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Omaha Nebraska Mall Shooting

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Default Omaha Neb Mall Shooting!

Hello all/Boris


A sad day indeed! All I've seen on the news is the same thing could happen here, where I live, just as easily! Our Malls do not Honor CCW's, though I don't know anyone that has one that doesn't carry there!

I appreciated Boris's comments, and I feel the same sort of Sadness that he displayed in his letter! It matters not what weapons it was, If it was am AK design, a Siminov design or a FORD MUSTANG?

I do agree that this loser should have not had access! I do agree that the Stepfather if he was the owner shares in the fault here! The real fault lies in someone as lost as this ******* was and how no one could see it, or do anything about it? Throwning him out? Did that help? I have a child with Special needs and I know that sort of 'TOUGH LOVE" sometimes doesn't work! This guy needed to be seperated away from the rest of us and not armed!

OH and Boris, your wrong on one point! Many Policemen, could not tell an AK, from an SKS, to a UZI, from a TEC-9, to a MAC-11! They go with what ever they hear and many are not "GUN PEOPLE", a view of many of them at the range a wekek or so before qualification backs up my word on that! LOL Not a pretty site indeed?

What could have sollved this? JUST 1 ARMED PERSON! I don't care if it was a COP, a DOG CATCHER, a BUM on his LUNCHBREAK? The mall didn't allow CCW's, so those that did have one, mostly did not pack or carry? That COST LIVES! PURE AND SIMPLE! DO I wear my pistol to Church, NO, I try and Leave it in the VAN, does my paster know I carry 24/7? YUP, would he have an issue with me carrying, if the church was under threat, NO! The real deal is Use and access? If you have it and don't carry it, what good does it do? if you carry and are not cabable of the responsibility concealed carry demands, your part of the problem, not part of the anwser?

Not sure what I'm trying to say, other than, this sort of thing goes on in Jewish Malls in Hiafa, as well as Tel Aviv, the difference is they would have cut this dude down the minute he showed his weapon and went back to shopping! Different mindset? They know that they are surrounded by folks that want them dead, we, On the other hand pretend Life is OK and no one wants to harm us?

Just my .02, but this sort of thing is why I CARRY! Do I want to be a HERO, Nope, gave that up long ago, I just wanna be able to go and live my life, without the problem of *******s like this one? 1 person could have ended this deal, 1 person!
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Default Mall

I watched the entire 1st news conference. The estute police chief started by saying that the weapon was an AK47. Afew minutes later he called it an SKS. Later on he was asked what caliber it was and he said...7.62/33. Whether or not it was an AK47 or an SKS, 7.62/33 won't fire in either!!!
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What gun was used does not make any difference within the parameters of the event itself. Don't confuse what I'm saying, I'm talking about after the fact spreading bad information is not good at all, especially for us gun enthusiasts.
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Originally Posted by BLS33 View Post
What gun was used does not make any difference within the parameters of the event itself. Don't confuse what I'm saying, I'm talking about after the fact spreading bad information is not good at all, especially for us gun enthusiasts.
You're right. The vast majority of people, it seems, haven't got a clue what the differences are between an AK-47, a WASR10 and an SKS nor do they have any idea what 7.62x39 (or 33, as the clueless cop said) means. All they know is what they're told: that it was an "assault rifle" and that they must be banned.

If the news media were interested in learning and reporting the facts, gun owners would be a lot better off.
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Here's a first hand account of the Omaha mall shooting. It is from a blog, so there is no way to verify any of this, but it is an interesting read. The writer of the article says that he was very close to the shooter and had an unobstructed view of him from about 40-50 meters, likely less. He says he had a clear shot at him.

The writer claims that he has taken CCW classes, but has decided that it would not be worthwhile to go ahead and get a permit.

The reason? Because of all the "No Guns Allowed" signs he sees, he didn't think he could carry anywhere.

For Christ's sake, carry your gun right past the stupid signs. As long as you keep it hidden, no one will know you have it. That's why they call it "concealed."

Here's the blog;
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