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Musket 12-16-2008 04:53 PM

Pet Peeve: descriptions in online firearms auctions
Okay, everyone stand back--here comes a rant:

It drives me BATTY when I find an interesting gun in an online auction that has very little (or loads of useless) info describing it! ACK!

I then have to email seller and hope they respond, or hope they respond in time if it is running out.

I am talking about simple things: like the length of the barrels. I can't tell how long shotgun barrels are from a photo of it sitting alone on a table. :confused:
(despite the fact that many people think I have some awesome intuition, this is a skill I do not have :rolleyes:).

Husband and I like antique shotguns, and going from site to site finding tantalizing items only to have to track people down occassionally tends to make me walk away from the item.

Two examples which I run into all the time--the "you have to guess" advertisement: "12 gauge shotgun, old, very good condition", and then a photo. :confused:

And its polar opposite: the description of ALL information completly irrelevant to selling the gun:

"12 Gauge antique shotgun. Grandpa's next door neighbor used to shoot it in the 40s, and once I used it to kill a rabbit, and I think my cousin had a similar gun and he liked it a lot and I saw a picture of this model in a catalogue once, and I know a lot of people at my club shoot the same type of gun and......."

Maybe I get stressed to easily, but I am not shelling out a few grand because I "think" the shotgun in question has xyz. An example of my frustration: I saw a really neat AH Fox advertised a couple of months ago. It had one picture and two sentences. The auction had 1 day left, and I was VERY interested in purchasing this gun. However, I had no way to tell the barrel length, length of pull etc from the photo in question. So I emailed the seller--several times. He did not respond, and the auction ended. He emailed me the next day. He had been on vacation, and then answers my questions (which was pointless because the gun had been sold). I would have readily paid several hundred more for the gun, but was unwilling to take the chance.

So--he lost out on more money, and I lost out on a gun that I would have loved to add to the collection. :( so we both lost.

Anyway, perhaps you all think me nutty--but for those who sell in online auctions, PLEASE put useful info in the description.

I sent out 4 emails last night, and am still waiting for responses. sigh.....

(its coming on Christmas people--I NEED to buy something hahahah).

ScottG 12-16-2008 05:16 PM

Sometimes I think the "sellers" are really only interested in getting a price check instead of selling the gun. I don't care much for "reserve" priced guns that don't tell you what the reserve is, and start the bidding at one penny!!! Why not just put the starting price at a little less than you want for it. Wanting a price and getting an acceptable offer are not always the same thing.

I never win auctions anyway...I'm cheap! :p

Musket 12-16-2008 05:25 PM

Yeah, the reserve thing occassionally bugs me too. But the lack of information is what really steams me.

That being said, I just found something a few minutes ago that I have been looking for in the last several months (and the descrpition is perfect). I left drool marks on my screen :)

THAT auction will find me bidding--I have all I need and will now get to business. :D

As for the other guns I sent emails on......I am still waiting for 2 of them to respond. sigh :(

Dillinger 12-16-2008 05:38 PM

I too find that infuriating about anything that is put up for sale on bid sites. Don't expect everyone to know what the hell you are talking about. A picture is nice, but if you don't have the background information, don't know what the hell you are selling, or can't provide some simple information - answer your friggin e-mails in a timely fashion!

Ebay may be the digital aged garage sale, but that doesn't mean it's any better... LOL

cbw 12-17-2008 12:32 AM

Here is a link to a big auction out my way. They are a very professional outfit.
check em out

Musket 12-17-2008 12:58 AM

oooooooohhhhhhhhh nooooo.....I have to go to the kitchen and get a napkin before I finish looking at that site.

Shame on you--its cruel to taunt a collector :rolleyes:

ScottG 12-17-2008 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by Musket (Post 56154)
oooooooohhhhhhhhh nooooo.....I have to go to the kitchen and get a napkin before I finish looking at that site.

Shame on you--its cruel to taunt a collector :rolleyes:

Cruel??? It's downright evil....especially these beauties!!!! And expected to go for $1200?!?!? :mad:

Musket 12-17-2008 01:20 AM

I do appreciate pictures (and in fact wont buy something without at least getting a general picture). However the photos sometimes can be frustrating too. Those that look like they were taken in the dark, or out of focus...or are 50 feet away are not very useful.

Digital cameras are everywhere, and it costs nothing to upload a couple of good pics to most of these sites, so at least having a decent quality pic would be very helpful. I am not saying they should be professional artwork, but at least something that can show you if the thing is a rusted two by four vs a half way decent shooter.

But a description saying: "shotgun, old, still shoots" almost drives me out of my mind. :eek:

It would be like planning to buy a car and getting: "car, used, good gas milage".........

On a side note, the good point to our sinking economy is that all sorts of things are falling out of the closet and onto the broker sites. Alas, so many guns, so little money to spend :rolleyes:

Musket 12-17-2008 01:40 AM

HA HA! A useful description: "rusted mass". I get the point and will not need to email for more. :D

Now, if they were not priced like that, I would be tempted to buy them just to put in husbands Christmas stocking as a joke.

Here honey, I bought you a nice new gun! :p hahahaha

That being said, THESE items keeps finding their way on my watch list:

yeah.....right after I cash my winning powerball ticket......

cbw 12-21-2008 03:11 AM


Originally Posted by Musket (Post 56154)
oooooooohhhhhhhhh nooooo.....I have to go to the kitchen and get a napkin before I finish looking at that site.

Shame on you--its cruel to taunt a collector :rolleyes:

Glad I could make you take a look see

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