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Shihan 10-07-2011 02:19 AM

What pizza is your favorite?
Yeah, I can't put that picture up. BLECH!
OTHER(Papa Johns, Dominos, Little Caesar's, Godfather's, et al.)
not picture worthy.

dunerunner 10-07-2011 02:20 AM

Regular crust combination and BEER!!

And, if I have to pick...Roundtable Pizza!

REDMIST89 10-07-2011 02:25 AM

gimme a nice slice of NY pizza and a beer n my ass is happy

Shade 10-07-2011 02:26 AM

Gino's East.

Jpyle 10-07-2011 03:56 AM

The stuff you get from the vending machine...:p

winds-of-change 10-07-2011 04:50 AM

Chicago Style. Lou Malnati's. WOOT!!

LONGHAIR 10-07-2011 02:24 PM


LONGHAIR 08-23-2012 05:47 AM

DAMN...That deep-dish looks good.....

USEBOTHHANDS 08-23-2012 05:54 AM


Originally Posted by LONGHAIR (Post 912900)
DAMN...That deep-dish looks good.....

yeah, down here in the South we have to suffer the pizza chains, unless we live in bigger cities.

i was gonna put papa john's, but that thick crust pepperoni is makin my teeth water!!! :D

Sentry18 08-23-2012 03:59 PM

Does California style mean it's limited to only 10 slices, can only have certain toppings and the state government has to pre-approve it?

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