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Bigcountry02 05-11-2010 08:20 PM

Police Brutality: Cop, TSA Steal, Assault Clerk
What the video, you all maek the call! Sorry, they should no longer work for airport authority police and she for TSA and what they did is a abuse of authority and stolen items! :mad:

YouTube - Police Brutality: Cop, TSA Steal, Assault Clerk

jeepcreep927 05-11-2010 09:00 PM

This has nothing to do with "Police Brutality". He's off duty and she is NOT a cop. It is simply an asshat who is acting like, well, an asshat, and a CIVILIAN TSA employee impersonating an officer.

Both should get canned and the male charged, but it shouldn't be labeled as something it isn't.

Bigcountry02 05-11-2010 10:26 PM

They put a very bad name on fellow TSA and law enforcement officers across the nation. I called it a abuse of authority!

Rick1967 05-11-2010 10:35 PM

She claimed to be with homeland security. She should be arrested and charged with impersonating an officer. He should be charged with assualt. They should both be fired.

NPD5946TSW 05-11-2010 11:18 PM

I agree with Jeepcreep...... It's not police brutality. She's not a Cop, and he wasn't acting in any capacity. They should get canned and charged no matter their profession. Period. And good call on Asshat.... I haven't heard that in a while!!! HAHAHAHA.

cpttango30 05-12-2010 12:14 AM

The MALE is an office with the air port authorty. SO when he did attack the store manager that is police attacking some one that is not a danger so there for it is police brutality.

I can't believe anyone is defending this asshat. They should both be fired fined and thrown in jail. She didn't attack anyone. She did claim to be a federal officer. She should be charged for that.

jeepcreep927 05-12-2010 12:48 PM

I haven't seen anyone defending these two. Police brutality is absolutely not in the picture. He's not abusing any authority since he's not acting in an official capacity, he's committing a crime off duty.

This is certainly conduct unbecoming and a crime, not "police bruatality". If a doctor kills someone while on their own time, is it malpractice? No, it's a crime. Don't try to sensationalize it.

ALSGUN 05-12-2010 03:46 PM

They should be charged accordingly, they were not on duty, just jerks except once they identified themselves as police than the were abusing their authority, IMO they should be fired and charged as civilians. A police officer because of their position shouild set an example for others and if they abuse that position they should lose it. They broke the law they should pay the price.

notdku 05-12-2010 07:07 PM

Th lady offered her badge as proof of working ith homleand security. Impersonating an officer, the dude hit a guy assault. Neither were uniformed only one according to the video presented a badge and it was in an attempt to steal pizza. So maybe theft as well? Not police brutality, asshattery, as Jeepcreep put it.

orangello 05-12-2010 07:18 PM

Makes me glad i don't fly anymore. Pitiful & horrifically stupid, but agreed on the not "police brutality".

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