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dragunovsks 02-19-2009 01:37 AM

Rapist trick--this is not a joke!
I got this e-mail today and just thought I should pass it on. It says that you should always know how much money you are carrying, you'll find out why while reading. Read on, stay vigilant and stay safe.

> Know what money you are carrying. You will see
> why as you read.
> Be sure every woman is aware of this M.O.
> Share it with your wife and daughters. Know what money you
> are carrying...
> This was the first I have heard of a scheme
> like this.....
> I wanted to pass it along. Be safe!
> Criminals are coming up with craftier, less
> threatening methods of attack, so we have to be extra
> cautious.
> Read on...
> I live in Alexandria VA but I often work
> in Lafayette, LA staying with friends when I'm there.
> As you know from America 's Most Wanted TV program, as
> well as the news media, there is a serial killer in the
> Lafayette area. I just want to let you know about an
> 'incident' that happened to me a few weeks ago, and
> could have been deadly.
> At first I didn't go to the police or
> anyone with it because I didn't realize how serious this
> encounter was. But since I work in a jail and I told a few
> people about it, it wasn't long before I was paraded
> into Internal Affairs to tell them my story.
> It was approximately 5:15 a.m. in Opelousas La. I
> had stayed with a friend there and was on my way to work.
> I stopped at the Exxon/Blimpie Pie station
> to get gas. I got $10 gas and a Diet Coke. I took into the
> store two $5 bills and one $1 bill (just enough to get my
> stuff). As I pulled away from the store, a man approached my
> truck from the back side of the store (an unlit area). He
> was an 'approachable-looking' man (clean cut, clean
> shaven, dressed well, etc).
> He walked up to my window and knocked.. Since
> I'm very paranoid and 'always looking for the rapist
> or killer,' I didn't open the window.
> I just asked what he wanted. He raised a $5
> bill to my window and said, 'You dropped this.'
> Since I knew I had gone into the store with a certain amount
> of money, I knew I didn't drop it.
> When I told him it wasn't mine, he began
> hitting the window and door, screaming at me to open my
> door, and insisting that I had dropped the money! At that
> point, I just drove away as fast as I could.
> After talking to the Internal Affairs Department and
> describing the man I saw, and the way he escalated from
> calm and polite to angry and was determined
> that I could have possibly encountered the serial killer
> myself.
> Up to this point, it had been unclear as to
> how he had gained access to his victims, since there has
> been no evidence of forced entry into victim's homes,
> cars, etc. And the fact that he has been attacking in the
> daytime, when women are less likely to have their guard up,
> means he is pretty BOLD.
> So think about it...what gesture is nicer than
> returning money to someone that dropped it?????
> How many times would you have opened your
> window (or door) to get your money and say thank you...
> because if the person is kind enough to return something to
> you, then he can't really be a threat....can he????
> Please be cautious! This might not have been
> the serial killer... but anyone that gets that angry over
> someone not accepting money from them can't have
> honorable intentions. The most important thing to note is
> that his reaction was NOT WHAT I EXPECTED! A total surprise!
> But what might have happened if I had opened my door? I
> shudder to think!
> Forward this to everyone you know...maybe they can be as
> fortunate as I was!

user4 02-19-2009 01:50 PM

It's a clever idea, but an untrue story. Internal affairs investigates crimes by cops, not serial killer/murderers.

That said, the logic is sound.

skullcrusher 02-19-2009 02:36 PM

Ineff, you are correct about the e-mail being a fake. There are several ones much like it, only with different approaches.

dragunovsks 02-19-2009 06:26 PM

I didn't realize it was a fake. I thought it might be need to know info for any members living or planning to travel to that area.

sgtdeath66 02-19-2009 08:43 PM

either way its still good advise wether or not its true or false, so thanks for the heads up. always good to know more ways to protect your loved ones;)

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