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Remember When - A Forum Game

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Wow! So many memories. I remember so many of these. I don't recall seeing anyone mention the sugar cubes with the Polio vaccine. (That one just popped into my mind.) With us going out and playing until dark without worry, riding bikes without helmets, building tree houses, just how did we survive? I remember Mom's 21st birthday and her bringing home my other 5 brothers and sisters while she stayed home and Dad worked two and sometimes three jobs. Yes, it was a different and arguably a better time.

This is a great thread.

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We have had some great responses. Some of these bring back some really good memories for me, and it would appear, all of us.

How about some of these?

Remember when Robert Conrad dared you to knock the Duracell off his shoulder?

Remember when Steve Austin and Jamie Summers were the hot duo not to mess with in prime time as the 6 Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman?

Anyone remember S.W.A.T. on Thursday Nights? I LOVED that show as a kid.

Remember when the choice was VHS or Beta, but no one was rich enough to own one of the machines, so you rented it on Friday night, along with a few videos, and returned it on Sunday?

Remember when there was no such thing as a cell phone, but there was a public pay phone outside of every store, shop and market no matter where you went?

Does anyone remember when you used to be able to buy a clear bag of juice that came with a straw, long before Capri Sun, and it was about twice the size of a can of soda? I can't remember what it was called, but it was really good and sugary.... LOL

Remember seeing your first Playboy? LOL
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*BUMP* This is an oldie but a goodie thread!

We got a bunch of fresh members in here now - Any of you remember any of these things??
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Banana Bubble gum Cigars, Cigarette Candy that puffed, Sharing a "party"line so when you picked up the phone someone else would most likely be on it. Ice houses, block ice, eating venison in every form imaginable - steak, sausage, hamburger, bacon, to point that today I feel sick when I smell it cooking. Dehydrated milk, eggs -that was some nasty. Pull top ropes, drive -ins, kinda safe street racing, we at least took it out to some old blacktop when we were really going to light it up. Oatmeal took 30 minutes, had lumps in it and only God knew how long the rice would take! Butch-Wax -sure we chewed it.
Man I'm feeling old...
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I did not read them all, but...

Remember when skateboards were skinny and short?

Remember when you had to make your own skateboard?

Remember banana seats on bikes and the tall flag pole you flew off the back of your bike?

Remember when 'ring-and-run' or 'devil's knockin' was the meanest thing to do to your neighbors?

Remember when there were very few channels on tv, and UHF and VHF were 2 of them if you had the reception?

Remember when you got in trouble in school and they did not call police?

Remember when the police came to your school and it was for an assembly or career day, not to bust some idiot?
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I bought 50 (crap this thing doesn't HAVE a cents symbol) cents worth of gas in 1971, it was 3 gallons. My first .22 cost me $40. I remember going to the bank and trading a $1 bill for a silver dollar just because it was cooler. I remember counter checks. Guidance counseling at my high school meant the football coach bouncing your head off the locker and telling you to stop f---ing up. I remember when swear words in books were spelled f--k. H--l I remember when we READ books. I will quit now, or I'll start a rant.
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Originally Posted by Dillinger View Post
So, we have a lot of serious topics around here, but few light hearted ones and I thought it was time we should have one that most of us could relate to, without dating ourselves too badly.

The only requirement to post is that you have to remind the group of something from back in the good old days, when you were a kid or whatever, that was a product or by-product of the time.

For Instance:

Do you remember when Band-Aids had that silly red pull string down the inside that invariably pulled out and left you ripping the package open anyways?

Do you remember when music, REAL MUSIC, used to come on vinyl and had to be played on a record player?

Do you remember when TANG was the breakfast drink of NASA and every kid under the age of 10 in the US?

Does ANYONE besides me remember that the D@mn Energizer Bunny started as a competition between cymbal clanging monkeys and was supposed to simulate long battery life, and not a drum banging bunny rolling from commercial to commercial?

And so on....
Yes, I remember all of those and I'm probably 10 to 15 years younger than you too.

Dang it, it is a bad thing when you starting to feel old at such a young age like me.
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I remember the March of Dimes- when they were looking for a CURE for polio.

Duck and cover- training in school on surviving a nuclear attack- and fallout shelters in the back yards.

Buffalo Bob & the Howdy Doody Show (all of us that THOUGHT we had the hots for Princess Summer-Spring-Winter-Fall would later develop lustful thoughts about Penny- Sky King's neice)

Bucky Beaver and Ipana toothpaste. Animated commercials for headache pills. Studebakers. Temporary tattoos. Ovaltine (and decoder rings)

The uncle that had a little keychain viewer- with a picture of a pinup girl inside. The other uncle with a keychain with a miniature harmonica that you could play.

Drive-in restaurants. Turn on your lights to get the car hop to pick up the tray. Roller skates that clamped to your shoes, and has steel wheels. The Yo-yo man that would do local appearances- and whacking yourself in the head trying to learn to "walk the dog".

First aid for a cut involved iodine, Merthiolate, or Mercurochrome (more painful than the cut!) Non-politically correct TV shows- like The Grey Ghost, Rin-Tin_Tin, and Sgt Preston (NorthWest Mounted Police) Tying the ends of a towel around your neck to make a cape like Superman's- and jumping off the roof of the toolshed to see if you could fly (Uh- that would be NO)
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When the remote control for the TV was me (go turn the channel), we only had about five channels so not a lot of flipping through the channels, TV guide was a book and not on screen.

Readers digest subscription

Your home phone was a party line (not 1-800-party, but several neighbors shared the same phone line)

You only made the little league team if you showed hustle and some skill

Lawn darts (before they got darwin proofed)
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Yard jarts? We use to play chicken with them (stupid).

My fav shows were Fall Guy, Simon and Simon, Magnum .P.I.
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