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Pawn shops-are they a source of good gun deals?

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Where I live, it is hard to find a "good deal" at a pawn shop. The pawn brokers generally don't know the value of a firearm. What they tend to do is go to Gunbroker, and find, what they think is the same gun, and list if for the asking price.

Their lack of knowledge can sometimes work in your favor, as they will sell a "special" gun for the ordinary price.

The bottom line is, you have to know the value of a gun when dealing with pawnbrokers, or you can be taken. They are not known for their ethics in business.
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Pawn shop shopping will vary a lot, location to location. Columbus GA and Fayetteville NC were the mother lode- dozens and dozens of pawn shops- and they all had a FFL.

1. Know what the gun you are looking at it worth.

2. The magic words- when you ask the price, and they answer-
a. Thank you. (pause) Is that your best price for cash?
b. Thank you. (pause) Does the price have any wiggle room for cash?

Worst that will happen is they will say no- but it is a non-threatening invite to haggle. Do not bad mouth the merchandise- but it is OK to mention the cost you would incur to fix something. Do not tell how you can get the same thing cheaper elsewhere (you get invited to go get it there)
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I love pawn shops. Some of the best deals come out of those places. I had a real good friend that used to own one and he taught me the tricks. He always said buy when the shelves are full cuz if their shelves are full they are gonna be in a hurry to sale to recoop their money. Pawn shops always get their stuff at dirt cheap prices and work off of a 90 to 110 percent mark up. They aren't in the business of just moving goods, they want to make good money on everything. If you notice a firearm that has been sitting on the shelf for more than a week because the price is to high thats a really good time to do some dealing. Always negotiate. Start out unreasonably low and let them work you up a little. It.makes them think they ate getting more money out of you. I always look at the price I would actually be willing to pay for an item and start my offer out 40 percent less than that, but never go over what you originally decided the limit was. They are salesmen and have a tendencies to talk people into things. If they don't want to budge on it just leave. Come back 2 days later and if it is still there they will almost always give in and take your last offer. And don't forget, money talks. A wad of cash is always a good bargaining tool. It's like their minds go haywire when they see a thick stack in front of them.
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As a rule pawn shops are a great place to find deals if your willing to haggle. You need to do your research and visit the pawn shop at least twice a week and take notice of their stock. They are more willing to deal on items that have been on their shelves for awhile. As long as the shop can make a decent profit, they can and do make deals.
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Pawn shops in NJ are a joke. No firearms first of all and they are filled more with crappy gold that they buy from wholesalers than anything. I always stop by and see if I can snag a deal on a guitar. But they don't sell anything and have the same 14 guitars there all the time. And the electronics are from a Pharaoh's tomb they're so damn old!
The only pawn shops I've seen in NJ that have anything of relative high value were in Atlantic City.
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In Orlando, the only pawn shops that sell the guns have an FFL so they have some knowledge. The rest put them on That said, like C3 said, go often, have some knowledge of what you will want to spend for what you might buy and negotiate politely. I have seen some pretty good deals go down in a couple of pawn shops around here. I have made some offers that did not result in pricing I was interested in, so I left. I will still go back and look though.
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IMO, it depends on the pawn shop. there are two in the town close to where i live. one won't haggle and have new prices on used firearms. the other will haggle and deal with you as long as the offer is realistic. guess which one gets my business?

i have gotten some really decent deals on some used firearms at the second pawn shop. sometimes you can run across some unique firearms in pawn shops, that might not show up in a gun store.
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Sometimes, in rural areas I've had good luck, after hunting season and throw in a local meth problem you can find some good rifles.
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I have no idea where there is a pawn shop around here. Can't say I have ever been into one. I'll have to look into it!
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I love gun shopping at pawn shops there are quite a few around me in the Ohio, Kentucky, west Virginia tri state area....I have probably bought just as many guns at pawn shops that I have in actual gun a lot of others have said just know what you are looking at and be confident when trying to find a good price
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