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trip286 01-24-2013 01:14 PM

OMFG I love liberal hypocrisy...
One of the strictest states on gun control... Actually WANTS these in our schools. Now, I'm a fan of armed guards, but really? I don't know what to think about this. I just really don't.

Sniper03 01-24-2013 02:33 PM


The comments of those at the bottom of this article is the typical liberal view point of those who do not have a clue of the world we live in today. The are living in a fantasy world! In this day and time and the days coming, officers will be walking the halls with rifles like they do in Israel. Lets get over the sensitivity of the wimpy society we live in. Safety of our children and others is necessary at this point! If a shooter comes in with firepower which by the way, no gun laws will prevent that. Because they will find other means some of which more devastating than any gun! As the kid that had the bombs ready to go bomb his school two weeks ago. (By the way the liberal news media did not report because it would deflect the main focus off of or guns and the attack on the Second Amendment!) He was going to carry it out until some kid heard about it and advised officials. They found he in fact had them and they were totally operational and not just that of words, then arrested him. We must defend our people and young students from people like these mentally deranged people and worse possible terrorists with a cause. The only way to do it unfortunately in the day we live is armed security. Quite frankly, I have feared the day for the past two years when al qaeda or other terrorist group walks into our schools. Can you imagine the school being totally unprotected should this happen. Locked doors, security cameras will not be in the least effective. I am surprised they already have not done this due to the impact it would have! They already have "Now Seen" by the Connecticut elementary school (as a test) the impact it had on America. Generating anger, fear, disruption of normal life, disruption of the educational program and long lasting effects on all of us mentally for the rest of our life not to mention the victims and families God Bless them. God forbid, this ever happen but it you must admit unfortunately it is very possible and presently we are not prepared to defend or even buy time. So the weak dreamers of an Utopian liberal society better wake up a see reality. Armed guards in our schools and other facilities is the necessary and protective measure. At least an armed security officer or two could hold of and protect children, student and people until the reinforcements (Law Enforcement Units) could respond. The doors were locked at Sandy Hook also but the killer just broke in to the school and started shooting at totally vulnerable unprotected students and teacher! So secured schools is not a viable answer! It is armed teacher or security or both. Obviously training programs would be stringent and required. I heard the Chief say the rifles are in the trunk of the vehicle. If the officers are not in their car and considering these catastrophic events could last only 10-15 minutes that is not really that effective. But better than what most schools have! At least they are armed with their handguns!


HOSSFLY 01-24-2013 02:35 PM

Hypocrisy really knows no limits :(

trip286 01-24-2013 03:48 PM

Sniper, I agree to an extent. I think the local whack job would be very disheartened at confronting someone who has nothing but a little .22 derringer. These people look for easy targets.

But a full on terrorist attack? The day an actual terrorist organization hits a school (and I think it's only a matter of time) will be a bad day indeed. Imagine the carnage of Sandy Hook multiplied by 3-5 hardened terrorist operatives. Instead of 20, we would lose hundreds. I don't want to think about that too hard (my son goes to public school. Their security is a sign saying "all visitors must check in at office")

I have no problem taking whatever steps are necessary (but gun control isn't the answer. It didn't stop Sandy Hook, and it would have if it were effective, proving gun control is NOT effective). I just found it odd considering the location of the school district. A state that Ronnie Barrett refuses to do business with because of their infringements.

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