE yes the tire." Sarge says and hurries and changes the tire.
Finally a muddy Sarge and three muddy girls all pile back into the car and Sarge attempts again to get out of the ditch. The car tires spin and spit mud out the back and over the fenders. Sarge gives it more gas and the car slowly begins to move up the bank. Just at the crucial point it slows again and hangs just so close to the salvation of the blacktop. Sarge rams his foot to the floor and the motor rises in crecendo. Then it jerks forward and hits the blacktop and a loud bang that sounds at the same time as the tires squeel on the road.
Cheers from everyone and happy exclamations that "We Made It"! But Sarge hears something else. Bang Bang Bang comes from under the hood. Pressing down on the gas just makes the noise louder so Sarge lets the car idle slowly along. From the bang bang bang Sarge knows what has happened. He has just thrown a rod in his Dad's car engine. And here he is miles from home and with three girls. First things first, he has to get these girls home. If he doesn't they will probably arrest him and throw him in jail because of the age of two of them at least. And the parents of the girls will probably lynch him too. Crawling along at 20 mph accompanied by the drum beat of Chevrolet rods knocking Sarge finally gets all of the girls home about 3 am in the morning and with a sigh of relieve that the old car made it he pulls into his driveway. Locks the car and crawls in bed. Three hours later he is propelled out of his bed, blankets and all. And as he hits the floor he can hear his Dad's roar "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAR!"
"Opps, the car."
"Well Dad I had to rescue three girls and then some trucker ran us off the road and we were stuck in a muddy ditch and the car made a funny noise as we got out of the ditch and the tire went flat......... and ......" Sarge ran out of explanations.
Sarge's Dad was angry but the mud on the car and the flat spare held up most of the story except why there was three girls in the car.
"Tomorrow you are going to tear down the engine and fix it young man." Sarge's Dad stated.
And that is exactly what Sarge did. It was his responsibility as he was the one that damaged it. He paid for all the parts, he repaced all the bearings and one rod and three days later Dad's car was like new again. And that is the way things were done in those long ago days. We, in our generation, accepted our responsibility and didn't try to blame it on someone or something else. And that is a rare thing to see today. It is a shame too.
Sarge the teenager that learned a lesson in responsibility.

Davyboy 12-09-2010 08:41 PM

Sadly Sarge people with our respect (and in my humble opinion and that is what is lacking in todays kids) are a dying breed. However it gives me hope to read about about the ideals of the FTF members.

spittinfire 12-09-2010 09:08 PM

Got any pics of Diane?

Great read, sarge!

Davyboy 12-09-2010 09:21 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I give you Diane Lane

mach1337 12-09-2010 09:24 PM

Great story sarge. i know i mowed alot of yards to fix broken windows and many other things that i broke when i was a kid/teen. my first truck my dad bought from a friend for 400 dollars. i spent the whole summer working to make the money to pay him for the truck so i could have it to go to school the following year. wouldnt you know it right when i paid it of i blew a head gasket and flooded out 3 cylinders. yeah dad loaned me the money to fix it and showed me how to do it but you better believe i had to pay every cent back to him. your story makes me miss my dad!

spittinfire 12-09-2010 09:28 PM

Does your wife know about this story?

sarge_257 12-09-2010 09:48 PM

Three girls
Davy boy, it is amazing but that picture resembles Diane so closely that I would almost bet that is what she looks like today.
Spittin fire, When I was 17 yrs old and at William Chrisman High School in Independence MO. my little Linda was only 13 yrs old and in a Jr. High School in Birmingham, Alabama. She does know of my many girl friends that I dated when I was divorced and before I met her. Because we all belonged to the same Single Club. We even see some of them and have dinner with them.

JJAMISON 12-10-2010 03:37 AM

That story totally could be made into a slasher movie.

Neophyte1 12-10-2010 10:29 AM

Sir; another morality story. Don't buy a flash light haha
You was out with a smart chick

Jo da Plumbr 12-10-2010 01:20 PM

The flat tire story is supposed to be just that a story... while you check out the slip in the back seat.

Did you ever get to see that slip again?

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