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police completely over stepping their boundaries

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Originally Posted by Tackleberry1 View Post
We've all seen the occasional video of Cops who cross the line but a Gestapo police state? Really?

Maybee I live in too cushy an area up here in the PNW because I've had my share of traffic stops and never been pulled out of my vehicle, never been harassed, never been given a hard time by any of the LEO's I've crossed paths with despite being a bit of a smart ass. Hell, I even called a vertically challenged OSP officer "bacon bits" to his face without a response.

Do bad Cops need prosecution? Absolutely, they do, but I'm just not seeing Cops out there trying to screw with people and I'm a guy who travels 40k miles per year for work.

Maybee I'm wrong, maybee my lifestyle of "bed by 10 pm, no MC club, and no open carry" just keeps me out of the Nazi Oppressors cross hairs...

Just because it hasnt happened, doesnt mean it wont! If you keep defending this kind of behavior, eventually it WILL be you!

Originally Posted by mountainman13 View Post
Don't ride with idiots.
Stick to the middle of the pack.
Don't argue with cops.
I saw multiple lane changes couldn't tell if a signal was used. Easy driving to endanger charges and we should all know by now you cannot video the police.
Why the cop couldn't come up with a reason for stopping him is beyond me.
Ummm i hope thats sarcasm, because lat i checked you CAN video tape cops, just like they video tape YOU. "Whos watching the watchers?"

Originally Posted by JackofTrades View Post
I'm curious, how many of these people that claim that they were harassed by the police or something along those lines, actually read their states statues. You would be very surprised on what they can get you for, but they choose not to. Also try to think of it from the police officers view, on a daily basis they deal with the scum of the earth to make our lives a little more comfortable. Sure I'll admit that not all police officers are good cops, but this isn't the early-mid 1900's where almost every police officer was bad, there's going to be handful that are going to cut corners and do things a little different than the regs.

Few more points when an officer says "You are under arrest" they mean you are under arrest, that is not the point where you start to swear and resist. That's when they start racking up charges like resisting arrest, aggravated battery, aggravated assault...take you pick because here in Illinois those are all a felony.

Here's a little pointer for you, if you really believe that the officer is wrong, and they are doing something illegal, don't do what this guy did and yell at the cop and fight with him. It makes you look guilty, it also takes the sympathy away from you. If you are truly innocent then settle it court where they will have to prove that you were doing something illegal, if they can't prove it then you're good to go, and if they can well shut up stop being mad that you got caught.

Sorry for the mini-rant, I'm studying law enforcement at college and I hate ignorant people who don't understand what police do for some people.
When a cop arrests you for nothing at all, just exactly who pays for the bail, the towing charge, the impound fee?? If it was the cop that pulled you for no reason, i would be more inclined to agree with the "Shut up and take it" (in the rear) mentality.

Originally Posted by DrumJunkie View Post
No, I don't believe that was why he bough the cam..Just to tape his ride on a busy highway. I rode bikes for years and the last place I would want to tape the ride would be there. More than likely the cops where called by some pissed off driver in a car on a cell phone and they responded. Sure was a lot of them to be one one short stretch of road. I'm sure they are usually spread more than than that. Those guys where out to make a statement and they did. The cam guy got pulled over because he was in the back. Kind of like when I was 17 and racing on the streets. The back car always was the one chanced.They probably wanted evidence of some cop acting like a tool and they got exactly that. The LEO was out of line but you can not tell me in good conscience that these innocent kids where just out on a busy highway getting vid coverage of them in heavy traffic. Hell it's annoying as hell to be on a bike in that kind of traffic. Too many people in cars paying not enough attention causing for a not too fun ride.

The rider(s) might have had a better leg to stand on of they where not making a spectacle of themselves. A bad cop doesn't need much more than to see a few bikes out sitting in one spot to get their attention. What they did was cause trouble to the point that LEO was called on them. In court that footage would get you nothing but trouble. Because the riders where not being responsible.

Look the cop was an ass, true. But in many cases life is like a casserole. You get out what you put into it. Once officer butmunch said you're under arrest he should have just shut up and sat down. He's of had that guy dead to rights for shaking down the wrong bike. But that was not part of the plan. So he got combative for the YouTube subscribers and it will probably cost him some cash to accomplish nothing. That cop will still have a job and wont get jack for that stop.

I just think there was a better way to go about what they intended to do. Work smarter...Not harder... They probable wanted to show the law cracking down on responsible bike riders. But that was not what the video had to show.

It's like being the open carry guy when someone calls the cops on you. Sure it's your right. But to the cop you're still the guy with a gun that got them called out. How you handle it from there is how you will dictate how others view the action.
I video tape tons of stuff, for my own personal collection AND youboob. What a person chooses to tape is their own business. Last i checked the only laws about video taping are in locker rooms and voyerism.

IF you will pay attention in the video there are many LEO cruisers that are along for that particular ride. More than one pass this particular biker.

The simple fact is, this is a prime example of a little pr!ck hiding behind a tin badge...and his buddy that rolled up is no better with his smug smile on his face shows he was enjoying the proceedings.
"Those that would trade essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security." - Benjammin Franklin

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This is reflective of the schoolyard bully who doesn't mature spiritually, intellectually, or socially as an adult, but joins the force because it gels with his ego. And upon wearing the uniform, badge and firearm many law-abiding citizens are at the mercy of that ego. What I noticed about bad cops is that they never ever molest drug-dealers or violent street gangs. Just ordinary people who won't normally wouldn't fight back.
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This is not a topic for the clubhouse and falls under the controversy or maybe even conspiracy category. Normally i just zap such posts. Buuuuut...

general police bashing is not allowed. If you want to talk about the specific actions of a particular officer thats fine when done in the appropriate location. Generalizing all police are facists "out to get you" is no different than the brady bunch saying all gun owners are just looking to murder the next person that ticks them off.

Please post in the correct subforum
"Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound." L. Neil Smith

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