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Random Thoughts Thread

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today I overhead some of the conversations the concrete laborers were having at the job site next door, needless to say none of these guys were honor students.

my favorite line that I heard was "man I would totally leave the US & move to Alaska"...........someone get this guy a map

the majority of it can't be repeated here, well it can but it'll just type out as a bunch of asterisks
All I've had today is like 6 gummi bears & some scotch
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Originally Posted by DeltaF View Post

Very serious moment here....

"Super girl WILL hunt you down."

I'm shaking in my boots.
You'd better be. Looks like she just got serious.
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Originally Posted by trip286 View Post

Well, I just lol'd.

I'm positive that adaptation is to blame for a lot of racial differences. An old theorist on evolution did a very interesting chart that laid out some of the differences and why. I can't remember, it may have been Darwin.
Right but I'm interested in what caused the adaptations.
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Originally Posted by GunsGodAndCountry View Post
So here's a really random thought that JW and I were discussing this weekend...

I wonder what makes certain races/ethnicities more inclined towards certain things. Like, some of it (smaller eyes, darker skin) totally makes sense due to environment...but what about things like size of reproductive organs, predisposition to addictions or heart disease or other various diseases?

My best guess for the reproductive thing was that it co-evolved proportionate to the width of women's hips.

Anyway. Its interesting to think about.
I have read of studies that indicate that heart disease and other diseases that are prevalent in some races are caused primarily by the Western Diet. There was one study done in Australia where a group of Aborigines were taken from the city environment that they had adapted to where they had developed heart disease, obesity, diabetes and a host of other diseases and moved back into their native homelands. Within a year of living off the land their health returned almost entirely.

Interesting stuff indeed. I would post links but all of the studies I have read are not accessible without being a member.
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Viking is on the right track. I remember watching a pbs show years ago about native Americans and why so many are overweight, their bodies haven't evolved to process the modern crap we call food. Bacon anyone?

Delta: that is one cutie if I've ever seen one.

Penis size? When I used to subscribe to playboy they did a study on black vs. white penis sizes: blacks were generally bigger, but whites grew bigger while, uh, umm, at attention.

I hope I don't spark any race wars here.
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Originally Posted by trip286
You'd better be. Looks like she just got serious.
This thing punches through 2 layers of cardboard. It would HURT!!! We set up a whole foods bag on the couch to work on shot placement...


If she gets mad, I am in trouble. 18/30 from 10 feet away. (Some of the hits don't show up in the pic.)

Not bad for a 4 year old. (Turned 4 today. I know I said 3 earlier, force of habit.) She'd have got 30/30 if she could remember which eye to use and had a lighter trigger.

I'm going to be verrry nice to her from now on!
" is ...ALIVE!!!"

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I'm in need of some coffee !!
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Adaptations tend to be environmentally caused, light skin, evolved so that northern races could more readily absorb sunshine, in order to produce vitamin D. Races that evolved closer to the equator tend to be darker skinned as a protection from excess sun exposure.

I'm thinking any racial disparity in male genitalia would be along the same lines, who needs "junk" that hangs out in the cold, when you can keep it closer to the body to maintain proper sperm temperature. Actually, I read a study years ago that stated that the average black man's penis is 1/2" longer than the average white man's.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
"Your fear is 100% dependent on you for it's survival." - Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
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Went after class yesterday to talk to the owner of Modern Paladin Firearms. He is going to cerakote the slide on the wife's G19c
Sent by my homing pigeon that suffers from severe social anxiety.

Originally Posted by skullcrusher View Post
Yea, um, Darin...that's in the Double Secret Bunker. :p
Originally Posted by orangello View Post
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Well , the baby sitters niece who has some brain injury from a wreck long ago has fell victim to the ol Nigerian romeo scheme . She is head over hills for this '' Engineer who is a single father '' from nigeria who has promised her the world and so far has bilked her of 200.00 . With her mental state she wont listen to anyone and I highly doubt ANY law enforcement can do anything about it either . I can try to print out some stuff to prove to her but I also highly doubt it will help .
Any thoughts ?
I would love to get a hold of him and tell him how I feel about him and his country shortly before blowing his head off .
I would never want to take a life but there are some types in this world I think I could with a smile on my face and sleep like a baby
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