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For the police

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Originally Posted by robocop10mm View Post
Most LEO's and Firefighters do not want fame and recognition. We want to do our jobs, well and go home in one piece.

As far as chicken$hit speeding tickets...depending on where you live/drive, there are some featherlegged tickets handed out. There are some jurisdictions that are soooo strapped for cash they are ordering their officers to issue those aviaryfecal citations to boost revenue. 99% of the officers so ordered do so only because of the threat of termination (Massachusets State Police)

I have issued over 25,000 citations. Every speeding ticket was for AT LEAST 15mph over the posted limit. If you call that chicken$hit then you have a problem. I agree that 4-5 MPH over the limit is indeed chicken$hit and any officer that would willingly participate in such antics is undeserving of wearing a badge.
aviaryfecal citations I like that!

Hey "aviaryfecal citation NOT giver-outer", THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE! For the police - The Club House

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

"...if doves shot back, there wouldn't be a need for a bag limit."
- orangello
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Well I don't want to derail this thread too much, but Robocop, I know in Texas, you have speed limits that are more inline with modern civilization.

Here in Oregon, it's 50, 55, and 65 when you're WAY outside the city limits. Those limits have zero to do with anyone's safety, and everything to do with taking money from motorists, and putting it in the state or city coffers.

When it's 3AM and there is very little traffic, what in world are our local police doing, hiding behind bushes in their all-black cars, trying to nail people for $160 a pop? I do have a huge problem with that, and take pride in the fact that I produce for a living, rather than take.

Anyway, I don't expect I'm endearing myself to you, and probably sound like I'm sniveling, but I know injustice when I see it. For the most part, I have a lot of respect for cops, and I understand that yours is a thankless job, and you have to put up with some unbelievable crap on a daily basis that would drive most people insane.
"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!

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In Texas we have two different sets of rules when it comes to speed enforcement.

The first is "reasonable and prudent". This basically says as long as the speed is reasonable and prudent for the road and the current conditions, it is OK. In heavy fog on a wet road with heavy traffic going 1 MPH over the limit (of even the actual posted limit) may not be reasonable.

The second is "Prima Fascia". This literally translates as "on the face". This does not mean the limit posted on the face of the sign, it relates to limits in certain areas. Residential areas are 30MPH and the highway is 70. ANYTHING over those limits is a violation, period. Even if the posted limit is 55 on the open highway, going over 70 is a Prima Fascia violation.

Most courts rely on the Reasonable and Prudent framework. Out in the boonies with only one car one the road, going 90 MAY NOT be a violation. AJ Foyt (Texas resident) MIGHT be OK driving a new Corvette on the open road all alone going 100.
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To all LEOs out here on this forum, I say thanks for your service. Keep up the good work, maintain your discipline, and stay safe.

People, don't forget who was among the first to rush the soon-to-be collapsing WTC to try and save lives on 9/11.
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I found that if you just treat them like a normal human and speek to them as though they have a brain many times they will warn you and let go on your way. I just got nailed for 63 in a 45. Was it right hell yah but I was still upset not at him not but at me because a buddy was behind me about 1/2 mile and I have been taking sh!t for the last three weeks for that.

I got pulled over for 75 in a 50 once at 4 am on my way to work. We both crested a hill at the same time and I knew he got me because I seen break lights. I imeadately pulled over and had my papers out and inside lights on when he got there. He asked why I stopped so fast. I said because you got me on raydar going 75 in a 50. He then said well that is nice some one that is honst. I tell you what you keep it with in 10 mph this morning and I will let you go. You don't need to be going 75 out here 60 is ok. I said wow thank you he said well I have been on duty for 45 minutes your my 10 stop and the first person that didn't cuss at me or try to lie to me about their speed.

So just treat them like the are a professional and they will treat you the same way.
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Default RoBo vs A.J.

Robo, I believe you to be a FINE LEO,but I sure would like to hear old A.J. Foyt bend your ear, after being pulled over! Esp. if He was going over 100 HA HA
NRA Life MEMBER 1976
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I served as a police officer for 30 years. Over those several years, many, many people thanked me for doing the nasty job that has to be done. The job they are not willing to do themselves. I've been thanked by people who I arrested for turning their lives around. I once wrote a citation to a smart-mouthed teenager, who years later became an officer on the department. He publicly thanked me in front of his peers.

I served in the military during the Vietnam War. We didn't get thanked. We got spat upon and worse.

There are good and bad in every organization. Every single one! I've arrested doctors, lawyers, dentists, clergymen, politicians, little league coaches, a nun, plumbers, laborers, members of the military (Officers & Enlisted) and other police officers. I even arrested the local president of MADD for DWI. Those arrests were for common drunkenness all the way to murder. Should those professions and vocations be condemned because of the acts of a few?

To single out a bad cop as evidence of why officers don't get thanked is rather narrow minded. It's easy to sit on your ass and criticize an entire profession because of the bad acts of one of it's members. Men and women who put their lives on the line daily, doing a thankless job.

I saw that video from Seattle, and it made me what to puke. Both of the officers should be arrested, one for the assault and the other for allowing it to continue. I'd like to take a look at the reports they wrote.

When cops go bad it makes the news because it is unusual. It is out of the norm. There's an old saying about the dog that does not bite, doesn't make the news.

For the police - The Club House
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