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truggles 12-19-2012 03:14 AM

RECORD gun sales???
So I am watching the 11:00 Indy news...

They had a small thing on gun control and the NRA. They talked to a person that owned a gun shop in Indy and also to a Demo. representative(I think).

The lgs owner said that he has sold 51 Ar-15's since Monday. Yes since yesterday he, at a single lgs in Indy, has sold 51.

I thought this was a surprising number, but I have been heavily looking into an AR myself, so why shouldn't anyone else...

I'll try to find a link to the write up.

drvsafe 12-19-2012 03:29 AM

I follow a Local gun range and LGS on Facebook and they showed a photo of their rifle wall. It was empty but for 2 or 3 LWRC's. the run has begun.

towboater 12-19-2012 03:49 AM

My lgs said he couldnt get anymore AR's for a while. everyone is sold out.

kjdeut 12-19-2012 04:03 AM

went to the range tonight and had to wait 25 mimites to get a lane. all the staff were busy with customers buying guns, never seen it like that before.
Same is true for ammo, seems all the places/sights i normally buy from are sold out of everything,

truggles 12-19-2012 04:13 AM

So I guess they didn't do a write up on it on their website. Sorry no link.

I cannot believe the sales of firearms this year. Honestly since election. My roommate from school has bought a new rifle, and two other friends from school bought conceal carry guns within the last 3 months. Now me and all my buddies are looking to get AR's. None of us have one (but have always wanted them) yet so its new territory for us and we have been taking our time researching and looking for what we want. We have now put a rush on our purchases.. Just waiting on some holiday cash to throw together to get one.

I can't wait to see the sales report from firearm manufacture companies. I wonder what the percent jump in sales is for this quarter and the next quarter. Would 500% increase be crazy to predict??

northhike 12-19-2012 04:25 AM

Minnesota is going crazy with gun sales as well as carry permits. Good luck Obama!;)

Squawk 12-19-2012 04:29 AM


Originally Posted by truggles
I can't wait to see the sales report from firearm manufacture companies. I wonder what the percent jump in sales is for this quarter and the next quarter. Would 500% increase be crazy to predict??

From what I have seen at my 3 LGS, I'm guessing realistically 1000%. Not joking.

trip286 12-19-2012 04:35 AM

Then there's people like me...
I won't be making any big purchase until maybe February (not by choice, financial necessity). I'm hoping that by then, many of these people snatching up the cool guns will have become disillusioned as so often happens, and maybe I can buy a low round count on the cheap.

It happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Young Billy bad ass wannabe buys a cool gun because he's young and free, and especially right now he's thinking they'll be banned so this is his only chance (and a just fear I may add), but that girl he knocked up a while back is pounding on his door with a wedding proposal or child support papers, whichever he decides is the lesser of two evils, then suddenly young wifey or baby mama needs the money for diapers and convinces him to sell, because after all, he's being sucked dry by domestic responsibilities and can't even afford to shoot it...

I'm still very young in the ways of the world, but I've seen this happen literally thousands of times already. Either the above scenario, or they just buy one to have it, lose their job, or simply get bored, can't find ammo...

truggles 12-19-2012 04:36 AM

This is craziness. I cannot believe that the American people would ever be so scared of something (their own government) that a mad panic of gun ownership like this, would ever come of it. Complete Insanity!

Mosin 12-19-2012 04:45 AM

Typical of the failed liberal state... Attempting to legislate human behavior.
In their anti gun zeal, they'll make gun companies a fortune, put more guns and ammo on the streets than ever before, and turn law abiding citizens into criminals.

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