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Pakistan Orders Troops to Fire On U.S.

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Originally Posted by dragunovsks View Post
Exactly why we should stop selling or giving or **** to other countries. I can see selling some tanks and other equipment to Britian or Germany but why sell fighter planes to a country that is known to us to harbor terrorists (or at least make no effort to get rid of them).

I knew we occasionally sold them tanks and rifles and other gear but I didn't realize we sold them a bunch of our planes. Predator UAV's flying non-stop seek and destroy missions over the border would take care of anyone coming or going. Or did our government already sell those to Pakistan also?
Dragunovsks; I apologise for sounding a little condecending I meant nothing but a little banter, only on reading the post I can understand that you might have been offended, which was not my intention........
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I hoping that situations like this can be resolved diplomatically without alot of drama.

I will also say that I think it would be prudent not to underestimate Pakistan. What ultimately ruined Iraq was not only the fact that they didn't have superior warfighting equipment. It was also the fact that they were unorganized and de-moralized from the start. Pakistan's military still has some pride, and will defend their homeland alot fiercer than the Iraqis defended theirs.

If we assaulted Pakistan, we would suffer alot more casualties than Iraq and Afganistan. Assuming that an enemy is inferior/easy to defeat is a huge mistake that no military leader will make. Also, the effect of our strained relations on the rest of the middle eastern world would be tragic. I think we have to relook at our current strategies, and concentrate on one thing at a time (although we will have to concentrate on two things at once - Iraq and Afganistan).

We need to clean up the messes we have started first before we worry about dealing with other country's bravado.

That is my humble Sergeant opinion. In the end, I just support the orders of my superiors. If my officers order me to roll out to the Pakistan border, my only question is "Where's my plane to catch?"
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Don't worry about it, I just think that selling weapons to a 3rd world country that isn't 100% on our side is a mistake. They have been known to harbor the enemy and make no effort to get rid of them.

My point will be proven when our guys are strafed and bombed at the Pak. border by American built and armed F-16s.

I agree with you SGT-MILLER, I don't think we should underestimate them but we should also have confidence in our military. I prayed and hoped that Bush didn't envolve us in the mess in Georgia. We DO need to clean up our messes in Iraq and the 'Stan' first.
In response to your comment about my political veiws. I vote for the guy who is morally right. Obama is not someone who is morally right, I think bad things will happen in this country if he becomes president.
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Default Check the date

This thread is 3 years old, and we are still giving them money.
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Yes, the fact that we are giving the Pakis money is a damn shame. But the original 2008 post was about the Paki threat to fire on US troops, and this threat is also 3 years old. Seems rather pu$$yfied after the recent takedown of OBL.

I think that the only military support we should give the Pakis at this point is unlimited quantities of once fired ordanance (i.e. the pointy part) delivered in their direction at ballistic velocities.
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