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Gun-shy 03-13-2009 11:55 PM

A question for NJ gun owners.
Hi everyone, this looks like a great forum. I wasn't sure whether I should post this under the Legal thread forum or not, so I just figured I would throw it out here.

I spent much of my life in New England and was an avid hunter. Eleven years ago I met a lady from NJ (cue Jersey girl jokes) and well, we have been married for almost 10 years. One of the consequences of my wedded bliss was that I sold my guns before joining her in NJ; she was averse to having guns in the house and I had know idea what would happen if I brought them in-state.

Sorry, if I am bloviating here, but I figured I should give some background. Anyway, when 911 happened and her sister, who worked there, escaped with only a matter of minutes to spare, my wife changed her mind. I went out at that time and got a firearm permit (including handgun which has expired), but I chose not to act based on fear. So that brings me to today and my question.

I am not particularly interested in a handgun for now, but I have been thinking about getting a rifle or shotgun, mainly because I am not sure it is going to get any easier is our new president and Congress get their way. No fear, but prudence. Unfortunately, I am at a loss to understand what I can and can't do in terms of buying a gun here in NJ.

It was easy in NH and VT back in the day: show hunter safety card and buy; but this was America back then. I have read websites galore and I think that I can buy a gun in-state no prob. What I want to know is if I can buy a gun out-of-state with my NJ permit and bring it back without ending up sharing a cell with a guy named Bubba who has a twinkle in his eye.

I still drive to New England a lot and could buy my gun much cheaper up there. Any help or advice you good ladies and gentlemen can offer me would be appreciated.


cpttango30 03-13-2009 11:59 PM

You mean they allowed you to own a gun in NJ. WOW I am suprised. I was in the ARMY had more qualifications that any police in NJ and they wouldn't even let me look at a gun there.

I would not want to get caught bringing in an unregistered firearm in to the CSNJ (Communist State of New Jersey). That is for darn sure. If you want to get it cheaper see if you can buy over the internet and have it shipped to an FFL.

Gun-shy 03-14-2009 12:14 AM

Apparently they do, although I can't say for sure. I will have to visit a gun store here and report back. I will say that NJ is hardly riddled with gun shops (pardon the pun). I will have to drive a good distance to get to the nearest one.

skullcrusher 03-14-2009 02:19 AM

Cheez, what a guy will do for a piece. (pun intended)

No matter now, it's already done.

Go find a gun shop, and talk to them. They know how to get a gun in your hand legally.

Next, I'd say move outta there. Fast.

cpttango30 03-14-2009 03:05 AM

What part of Joursey are you in? I lived on Fort Dix. Used to go to a nice place just up the road I think it was in Bordentown.

Gun-shy 03-14-2009 05:12 PM

I live in Hillsborough. My in-laws live close to Fort Dix.

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