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Boyerracing343 10-18-2011 01:04 AM

Reading Material - magazines
Anyone got any magazines that they enjoy subscribing to? I am always looking for good reading material. A few of my current motocross and 4x4 truck magazines subscriptions are about to expire and I am looking to add a few firearms magazines. Any recommendations? Thanks..:cool:

canebrake 10-18-2011 01:15 AM

I like Shotgun News and American Handgunner.

JonM 10-18-2011 02:39 AM

i subscribe to "primitive archer" and "the backwoodsman"

willfully armed 10-18-2011 03:26 AM

American handgunner, guns, fur-fish-game.......playboy.

Boyerracing343 10-18-2011 03:30 AM

Thanks guys. I appreciate the input.

Marlinman 10-18-2011 03:34 AM

Guns and ammo, missouri fish and game, north american hunter, bow hunter, guns, field and stream, outdoor life are a few that i get

Fatso 10-18-2011 10:35 PM

Guns and Ammo, Time, Playboy, Diesel Power

OC357 10-18-2011 10:50 PM

G&A and JP magazines........guns and jeeps for the win....haha


762 10-18-2011 11:06 PM

i always go read the "guns and weapons for law enforcement" or whatever it's called when i'm at the bookstore finding new books.

boatme98 10-19-2011 11:07 PM

Playboy and Penthouse. Excellent articles, you know. ;)

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