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Proper Veterans

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I am "technically" a veteran also,and I don't place my self on the same page as those who pulled duty in the trenches and the desert.
I am also proud of my service and should the call come in that I'm needed I would not hesitate to go.
I believe anyone here who has served (and a few who haven't) would do the same.
If your service is 2 years or 30,In my eyes you are a vet because in our hearts the oath you and I took will never expire.
The call comes we go.
Once a Soldier always a Soldier.
In my eyes you are all heros
Tact;The ability to tell a man to go to he11 and make him feel happy to be on his way.
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Originally Posted by 1861 View Post
You only control whether you serve or not . The military decides where and what you do .
+1 well put. Simple and accurate.
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Have a good friend (and former commander) that many folks do not consider a vet. Retired as light colonel. Ordnance. Did his time with the Ist ID in Vietnam. Easy for folks to say "Oh- so you were not in combat?" Yeah- right. When your convoy gets shot up, WHO goes out and recovers the vehicles? You KNOW it is Injun Territory, or the convoy would not have been ambushed. Reason for the 50 cals on the recovery vehicle.

As the man said- you take the Queen's shilling- and then you do the Queen's work. Whatever the Queen assigns to you.

BTW- today, 14 Jun- is the BIRTHDAY of the US Army- greetings to ALL of us that wear, and have worn, the green. And to past and present members of the JUNIOR services, salutations!
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I knew a guy who was in the army for 25 years! He was in military intelligence as an MOS and did some pretty interesting stuff. He flew the early UAVs over the N. Korean border doing recon, he worked in the pentagon doing developmental weapons research, and was a strike coordinator during desert storm. In his words (paraphrasing) " When I saw a red dot on the screen, I guided the A-10s into it and then there was no more dot " He doesn't brag and hes a funny guy. He never saw "combat" but he definetly did his fair share. If you served your country with honor then you're a veteran, whether you saw combat in an elite unit or served in the national guard back home, service is service.

PS hes sharing his ranger experiences with us during football camp this summer... if anyone has any memories they can recollect to give us a heads up about some of his... "creative" conditioning drills it would be nice.
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Originally Posted by Gojubrian View Post
Technically, I'm a veteran, but I don't consider myself a veteran.

I've never been to war or even overseas. I was in the Army National Guard for 9yrs. During hat time I was deployed to do force proection (MP duties) at Ft.Sill and Ft.Polk for Operation Noble Eagle II. Technically, that makes me a veteran, but ?I just don't feel that people who ever left the U.S. deserve that because it is thrown around so loosely anymore.

During 2005, my unit was preparing to deploy to Iraq. At that time I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and could not deploy. Shortly after that I was given a medical discharge from service. All the guys I had been training with all those years went and did their duty without me. A couple of them did not make it back. These guys are veterans.

I think there should be a distinguishable difference between a veteran and a war veteran. Those guys are my heroes with my full support.

WOW I feel the exact same way. I did my time I did 2 years in the CANG with 132nd Eng Bn. 40th ID (Exploding AZZ HOLE). There I did 2 JTF 6 deployments to the Ca Mex border building a fence. After that I had a family to think about so the Army was open and much better than working at a Blue Beacon Truck wash for $6.75 an hour with druggie douche bag bosses who would cut your hours to make more profit. That was when I went to Fort Hood where I was given a new home of the 62nd Eng (Combat) BN Heavy 13 COSCOM. I was there for 3 years 99-02 I went to NTC in 2000 and 2001. The first time I went we had an accident if anyone was there from 2000 to 2002 you would have seen the truck. If you seen a tractor all smashed up there that was 3 of my buddies all made it threw by the grace of god and some kick ass medics. One lost his foot and had it reattached plus 6 of his ten fingers. One lost all feeling from his chest down. The driver PFC Canon Lamont was a fresh guy as with PV2 James Stevens who lost his foot. They had been in the unit no more than 3 months at the time we took them to NTC. I know this because I myself inprocessed them on to the base and into the unit at fort hood. I also out processed them as well. PFC Mann who lost all feeling in his chest was also a very good friend he was one of the first guys I met when arriving at hood.

The Stevens and Mann were promoted to SPC and medicaly retired at 100%. PFC Lamont was not promoted ended up losing 8 front teeth and breaking his jaw in three places along with having a rather large lump on his head for which he was given a no head gear profile for 9 months. Talk about a pain, we got yelled at where ever we went. He wore his profile around his neck in a clear ID holder.

I hate to say it but I have lost touch with all of them. James Stevens lives around You goj down in the va beach area.

I was slated to go on a deployment to Bosnia that was canceled. I volunteered for a deployment to South America after the hurricane. That was denied because my wife just ran out and left me. I told my command that I needed some time away from all of it and that me going to South America would be good for me. But, no no no tango was to unstable.

I am not a veteran. I am a guy that went in the army did it for as long as he could and just got out. I didn't do anything spectacular accept for save the lives of my buddies. I don't have a bunch of medals. Hell they even forgot to give me a good conduct medal. I took my lumps and gave some too. My squad leaders never really liked me much but my platoon SGT did and the 1sg loved me. The mechanics loved me too because I would do 90% of their job for them. I was known in the BN as the SPC with million dollar pockets and the guy to go to for help with a PMCS. I did get 5 BN coins for my PMCS abilities and 2 for my crew serve weapon fighting positions.

These men and women at are getting shot up and blown up are veterans.
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I had always thought that Veterans were just those who fought in wars. It wasn't until last memorial day my Grandpa told me it was anyone who served in the military. I even asked about the Veteran plates and I thought he might be wrong about this but said anyone who served can get them.
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Gojubrian, I know how you feel....
I served for one hitch (4 yrs.) in the Navy. I was 23yrs. old when I got out.
I was a hydraulic mechanic. Never saw any combat. Thank God. Wasn't even issued a weapon.
IMO; there's a difference between combat vets and vets like me,
but that's just my opinion.
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I never served in the military.

I never claimed to have done so.

To me, each and every person who has served in some way (reserve or full) in any of the military branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves, National Guard, etc) and took my tax money as payment for doing so in any aspect, is a Veteran and is worthy of my respect and thanks. Each and every one of you. I don't want to know about the hell you experienced or the waves you caught in Hawaii. I don't want to know if you ever fired a weapon in defense of our Constitution or not. I don't care if you were filing papers or sniping snipers.

The point is that as an American citizen, I thank every link in the chain that has made and keeps this country the greatest free country in world history. We have the most amazing and moral military EVER!

So I guess my response is that there are no "Proper Veterans" to me "Joe Taxpayer", because you are all Veterans who have served. 'Nuff said, and stop with the "I'm not worthy" crap, vet!

Accept my THANKS and shut up!! *insert huge smile here*
From C3Shooter:
Skullcrusher, you are evil, sick, demented, twisted- and my hero!

Originally Posted by pandamonium View Post
...without the Second, we cannot protect the rest!

Last edited by skullcrusher; 06-15-2009 at 03:04 AM. Reason: added the last line...
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Well exressed Skull.

I am a vet and have been in the mix. I can tell you first hand that most experienced vets rarely ask another if they seen action as we are all brothers that served our country. The rest isn't as important and for most somewhat private and not something spoken about often.
Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Originally Posted by Benning Boy View Post
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Depending on who I'm talking to depends on how I treat my status as a veteran.

I have a few co-workers who I tease about deploying to Qatar for 4 months about how they didn't deploy and how I was stuck in "the ****" but they get the same pay perks as me. Petty I know, but its what keeps work interesting. That is more of an act than anything. Unless I hear someone bitch about being deployed there because it is to rough.

With other veterans, especially from Korea or WW2 I am incredibly humble. They spent more time fighting a war than my total time in active service. How can anything I do compare to that?

With the civilians all I do is think of the above mentioned veterans or the ones who gave it all in this current conflict and I'm instantly humbled and I thank them for their attention or saying that I'm a hero but then I suggest when they get home they look up the Air Force Cross citation for SrA Cunningham and others like him to learn about true heroes.
"This is not about land or money...but the one thing that no man should never be able to take from another man: the freedom to make his own choices about his life, where he'll live, how he'll live, how he'll raise his family. "

William Travis, The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory
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